Tuesday, March 20, 2018

6 Specialty Chefs at The Lemon Garden, Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur

The Lemon Garden buffet has always been in my mind one of the best buffets in town, and I find that with age, one becomes more discerning, and zeroes in on more select items.  In that respect, the spread here has certainly quite a lot of items worth zeroing in.  The venue itself has been a venue for many a memorable event, from Chinese New Year dinners with family, to birthdays.

To showcase which dishes you SHOULD concentrate on this is wide variety of dishes, their six distinguished speciality chefs have come up with their signature creation, and to the IT savvy eaters, the experience is taken up a notch, whereby tent cards containing the name of the dishes and special QR codes will direct the aforementioned IT Savvy eaters to web pages with exclusive information such as chef's profile and, most interestingly, THE RECIPE!!

We started with the Dessert (who says one cannot start with desserts, which ironically I recently discovered is STRESSED spelt backwards), with Chef Goh Ti Cheong and his durian CROQUEMBOUCHE.  It comes from the French phrase croque en bouche meaning "something that crunches in the mouth".  In layman terms, it's a crispy cream puff filled with durian cream.  The crunch comes form the peanuts coating the choux pastry.

The Western Kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Olivier Pistre, and features my personal favourite, Cheese Raclette, served with small potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions, though I was quite happy to have it on its own, Tortellini and Calzone.

Calzone filled with beef sausage, mozarella, ricotta and pecorino cheese. 

Raclette which I just couldn't get enough of.

Next was the outstanding Murgh Kasumethri, by Indian Station Chef Devender Singh.

The Murgh Kasurmethi, inspired by his mother's cooking, is made with fenugreek leaves, and secret spices... (so I'm not sure if the recipe provided will yield the same result), and was really delicious, for want of a better word.  Anyway, since I posted this on instagram and FB, one of my friends promised to cook it for me.

From the Malay Kitchen, Chef Mustafa Kamal's Rendang Tok Perak.  There's rendang and there's RENDANG.  One of my favourite versions of rendang is the rendang tok, originating from Perak, which is usually darker, and has a distinct flavour about it.

Just look at that cacophony of flavours.  It's on of those recipes whereby you look at the list of ingredients and think, ooooooooooh kay, let's just go out and eat....a rough count revealed over 20 items.

Chef Au Yong Guan may look like he has the easiest job, afterall, how hard can it be to make soup right?  Wrong. There is a high possibility with the lack of this skill, your soup can end up vapid as dishwater.  The double boiled soup section of the buffet is also one of my favourites, although one wonders if it is wise to fill one's stomach with such volume.

Japanese Executive Chef Nao Tak with his Seafood Big Roll or Good Luck Roll in Japan.  This highly qualified Chef has more than 20 years experience in Japanese Cuisine with the 180 Year old historical "Nadaman" Restaurant group.

Apart from the highlighted dishes, I always have a bowl of curry mee, and since no curry mee is complete without see hum (cockles), and since there is no see hum in Lemon Garden, I have no choice but to use its distant cousin as a substitute, the plump oysters from the seafood buffet.

The seafood buffet section at Lemon Garden never fails to impress.

Desserts are a plenty ....the middle cake is another of their signature creations, durian cake. 

Prices for the buffet are:

LUNCH (per head)

RM135 nett (Mon - Fri)
RM155 nett (Sat & Public Holiday)
RM175 nett (Sunday)

DINNER (per head)
RM165 nett (Sunday - Thurs)
RM218 nett (Fri & Sat)

For reservations, call
Lemon Garden, Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20723900

Visit also https://www.shangri-la-specials.com/promotions/promo110.aspx for the recipes and videos of the signature dishes.


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