Monday, September 05, 2016

Golden Churn, the Gold Standard for Butter - Now With An Olive Oil and Avocado Oil Blend

I've always associated that distinct gold tin of golden churn butter as the essential-est of ingredients in a good butter cake, and when ingredients of distinction meet Chef of distinction, it's definitely an invitation I cannot say no too.  Chef Wan has always been one of my culinary idols, and when I got the invitation from the good peeps at Salina & Associates PR, to witness the unveiling of the new line of Golden Churn, I was rather thrilled at the opportunity of seeing him in action.

A light hearted moment between Chef Wan and Salina before the start of the event.

Mr Jonathan Sekhon, General Manager of Sales for Ballantyne Pty Ltd,  Australia introduced the two new brands that were being unveiled, which were the blends of spreadable Golden Churn Butter with Olive Oil, and Golden Churn Butter with Avocado Oil.  A butter purist like me actually prefers pure butter without any fancy additions, unless it's truffle, but I was quite curious to try.

Apparently Golden Churn has been in Malaysia for at least 70 years, which is quite a feat.  I still know people who swear that the only acceptable butter for butter cake is Golden Churn.

And what better way to introduce the two blends, than with the inimitable Chef Wan doing a cooking demo, using the aforementioned product.

TV host Serena See was the emcee for the day.... obviously quite a glitterati event.

Chef Wan regaled us with stories about his childhood, how his family used to live in the air force base in the military quarters, with very limited room, and how he began cooking at a young age.

Both the butter blends have 25% less fat than the usual butter, (how is that a good thing???), and the avocado one has all kinds of miraculous qualities, such as improving skin tone, potassium for regulating blood pressure, and dietary fibre to control sugar levels.  So it really is a case of more butter is better for you...

He mentioned how most people associate the butter with butter cake or cake in general, so he thought he'd use it for something different.  He also extolled the virtues of the blend, as people are getting more health conscious, and how virgin olive oil and avocado are good for health.

The first dish demonstrated was a Lebanese Chicken Rice....don't ask me why "Lebanese", perhaps it was the spices used.  Generous dollops of the butter were plonked it, and it wasn't long before the entire venue was filled with a delectable aroma.

To be honest, I am always a bit "skeptical" at these celebrity chefs cooking demos as they usually have a ready made end product which is what we usually get to try, as opposed to eating the actual stuff that was cooked.  So I was curious to see whether we really got to that dish he cooked.

 At some point in the demo,...this happened...
Yes, he actually said that.... he's absolutely hilarious and totally entertaining.

Using the Avocado Blend, he whipped up some savoury corn muffins, and quipped, if your eggs are big, use two, but Malaysian eggs are usually small, so I use three...

In this case, we got to sample some pre made muffins.  I loved the buttery-ness of it and the savoury flavour was reminiscent of Kenny Rogers corn muffins, which I love.

And the moment of truth, the way he seemingly randomly "campak"ed (tossed) everything into the pot, I really wondered how the end product would taste.  But of course, that is the mark of true genius and a real cook, going by gut feel, instead of measuring to the last millilitre or gram, like a chemistry lab experiment.  It was absolutely delicious!!!  My hero, Chef Wan. Oh, and Golden Churn of course.
Putting the finishing touches to the rice....

And there we have it, Chef Wan's Lebanese Chicken Rice using the Golden Churn Spreadable Butter With Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

That gorgeous tinge of green from the Avocado...


We were given a lovely party pack with two tubs of the butter to try.... being a minimalist, I had my spreadable with plain toast, and some sauteed mushrooms with another generous dollop of the butter

Absolutely yummeh.....

And lurve lurve lurve the cheese board and wooden spoon.

Watch out for the new line of Golden Churn in supermarket shelves.

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