Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sagely Advice

Sage (noun) [say juh] - wise old man, usually Indian & skinny, wearing loin cloth and meditates on top of high mountain.

Actually, it may surprise some to know that many ahem, regard me as a sage of sorts...they come to me for avuncular advice, such as, "should I date a girl who's 10 years older than me?", or theological advice, the most recent question being, "what's the difference between soul and spirit". My reply to the latter was, "One is a kind of music favoured by blacks, and one is a kind of drink".

Anyway, a few weeks before the MIGF, a few food bloggers were contemplating going for some of the MIGF, when someone said that the menus didnt look all that great, so why not go to Sage instead. Luminaries like AWOL, Hairy Berry, Ciki, ...just about EVERY ONE, had been and were ravinggggg about it as it if was the best thing since flush toilets. So SAGE, THE GARDENS, it was to be.....

Masak Masak I think, did the arranging with Chef Takashi and we only had to show up.

Now, the real surprise was that apparently, it was also a celebration for MY BIRTHDAY!!! AGAIN!!!!! Woo hoo, if I ever doubted I was love, a dinner at Sage certainly dispelled all doubt. Sniff touching, and a gorgeous book THE MODERN BAKER by Nick Manglieri, from Boolicious. AWWWWW!!!! Actually, I had suspected something was up their sleeves, coz the DEAF ONE said last week, oh, sorry, I can't make it for your thing this Saturday. "Thing? what my thing? It's a food blogger's gathering. It's not MY thing", I said. So yeah, that kinda clued me in, but there were other reasons not to suspect anything either, coz Nipples ordered a birthday cake for his girlfriend. SOOOO SWEEET, the young couples of today.

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The amuse douche. A little slither of unagi atop some ....errr..... cant remember what. I think it was daikon. I should take notes. Tasty little spoonful of goodness there.

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There it is again, the menus on tracing paper. I sooo musst do that at my next dinner party. I didn't want to fill myself on the bread, and in any case, AWOL's words, "WHAT? NO TRUFFLE BUTTER" have been seared into my head the way the foie gras was seared on the pan. I have said repeatedly that I am not a fan of bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It's too healthy. I WANT BUTTER!!!! ARTERY CLOGGING BUTTER. Had a slice of the calzone though, it was good.

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Then came the first starter, the Tataki of Yellow Tail with Kyuri and Mackarel Jelly. Fusion sashimi, would be how this non-sage would describe it. Tasted good, but was gone in the blink of an eye. Much like driving past Serendah town. 2 seconds and its gone....all of it.

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Feuillete of Anago and Foie Gras and Duxulles

Pan Seared Foie Gras with ....whatever whatever. The pastry seemed like a cross between puff and shortcrust. Again, tastewise, it was fine, ....but nothing really much to ooh or ahh about, and again, the microscopic portions were gone faster that I can say AH NA GO. Made me long for the virtually unlimited DIY chunk of foie gras we had in Sekeping Serendah. And I thought noveau cuisine with its molecular sized portions was so yesterday.

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Another grouse was that the sizes of the foie gras didnt seem very uniform, and waiters were handing them out randomly....based on looks. The good looking people got more, whereas us sea urchins got teeny weeny portions.

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My rump was well prepared. I wanted my rump medium, and it was a proper medium. Ah, tender and juicy, I was quite impressed with the way they handled my rump. Referring to Nipple's post, I dunno how come his had brisket together with the rump. Served with carrot puree, I enjoyed this dish thoroughly, although at this point, seeing as to how the mains were coming to an end, I did mentally contemplate if we needed to adjourn for hokkien mee somewhere. However, not everyone shared the same happy fate as me for their meats. Ciki had to send back her lamb, which was overdone, and there seems to be some general confusion at that point in time.

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Wife opted for the lamb, which was also very good. Tender and falling off the bone. But seriously, all these portions...sigh, am I such a glutton that everyone else can be filled and satiated but me?

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And finally, the much awaited part of dinner, and usually, in Cilantro, their predecessor (now under renovation), desserts are really their piece de resistance. The Rockies may tumble, Gibraltar may crumble, but DESSERT is always good. Not just good, but orgasmic.

So, can you imagine our abject disappointment when Crispy Roll of Tasmanian Cherries with Vanilla Ice Cream = Deep Fried Popiah with Overly Thick Skin, with a hint of foreign fruit within? I could've wailed and torn off my toupe at that point.

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We also cut the cake that Nipples had ordered for Nic, his girlfriend. And he bestowed upon her that bouquet of roses.

SAGELY ADVICE to you young flers: DO NOT DO DURING COURTSHIP WHAT YOU DONT INTEND TO DO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, like giving flowers, etc. Me, I do no such thing, so there's NO expectations from the wife, and she cant say, "why last time dating you open car door, send me flowers, talk to me everyday on the phone"..... nope! No not she!

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Nevertheless, it always warms even the coldest most cynical hearts to see such love.

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And finally, my last birthday cake of the tea icecream wrapped in some green tea skin. Twas rather good.

However, seeing as to how Cilantro has always been my favourite restaurant, and generally the reviews of Sage have been favourable, I would certainly be back again to give it another try. [I have friends who've been there 3 times and still panned it, though]

Really, its been a fantastic birthday season, and I really want to thank all from the bottom of my heart to have gone thru such lengths and effort to celebrate with me.


Tummythoz said...

Yes you are indeed very L.O.V.E.D. Lucky boy.

jasmine said...

ah, i was about to comment on how loved you are. but tummythoz beat me to it, lol.

you peeps sure know how to dine in style :)

UnkaLeong said...

*hugs* unker..hahah. Was wondering when the partying would stop ;) and yes do not spoil market. LV this year, volkswagen beetle the next and by the third year, she's asking for a house! Hahahaha..

I know, I know...pot calling kettle black.

thenomadGourmand said...

Ahh..the last one.. or mayb more coming? ;)
I agree w u on the portions.. feed me properly plzzz!

J2Kfm said...

oh .... so you're one of the 14?
haha... you're lucky to be around such good company.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

1. Say JUH???

2. Skinny indian man wearing loin cloth on mountain???

3. You a sage?? (Imagining you as skinny indian man in loin cloth on mountain)

4. LOL on soul and spirit...that is so farny!

5. Amuse douche! (Douching with a giggle?)

6. Much like driving past Serendah town? You can add Rawang to that list as well and how we drove right past it in our quest for steamed tilapia. Grrrrr.

7. I guess leon lai got the biggest portion of foie gras, eh? *ahem with stars in my eyes* Btw, never underestimate sea urchins. Don't you have to pee on yourself when they sting you...or is that for a jellyfish sting? confused.

8. Yeah, the popiah was disappointing. It's a pity coz the food just wasn't consistent. How difficult can it be to churn out 16 identical meals?



Anonymous said...

PFOTY - does P stands for please and the rest of it as Argus stated? Downunder "FO" can be seen as terms of endearment amongst friends. LOL.

Life for Beginners said...

You are a sage indeed, sir... for wise is the man who surrounds himself with such good friends... and good food! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah thank u the holy sagey one for the advice..i shall take it that the next flowers i will get, will be the ones from the garden, 5 mins b4 i meet her..

err wasnt brisket, that was served in that carrot poop? it didnt taste like rump to me, and i surely remembered someone told me it was ngau lam lor..

actually i contemplated on hokkien mee for damn long..had u announce hokkien mee as the next stop, i would have surely went!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im curious..wats "P" FOTY?

Argus Lou said...

Oi! How many birthday dinners, lah? And you got presents on top of that. :) Such a fofular guy you are!

"My rump was well prepared..." - did you really mean to write that? ;-)

Bangsar-bAbE said... many b'day celebration....jealous-nya!!

Ya lor...after I left a comment on joe's post I read yours! And I realised I said the exact words as you did on your blog...kekeke. I WOULD wail...RM160 for a popiah ending???

Nic (KHKL) said...

i think the best 'dessert' for the night was that live karaoke session lah. haha!

the other best dessert was Spencer the cake...haha!

oh, btw, why AWOL so hyped-up one ar? i lurve her note no. 8 the best. hehehehe...

CUMI & CIKI said...

wah... blogging for lost time izzit? nice one!

fatboybakes said...

ciki, nola, just wanted to get the birthday posts out of the way, so that we can err.....move on.... hahah. thanks again for dinner, lunch, godivas and loccit...

hairy berry, glad u liked the spencer cake. ditto my message to ciki, thanks. yeah, AWOL, ever the witty lad that it is.

bangsar babe, great minds hor. ya, that's the last of the bloggable birthday dos la. today got friend buy me birthday lunch oso.

fatboybakes said...

dear argus, indeed i am truly blessed. whats wrong with my rump being well prepared? ;)

nipples, if FOTY is what argus defined it to be in khukri post, then P would be "PLEASE". hahaha.
haiya, someone should have suggested hokkien mee hor....thanks for dinner.

LFB, as i said, i am indeed very blessed.

myfoodsafari, scratching head to think what FO could stand for in oz.

thamby, feel free to pee on yourself for any occasion. but yeah, how hard can it be to prepare 16 identical meals....and many many many thanks for going thru all that trouble for organising the surprise, the khukri, the presents, etc etc...... i am so touched.

J2KFM, indeed i am! hahah.

fatboybakes said...

tummythoz, yalor, so LURVED hor. what can i say?!!! hahah.

jasmine, yarlar, were it but for the generosity of my friends, i'd have never seen the interior of sage...

unkaleong, HUGS HUGS. heh heh, hope you have a blast in BKK. yeah, u ah, spoil market la.

thenomadgourmand, yalor, why is it fashionable to pay thru your nose and be fed with portions so small that can go thru that same way (thru the nose)....

Henry Yeo said...

Happy celebrations for your birthday.

LL: depending on how big your kitchen pan is, I guess. Every kitchen got to have at least 1 poor night.

Udderlust said...

Please don't blaspheme sea urchins...

fbb said...

udderlust, thousand apologies, of course, we shouldn't belittle any of God's creatures, great or small, smooth or prickly...

henry, tq.

Simon Seow said...

Not sure how long I have to save to dine here.

breadpitt said...

haha, sorry ya, wish u happy belated birthday.....they should put ur name in

GFAD said...

Hepi burfday. Again.

My hubs must have gone to the same husbandry school as you (where else do you men learn to breed and raise 'livestock' eh..). After being married for almost 12 years, I finally get flowers for my bday. And only 5 stalks, mind you. *roll eyes*

I can only hope I never receive a 'PFOTY' note from you... :D

fatboybakes said...

GFAD, where have u been? so quiet one?! ah, yes, good man, your husband. beware the charmers who mesmerise with the wiles and sweet talk....better a straight talking man who went to the ultimate husbandry school anyday. guffaw, that PFOTY definition wasnt mine!

breadpitt, heh heh, thanks for the wishes. put my name where? on the plate? aiyo, no la, shy la.

simon seow, mr celebrity blogger, aiyo, no need to save la. just tell them, "i am simon seow, and i am always surrounded by beautiful girls" and they will let you dine there free.