Friday, September 09, 2016

Mooncakes Episode 3 - The Ultimate Mooncake Bazaar At Pavilion KL

The largest mooncake bazaar in Bukit Bintang is at Pavilion KLCC, and this being the last weekend before the mid autumn festival 2016 (on 15th Sept), best to head there, I'd say, for a great choice of mooncake.

I've been rather disheartened in my quest this year, for mooncakes with more than one yolk, especially those oily glistening ones.  Well, at last, they were available here.

Represented by a large number of mooncake vendors,21 brands to be exact, such as KL Hilton, Lai Ching Yuen, Tai Thong, The Westin KL, Japanese restaurant, Nobu KL, one of the major highlights came all the way from Johor Baru, the Qian Yue Ting confectionary brand, best known for their ‘musang’ durian mooncakes.

Aerial View of the Bazaar

Guests were treated to a folk dance..

After the opening ceremony, and the line up of participants, we were invited to tour each individual booth, which included some tea pairing with Purple Cane, Sugar Art and other cutesy stuff that are really quite touristy.

These lovely tiffin carrier shaped packaging (they're not REAL tiffin carriers) are from KL Hilton.  Incidentally their Musang King snow skin mooncake is really to die for as well.

Nobu's mooncakes are supposed to be Japanese Inspired, and comes packaged in a lovely black lacquer box.

Honestly, to me, nothing beats the traditional lotus with yolk and pandan lotus with yolk.  And as I grow older, I also begin to appreciate the assorted nuts variety.

Lanterns galore for the kids to select...

I actually stood quite transfixed watching this sugar art fellow meticulously create his sugar masterpieces...heck, I can barely make caramel without creating a mess, let alone shape something out of molten sugar.

Some of these tea infusions actually were a great help in neutralizing the sugar coma that I was lapsing into as I made my way around the bazaar...

The Musang King Mooncakes are inevitably in snow skin, and usually have a very short shelf life, so best to gulp down all at once.

Another unique offering were these flower jelly err...not sure if they are mooncakes.  But boy, the work that goes into it, quite impressive.

Shoppers who spend RM300 at the Mooncake Bazaar will enjoy an even bigger feast as they will get to redeem a RM30* dining voucher in return. Shoppers who spend RM800 at the Mid-Autumn Feast will receive a RM100* dining voucher.

For more information, visit Pavilion KL’s website at, check real-time updates on Pavilion KL’s Facebook page at, Twitter page at, Instagram account at or contact Pavilion KL’s Concierge at 03 2118 8833.

A Mid-Autumn Feast Participating Merchants
Baker’s Cottage
Good Chen
Grand Harbour
Grand Millenium
Hilton KL
Hong Kong Bay
Oversea Restaurant
Purple Cane
Qian Yue Ting
Sheraton Imperial
Taste of Asia – Japanese Okashi
Taste of Asia – Korean Autumn
The Westin KL
Tai Thong
Pullman KL
Florism De Art
Minamoto Kitchoan
Yong Sheng

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