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Dim Sum Brunch at Celestial Court, Pork Free and Guaranteed Full!! (As In Tummy Full)

Celestial Court's (Sheraton Imperial) Dim Sum has always been in my top 3 favourite pork free dim sums.  But actually, for dim sum, I think pork free is not really an issue, I honestly can't tell much difference, except for pork ribs steamed in bean sauce, which of course, is non existent in a pork free menu.  I digress.

The Dim Sum Brunch, priced at RM138 nett, is available on weekends, and really has enough variety to confuse even the most focused of eaters.  There are three starter items that diners are entitled to only ONE serving of, but the rest of the stuff in the menu, knock yourself out man.

The first of the limited items is this Double Boiled Chicken Soup With Mini Whole Abalone and Mushroom

One aspect of Chinese cuisine, perhaps more Cantonese than anything else, that I really love, and need daily, is soup.  Doesn't matter if it's single, double or triple boiled, I just love that clear broth that precedes a meal.  Chinese soups are rarely the creamy heart clogging stuff like their western counterparts, and have always some kind of therapeutic or nutritious value to it.  In this case, the chicken for ...well, the soul, and ginseng for virility I guess.  And abalone I'm guessing for the sweetness and taste.

Seafood grouper dumpling with century egg, asparagus served with XO Sauce and Pumpkin Puree.  You'll be pleased to know that this dish is in the UNLIMITED section of the menu, meaning you can order more than one.

Signature mini abalone Siu Mai...well, if the abalone is the soup was mini, this is miniscule.  Note the size in relation to the finger nail.  Miniscule abalone aside, the siu mai is one of those items that is traditionally pork, but is replaced by chicken, without any loss of taste.  At least to me.

Shanghainese Dumpling (Xiu Long Bao) served in Tom Yam Broth. I honestly am a bit ambivalent about this dish, because sometimes I feel if it works, why change it.  I prefer ordinary xiu long bao to be honest, as the tom yam tends to overpower everything else.  And afterall, the joy of an XLB is having that clear superior broth flood your palate as it pops in your mouth.

Celestial Court Squid Ink Har Gao.

This lovely platter of Chilli Crab with Fried and Steamed Mantao, is the other dish that is limited to one portion per person.  This here is for 5 people.  The chilli sauce is absolutely yummy with the mantao.  The crabs, well, to be honest, blue swimmer crabs are not my favourite, give me mud crab anyday, but respecting religious sensitivities, Blue Swimmer Crabs are not amphibious and therefore are acceptable to all.

But seriously, that sauce and mantao, big thumbs up.

Their signature prawn and banana roll with wasabi mayonnaise has been a long time favourite of mine, and it takes a brave chef to think of such a combination.  It works wonderfully though, the heat of the wasabi, the subtle sweetness of the banana and the crunch of the prawn.

Bean curd rolls with Shrimp and Cheddar cheese.  Well, the cheddar was a subtle amount, which was good, as it didnt distract from the intended flavours.  I always love bean curd rolls, steamed, fried, whatever.

Yam Puff with duck liver and preserved olive filling.   Loved the yam, so creamy and rich, while crispy on the outside,  Very good woo kok.

Actually, in addition to just DIM SUM, there is a whole host of other stuff on the menu, and the roasts section, which surprisingly is not unlimited, boasts this roast duck which is very very good.  In fact, if you ask me, it's better than the limited offering of Peking Duck rolls.

Did I mention Peking Duck Rolls?  Yup, here they are, and these are the last of the three items where diners are allowed to order only one portion.  Which is more than enough.  Go for the roast duck, that is the bomb.

One of the bloggers/writers at the table mentioned that she is always on the quest for a good salted egg custard bun, and well, tah dah, whaddaya know...

I like to think of this as the chinese molten lava cake, as well, for starters, it's yellow, and secondly, that flowy lava-ry goodness does resemble lava more than chocolate does right?  I love this bao, if I wasn't so full I'd have attacked more.

Just having these few items was enough to send me into a food coma for the afternoon, so I dread to think what will happen if I came for the Weekend Brunch, paid RM138 and was working to get my money's worth.

The rest of the menu is really like an ala carte menu, with chicken, beef, seafood, rice and noodle dishes, so it really IS very very good value.

For more details or to make a reservation, please call 03-27179900, e-mail at or visit www.sheratonimperialkualalumpur/celestialcourt

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