Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nigella Lawson's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

NEWSFLASH, Recruiting players:
If you know what game this is, and are keen to play, let me know, we are always on the lookout for more legs.

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Alright, I know these may look like turd, hence I juxtaposed the very expensive bar of Lindt chocolate next to it so that you know it is NOT turd.

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Woman I am Scared Of is in town for an unscheduled thingie, and we met up last night for a quick pot luck at Godma's house. (the kids' Godma, not mine). I was tasked with vegetables and dessert.

It being a working day and all, I was feeling kinda lazy, and also, Godma's palate is very particular, this cannot eat, that cannot eat, anything cheesy was out, so I thought I'd make Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chop Chip Cookies, (from Nigella Express, which incidentally, has started airing on Travel & Living on Fridays, 8.30pm, and she is looking even more buxom and bustier, if that is even possible. Any more, she might topple over).

The first time I made them, the texture was a bit disappointing, as they didn't harden, putting paid my theory that cookies are soft when hot and hard when cold. The kids loved it, coz it was like a cross between a cake and a cookie, but I generally prefer my biscuits defined, as in crunchy.

So, here's the adapted recipe that seemed to work quite well.

125gm dark chocolate (melted)

125gm butter
75gm brown sugar

160 gm flour (increased from her original 150gm)
30 gm cocoa
1 teaspoon baking soda

1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla essence/extract

200 gm chocolate chip
handful of crushed walnuts

1. Cream the butter and sugar. ( I used the Magimix for this, take note, GFAB)
2. Pour in the melted chocolate, (cooled), and pulse until mixed
3. Add the egg and essence. Pulse again
4. Pulse in the sifted dry ingredients. At this point you should get a cohesive cookie dough that looks like very hard frozen dark chocolate ice cream.
5. Pulse in the nuts and choc chips.
6. Scoop out (using an ice cream scoop) levelled spoons of dough, onto a baking tray.
7. Bake at 180C for 18-20 minutes.

Serve with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream......making your own cookies and cream ice cream. Divine.

This recipe makes about 15.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...


wmw said...

Gin Rummy! What are the stakes??? M&Ms?

fatboybakes said...

lemongrass, sarky arent we.

wmw, its not really gin rummy. its dead gin. (cant draw any new cards).

Nic (KHKL) said...

eh, how come i missed out this post in the afternoon??? hmm.. i'm thinking cheese cake, cream cheese cake with crushed cookies...wonder if it'll work...

fatboybakes said...

yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bro, in which case, you must be bloody PSYCHIC, for the last line in your comments on the previous post was NIGELLA EXPRESS HERE, which i thought you were referring to this post!!!!! yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with choc cookies but would you have a recipe for your scones? is this somewhere in your previous blog?

Nic (KHKL) said...

ya lar, guess i am the bloody PSYCHIC as i only discovered this post yesterday night...quick! send the discovery channel for an exclusive! hehehe...

JOjo said...

A bit blur here~wat's the game?
As usual, FBB's cookies always look good! *drool*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought chor dai di la..hahahah

What A Lulu said...

i know what those are.
they're a once a year feature in lulu's household.
however, this year, it did not manage to make an appearance cos lulu's cny celebrations and mahjong+pok kuat session [aka what my nephew calls "practising math at poh-poh's house"] was cut short no thanks to sleepy "no, i'm not dissolving parliament tomorrow" head's parliament dissolution smack in the midst of cny

Paprika said...

ME! ME! ME! I want to play and eat your cookies too!
ooh that sounded rude.

teckiee said...

hahaha chor dai di on tiles? Joe found a leg.. but deadly Jin? Have no idea how to play that.

fatboybakes said...

teckiee, not deadly gin la, DEAD GIN. big difference...though yeah, it could be deadly for big time losers.

paps, you know how to play? i thought a cookie was strictly female.

whatalulu, for a moment i thought nigella's cookies featured at your home during CNY...blurnya aku. hey, great job at the elections...you and your blog have really made a diff. kudos.

nipples, no la, not CDD.

jojo, its dead gin. like gin rummy, except you cant draw anymore cards. the objective is to last as long as possible....

nickhkl, oooh, madam zorra now are we.

anonymous, i'm sure the recipe somewhere here. do i know you?

zen said...

hi :) i tried the recipe and it turned out good :D

just wanted to say thank u for sharing it :D

christine said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting the recipe, am going to make these TODAY!