Friday, March 23, 2018

Fu Luck Bar, TREC

One of the most intriguing invites I've gotten in recent times was the one to the Fu Luck Bar, which of course made me look twice.  It said, "An Artistically Curated Space where Nostalgia and Pop Culture Collide", and it was located in the trendy happening TREC, so I was totally fascinated.

I've only been to TREC a couple of times, and am amazed at the number of outlets there and the sheer variety.  So what is this FU LUCK BAR about?  For starters, in Mandarin, the name means Prosperity and Happiness (Really?) but say it quickly, in Cantonese and its sounds like "Pants Down".

The snazzy interior is designed by urban art artists Graeme Jay Hammond and Idris Johor who are behind the artworks of the iconic Haji Lane in Sinagpre. 

The media was given a lovely preview of the place, with free flow cocktails and beer

They have quite an interesting selection of cocktails, from left top, clockwise  Double Happiness, Hocus Pocus Abacus (which is the one we tried), White Rabbit Hole, Green Army Poseur,  My Fair Lady, Ice Kacang Cocktail, Clover Club and Old Master's Brew. 

I love the nostalgic drawing of those biscuits with the dollop of colored sugar on top....although I cant say I care much for the actual biscuit itself.

In keeping with the theme... in the corner sat a man...

who turned out to be the lead F&B Curator, Raymond Lim of Restaurant Lifestyle Asia .. explaining the concept of the tapas kind of dim sum, etc etc..

The artist fellow, Graeme Hammond

It's actually a great idea to have dim sum while drinking....bite size morsels that make a perfect bar snack.

The red glow from the Bar area complements the theme....

We had a great time, and after the media event stayed on to party with friends.

Will be revisiting to try the food and cocktails.

Tel: 03-21106938

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Nayeem said...

Wow!!last portion of decoration was just illusion!!