Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Midi 57, The Casual Sibling of Le Midi of BSC, on Jalan Bangkung

Midi 57 occupies the most strategic location along that row of Jln Bangkung culinary establishments, because it is a corner lot, and has the vantage views of the side as well as the front... hmm, that sounds like the description of a well endowed woman.

Owned by Melissa Groot of LeMidi, BSC, this outlet is the more casual than the fine dining establishment in BSC, and it's casual barlike atmosphere is accompanied with food that is also casual enough for you to use your fingers with out feeling the need to oblige with the silver cutlery.

It's always nice to see my favourite group of pioneer bloggers, who still look so young and fresh after all these years.

Chicken Fingers in Red Wine and Rosemary Batter.

Mussels and Prawns in Beer Batter - All easy beer snacks, but also pairs well with the Berticot Sauvignon Blanc which is more or less their signature house white wine, handpicked by the very particular Melissa.

Caprese Salad With Parma Ham @RM48. Organic tomato, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic reduction, pesto sauce. I love the generous portions of Parma.  Slivers of thinly sliced smoky goodness that makes me think I am on vacation, for some strange reason.

Crispy Foccacia (V) RM 15 Garlic, rosemary * olive oil.  Actually it reminded me of crispy naan.  Makes a great dipping bread.

Porchetta Pizza, a crispy thin base, the way pizzas are meant to be.  I actually like my pizzas overflowing with mozarella, which may be a culinary faux pax, but well, food is personal.  So I thought this version was a bit too healthy for my liking.

MIDI 57 BAR BURGER RM 28, Slow cook mince pork ,tomato, lettuce, red onion & Swiss cheese ,homemade toasted bun, served with French fries.  Can't really go wrong with Pork Patties, which I am guessing is where the term HAMburger came from, before it was all kosherized.

I must have totally missed out on the pasta and lasagna which my compadres raved about....as I left the party for awhile to say hallo to a friend next door.  But you can read their reviews HERE.

Pot plates of lamb and chicken, kind of like a stew, which could go well with the crispy foccacia.  There is something very wholesome and homely about this dish, I imagine if I was in a cold country, the aroma from these pot plates would whiff through the household in warm welcome on a wintery evening.

Desserts by Chef Andrea Alimenti (read more about him at my Le Midi post HERE) are always a treat.  Choco bombs which looks so pretty, coated with gold dust.

Chocolate and Ginger Ganache.  Ginger and chocolate are a lovely combination, I wonder why not more people use this pairing.

The very pleasant Bar area.  The beer towers are reasonably priced, during happy hour.
In addition to a well stocked bar, Le Midi also has a comprehensive list of Cocktails,  but since I am not a cocktail connoisseur, I shall not venture an opinion, as I didn't really try any of them, save for the Bloody Mary, which had a nice kick from the tabasco.

Midi 57 Restaurant & Bar
57 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.138232, 101.668810
Tel: 03-2095 1381
Hours: 11am-12am daily

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