Monday, September 26, 2016

Oktoberfest At Brotzeit BSC

Contrary to popular belief, Oktoberfest doesn't begin in October, so my mental imagery of October being a hedonistic month of beer guzzling and excess pigging out was shattered, when I found out that it actually begins in Mid September, in Germany.  That means we've already wasted two weeks of revelry.

When Maryanne of Brotzeit invited me to their Oktoberfest preview, I was gutted to learn that I could not attend the Barrel Tapping, which is the highlight and "opening ceremony" of Oktoberfest.  And until the barrel has been tapped, they do not serve that particular beer from the barrel.  Fortunately, although the barrel was untapped, there was still an impressive range of imported German beers for the trying.  But here's the thing about beer, I find that with age, there is only so much volume one can take.

For Paulaner fans, I think Brotzeit has one of the most comprehensive ranges of Paulaner beers in KL.

This Hacker Pschorr was a rich dark ale, that felt like a meal in a bottle.  Love the bottle as well.

The glorious pork loin pizza, with a special crusty base made from a special concoction of brown flour.  Be warned, it's quite filling, and I was reduced to eating just the topping after a third slice. RM39

Iconic Pigs in Blanket, which are basically pork sausages wrapped in bacon, just in case there wasn't enough porkiness in the whole equation.  Actually by this point in the meal, seeing as to how there were only 4 of us, I was quite full, in addition to the two glasses of beer I had chugged.

Then, the star of the night appears...The Oktoberfest Platter, at RM288 nett, the ultimate Pork Paradise....The german pork knuckle, a variety of sausages, including Pork Garlic, Gypsy Belly Bacon, Nuremberger Pork and Spicy Chicken Sausages...

Chef and owner, Helmut deboning the knuckle...actually that bone has all the best bits on it, the cartilage, the bits of crispy crackling

Nothing like a good bone to keep a man happy.  Or is it a keep a woman happy.  Regardless, I enjoyed the bone, and tried unsuccessfully sucking out the marrow.

A beauteous piece of meat such as this deserves a solo close up shot.  The crackling was seriously good, and would put many chinese siu yoke makers to shame.  The layer of fat beneath melts in the mouth, with the most tender of meat.  Ahhh, bliss.

Now the platter is supposed to feed four, but that is four BIG eaters who aren't eating anything else.  I frankly think for the average Malaysian eater, it can EASILY feed 5-6, which makes it damn good value for money.

The Gypsy Pork Belly was also Epig....Chockful of that smoky bacony flavour, with a suitable fat to meat ratio.

The platter comes with a potato salad and sauerkraut accompaniment, which is actually rather generous.

And to wash it all down, (with beer of course), their Apple Fritters, which are so simple but so good.  Actually it would have been better with some ice cream.

And the grand finale, the chocolate lava cakes.  I know lava cakes have been done to death, but for starters, these are made with white chocolate, and the shell is actually crispy and has some nice body to it. Weiber Lavakuchen...

The glorious goodness oozing out.  Usually I find white chocolate desserts too sweet, but this one was okay, and also neutralized somewhat by the tarty berry jam accompaniment.

Brotzeit in BSC fronts the side of BSC, that road that leads to the carpark.  On Wednesdays they have a live band, which is pretty good, playing music that I recognise.  Love the cheery interior, and alfresco area, and that well stocked bar.

Address: G130, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285 Jalan Maarof, 43200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03 2282 9516/7

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