Friday, March 16, 2018

Saro Lounge, Pavilion Elite

It's been awhile since I've roamed the streets of the city, and a pleasant MRT ride from Damansara Heights to Bukit Bintang obviated the stress of traffic, so I could stop to smell the roses and see the sights.  So many buildings seem to have popped up in the Bukit Bintang area, including Pavilion Elite which seems to have sprung forth like a mushroom after the rain.

An invite to the launch of SARO LOUNGE (Italian for "I WILL") was the reason for this jaunt into the city.  Us unhappening people stick to neighbourhood pubs and sip the cup from the dull humdrum lives, so what a treat it was to be where the pulse is.  Who would imagine that smack in the middle of Pavilion, this swanky lounge exists.  Plush leather sofas, a very elegant setting, and a well stocked bar with very adept mixologists at the helm, it looked like a promising night.  The word sophisticated does come to mind, and one of the highLIGHTS, literally, is the High Lights which is a state of the art feature, integrated into the ceiling, with the ability to change to suit any mood.  There is also a private room which will be open from 27th March.

I'm not sure which particular demographic Saro is targetting, but it seems like a great place to chill after work, especially if you work in the area.  The furnishing and ambiance seem to appeal to the more mature crowd, (like me), but then again, these days age is but a number.

Our vision for Saro Lounge is to offer Malaysians a hideout within the city that isn’t just about the food and drinks, but the entire experience. An exquisite cocktail paired with flavourful dishes, complemented by eclectic tunes and a comfortable setting for you and your friends – it’s about offering a combination that elevates all five senses,” commented Kesavan Purusotman, one of the partners behind Saro Lounge.

After the speeches came the highlight (apart from the High Ceiling Lights) of the evening, the cocktails.  Prior to that we had been plied with we were all screaming out for a real drink.

It was quite a treat to watch the mixologist whip up their signature cocktails, namely the Signature Monkey 47 Sloe Gin, The Saro Sour, the Rum Negroni, The Frank Zacapa

With a collection fit for any discerning drinker, the bar offers a delectable range of cocktails made of the freshest ingredients and inspired by Asian flavours. Saro’s signature cocktails bring their own unique twist on the classics, with drinks such as the Saro Sour and the Rum Negroni. A refreshing favourite is the Signature Monkey 47, which combines fresh and floral flavours into a simple yet flavourful cocktail.

Cocktails from left, Cypress Hill, Frank Zacapa, Rum Negroni, Saro Sour and Monkey 47 Gin Tonic, all conceptualized by Mixologist Jonathan Zarsadias.

There's something very soothing about watching mixologists at work, almost like a chemistry experiment.

They use very good tonics (Fever tree I think they used this time) for their gin and tonic...definitely not your Schweppes or F&N...

The cypress hill contains tequila, so that's a no no for me...

The Saro Sour is so complicated, it takes forever to make,  The condiments are torched with a blow torch, the glass is then smoked with the smoke from that procedure, and then only the cocktail is made.

Having said that, at the end of the day, this remained my favourite, uncomplicated but yet subtle, and very elegant.

Head Chef Nopporn Nutto and Chef Faizal have created a variety of small plates and main course dishes. We had  Saro’s Signature Shells, 6 bite-sized pieces of Crispy Fillo pastry topped with different toppings consisting of Beef, Chicken, Tomato, Mushroom, Avocado and Smoked Salmon.  Actually they were surprisingly good, especially the avocado one.

For the mains there's a choice of pasta sautéed in Saro’s homemade Fusion Pesto sauce served with either Chicken or Soft Shell Crab, The Grilled Australian Beef on Skewers marinated with Garlic, Pepper and Capsicum, served with a bowl of Garlic Fried Rice.  That green sauce next to the skewers was amazing!!!

Prices, considering the quality and location of the place, is pretty okay if you ask me.

Apart from offering an impeccable combination of delicious food, decadent cocktails and eclectic music on a daily basis, Saro Lounge is an ideal venue for hosting private parties and events. Equipped with a quality sound system and LCD screens upon request, the lounge is able to accommodate events for about 130 – 150 pax.

Saro Lounge is open on Sunday – Monday from 4:00pm to 1:00am, and Tuesday – Saturday from 4:00pm to 3:00am. For more information on Saro Lounge, visit or follow the Saro Lounge Facebook page (Saro Lounge). For reservations, call +603 2110 4080.

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