Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WEIL Hotel, Ipoh - Where I'll be Going To Stay Again Soon

Long before I actually visited WEIL Hotel, I had heard about their impressive rooftop bar, with vistas of the city, so when old chum Sharm asked if I would like to check out the hotel, and their F&B outlets, I said, why not.  It was also a recce trip for me, as I will be headed up that way again shortly with a group of friends for a makan weekend.  (is there any other kind? oh, yes, got, a minum weekend.  It's one of those).

Located across the legendary Sam Tet School, and adjoining Ipoh Parade, it's a great location, with all the amenities at hand, and unlike a previous stay of mine in Ipoh, without a car, and where I nearly starved to death, it's unlikely that you'll go hungry even if you do not choose to eat at the hotel outlets.

To be precise, it's located along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, and is only 10 minutes away from Ipoh Railway Station and airport.  Airport?  They have an airport in Ipoh?  Wow.

Some trivia, it's owned by the family that owns that quintessential Ipoh mali snack, the Pagoda Peanuts, and WEIL is actually the family name spelt backwards.  Rather innovative.  If I were to spell my family name backwards, I'd get something unpronouncable.

We were given a brief tour of the various rooms, from the junior suite, to the Premier King, which has a lovely bathroom, and bathtub.  (and bath salts thrown in for the Premier and above), and overall, adequately spacious.

The rooftop infinity pool is also a great place to chill...with gin and tonic in hand.

Studio Unit...

The spacious lobby
Tiffin, the coffee house on the lobby level, is 100% halal certified, no alcohol is allowed.  If you absolutely must have a tipple or two, then you have to move to the Alfresco Bar outside.

A little private dining nook at Tiffin.

The rooftop garden.
I was particularly looking forward to dining at the Deck, Gastrobar.   We were rather fortunate because we got to sample three different menus, one was the regular Dinner Set, priced at RM118 nett, the upcoming Cape Mentelle degustation menu, and also the Oktoberfest platter.

Tuna Tartare, which I fed back to the chef Dennis Lai, Chef De Cuisine, very innovative, but I didn't think much of the serving in an ice cream cone thing....

Ginger jelly crabmeat amuse bouche, I loved the overall tanginess of the dish, which went well with the marine-ness of the crab meat, and that lovely edible clitoria flower.

The Oktoberfest Platter, a generous schnitzel, sausages, pretzels, sauerkraut, beer food essentially....

Pan Seared Scallops, well seared, not overcooked, and a rather generous portion too. (Cape Mentelle Degustation)

"Garden", heirloom vegetables, soil made from hazelnut and flour...A gorgeous feast for the eyes. (Cape Mentelle Degustation)

Chips for Qasehsu's little boy....But it was also enjoyed by the adults at the table.

Wild mushroom soup done Japanese style, with an addes twist of an onsen egg with a runny yolk. (Cape Mentelle Degustation)

Tenderloin with a citrus boomerang, with vanilla compressed melon, part of the Cape Mentelle wine pairing degustation.

Cream of White Onion Soup, part for the RM118 dinner set.  I personally loved this creamy soup.

Smoked Pumpkin Soup, part of the RM88 dinner set.  Loved the smokiness of the pumpkin, although according to the Chef, some found it too smoky.  I liked it.

Pan Seared Sea Bass..

Chipotle Coulis Sea Bass (RM88 set), a confit of new potatoes, Balsamic and Fennel Salad

White Wine Coq Au Vin, root vegetables, Confirt Cherry Tomatoes, White Wine Chicken Jus.  So glad to have a Coq Au Vin with thigh meat rather than with the usual breast meat the way Mat Salleh chefs are prone to doing it. (The RM118 Set)

A well stocked bar is always a welcome sight.

And there's always room for dessert, a lovely raspberry coulis, Macaron Panna Cotta.  The Panna Cotta sweetness, which wasn't overly so anyway, nicely balanced by the tartness of the coulis. (RM118 set)

Pistachio Panna Cotta, actually no difference from the other set, except strewn with Pistachios.  (RM88 set)

The happy diners for the night.

The next morning, the all you can eat dim sum breakfast buffet, priced at RM32 nett per person at Yuk Sou Hin, the Chinese restaurant at WEIL.

Their lovely XO sauce....I won't mind a jar or two.

Ipoh prices are substantially cheaper than KL prices I have to say.

Their signature char siu buns (the place is pork free, so it's chicken char siu), which were really very good.  It's kinda like roti boy meets char siu sou...

Skewered Siu Mai...
Chive Dumplings

Egg Custard Baos....

The RM32 all you can eat promotion is until 20th September only.

For more information and reservations, please call WEIL Hotel at +605-208 2103

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