Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Garrett Gourmet Popcorn

Smell sells.  No doubt about it.  The whiff of caramel and other unidentifiable embellishments assail the nostrils as I ascend into the Basement of KLCC from the parking lot.  If there is a Famous Amos nearby, you certainly couldn't tell.  The aroma of Garrett is enough to overpower any other smells, including the durian thingie kiosk nearby.

Yet, I've never really tried it, purely because I am a minimalist, and I like gasp, PLAIN salted popcorn, perhaps with a lot of butter.  However, as luck would have it, I got a call from Alice Yong, Editor of Jom Makan, AND, more recently, Managing Editor of a new Culinary magazine called Innocreative, saying that she was dropping off some Garrett for me to sample.

I decided to be kind, and open the very pretty tin with the kids, expecting gasps of awe and wonder from them.  Alas, kids these days are very jaded.  I was more awed than they were.

I love the packaging, that rustic tin, and that scoop.  I would love to shovel a scoopful into someone's mouth.  Any volunteers?

Anyway, the bucketful I got was a combination of caramel and a salty cheesy variety.  It is actually very filling, and one cannot consume the same quantity as the cinema variety.  A few kernels already renders the eater full.

I actually thought this combination of popcorn, sweet, salty, cheesy with creamy chocolate ice cream, was a match made in food heaven.

Okay, now to find off a way to burn off these calories.

Thank you muchly, Alice Yong Li Flee...


Alice Yong said...

You're most welcome FBB! Glad u enjoyed it. Garrett has plain and buttery flavors too fyi ;)

Hor Chiak said...

hi, 有机会到 Perlis 时, 记得要品尝这家的包饼哦!赞 就是了 >>>