Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leonardo's, Redux

Although I think I have been told before, I always forget that this establishment IS named after Leonardo Di Caprio, who is famous for his drawing of the Vitruvian Man, shown below.

Okayyyy, let's start again. It's named after Leonardo Da Vinci, who is famous for the Vitruvian Man and the golden ratio, and apparently their pizzas (their's as in Leonardo's the Restaurant) are created in that ratio too. Don't ask me how. Walking Wikipedia, Nigel, was the one who remembered the name of this drawing, (afterall, who else uses the word Vitruvian in everyday conversation), and also remarked on the small size of the p***s. (I can tell you its not pizzas)

Moving on, we were invited by Fadlin Johan, the Marketing Manager of that restaurant chain (Cava, Opus, Leonardo's and Moxie's) to sample the new and some old offerings of Leonardo. Of the four restaurants, this is the only one that is a porcine paradise. Oink oinks served in all shapes, cuts, and sizes, from the micromillimeter thin proscuittos, to thick slab of ibericos, the wagyu of pork.

The sight of this always makes for a happy person.

Bucket of Belgian Styled Black Mussels. Fresh, not frozen, the mussels are cooked in a divine broth. Nigel heard Belgian Black Mussels as Virginal Black Muscles.
Yeah, the mussels were fresh and delicious. But as I said, that broth...oooh!!!

Kentucky Fried Frog. A little unknown fact, that before Col Sanders launched his Fried Chicken, there was a plague in the land, whereby the state of kentucky was inundated by Frogs. Unfortunately, after he had finished with the frogs, there were none left, so he decided to continue with chicken.
The fried frog is really quite yummy. Crispy skin, and very tender sweet flesh. Perfect snack with alcohol. Toady, perhaps?

Their specialty, Leo's Pork Knuckle Platter, with a LOVELY apple sauce and sauerkraut. If you like pork, and crackling, this is THE dish. Now, usually I am not a big fan of the german style pork knuckle, as I find the meat too dry. But this one had the perfect balance, crispy skin, and moist flesh. Fantastic.

The demure waitress serving a platter of something.

Check out KY Speaks Boner.

Mamamia pizza, with serrano ham, which is like parma ham.

Spanish Black Pig Shoulder Loin Steak, with a blue cheese risotto. Fabulous. Despite the meat not being fatty, as is the prerequisite for good pork, in my opinion, it was tender, moist and flavoursome. Very good. Definitely a redux required.

Bacon , Potato & Apple Rosti with Chorizo Sausages, with chunky tomato relish.

Italian Cioppino, with Focacia Bread. A kind of a seafood in tomato paste stew. The seafood was fresh. I was too full to try the focacia by this time.

MMMMM, one of my favourites. Grilled Pork Neck with spicy mango salsa.

The glitterati food bloggers, KY Speaks and Eiling, who apparently would only date a Tan Sri and above.

Ah, a lovely surprise at the end.....HOKKIEN MEE. And a damn fine version of it too. Delicious chunks of fresh, crispy lard, fried with enough wok heat! Leonardos has a range of interest suppertime like dishes, such as this, and Bak Kut Teh. Nothing like some greasy hokkien mee after a night of extreme alcohol.

KY Bond and his gals.

Celebrity Velvetescape in town, with the Master bakers themselves, and Cumi & Ciki.

Grilled Mango cheeks (from the butt of the mango, presumably) with pink peppercorn, and cardamom, (which I bit into!! bleagh), and vanilla ice cream. Lovely combo, the spices really added a zing to an otherwise pedestrian offering.

Banana Bread and Butter Pudding, with real vanilla bean sauce. Yummy. I loved the crispy bits of the bread. Very good.

Baked apple with filo pastry and cinnamon creme. I love apple desserts, and this is no exception.

Chocolate Seduction...somewhere in between a pudding and a souffle, says Edward, the owner. A pouffle I would call it. Well, alas, I didnt really get to sample the pouffle. (poo flay)

With free flowing wines, and great company and great food, can life actually GET any better???

Leonardo's is located on Jln Bangkung, on the 1st & 2nd floor, above Suanson bakery, which is a few doors away from Opus. The upper most floor is perfect for private parties, and drink fests.

Thanks Fadlin, Peter and Ed for having us.


gfad said...

Another porcine establishment! Yay! And good variety of food in their menu. Nice. Is it a good place for families? Ie. old and young folks.

Does mango have anything else other than cheeks?? Shank or fillet, p'haps?

eiling lim said...

Your pictures are all very naisss... Ooi.. I don't only date Tan Sri ok, this is bad publicity! Hmmph.. Nice meeting you yesterday and hope we can drink again! Cheers...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

can vouch for that knuckle and frog and the pork shoulder too..did u knw there also serve a decent prosecco too for like rm100++?

J said...

Well I thought it's said that it doesn't matter how big it is, it's how u use it?
(or was that saying created by ppl with small em, pizzas?)

thule a.k.a leo said...

Wah!! Have to close this immediately before I start drooling...

CUMI & CIKI said...

oiiyoh DIE! so nice ur fotos ahpa!! seilor. what will i do.. :(

btw, how come u dunno Vitruvian man. like even my gardener knows.

KY said...

zomg so many girls i can die happy!

qwazymonkey said...

OMG!!! That's like so freaking fast! And so farneee.... how to live up to such expectations?

Nic (KHKL) said...

The Vitruvian Man. Cis! Was looking forward to it in Venice and what I got instead? An empty corner cos it was moved to Berlin for an exhibition!

Wah, fookin mien! Drooling already! :)

Julian Si said...

Wah , that waitress is gorgeous :-) WINK!

ps - Is that a cigar I see Eiling holding? Nice!

thenomadGourmand said...

AMazing food! I like the uncommon prep of some the food and of course, the desserts!
Ah.. in my 3 9pr ws it 4?) yrs in KL, I hv nvr ventured into the road called Jln Bangkung. Perhaps this shouldbe the reason!
A post peppered with wit as alws.

fatboybakes said...

TNG, dessert was peppered with peppercorns....dunno about wit. you've NEVER been to jln bangkung? gasp!

jules, yup, that's a cigar. and she was having a separate whisky party downstairs with another group of well heeled friends. we can only gawk.

hairy berry, oh noooo, that's like going to the louvre and finding out mona has gone travelling too! (lisa, not fendy)

fatboybakes said...

monkeyboy, what rarbish, i thought i'd better quickly post before all you luminaries post, and reduce my post to the catacombs.

KY, you are ALWAYS surrounded by hot chicks hor....what you did in your previous life ah?

ciki lalink, your gardener knows the vitruvian man, or IS the vitruvian man? opcors i know la, but at spur of the moment, couldnt recall the name.

fatboybakes said...

leo, some more the place is named after YOU!

J, i wouldnt know.... O;)

nipples, alcohol, alcohol, is that all we can think about?? hahaha. but 100++ compared with our tong woh.... still double hor.

eiling, nice meeting you too. hahaha, your friend KY told me that infor one....

gfad, i believe the mango has no hamstring, but apart from that, yeah, shank, rump, fillet, all got.

Christy said...

hahahah....that was indeed a very creative way of blogging about the whole thing. I was laughing all the way as I read your post =D

Paprika said...

Lol! That Nigel, always with his mind in the gutter! Food looks good! KY is one lucky man! woohooo

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Gah...I can't believe I missed out on this. Makes me hate my job sometimes. >.<

Btw...your bread & butter pudding was lovely last night. =D

Life for Beginners said...

Wow. That sure is some boner. Ahem. :P

CUMI & CIKI said...

you're rite ahpa..! my gardener IS the vitruvian man. GASP!