Monday, March 06, 2017

The Iconic Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Has Refurbished, Renovated, Reinnovated, Reinvigorated and Reopened!!!!

Every buffet lover would probably have at some point gone to the iconic Lemon Garden in Shangri-la KL, renowned for their lavish spread.  For our family, we spent many a Chinese New Year there, usually on the first day, and the place was always packed to the rafters.  For almost half a year though, it's been closed, and on weekends, the buffet was held at the Lobby Lounge, where we had a Christmas buffet circa December 2016, which was actually quite pleasant, because the Lobby Lounge has live singers and bands, so it does create a rather different feel.  But due to space constraints, the menu was also vastly limited, and there were no hot stations.

So, on the 27th Feb 2017, Lemon Garden was like a new bride, unveiled for the waiting public.  Actually the media were given a preview before the official opening, and what a fun night it was, of good company and great food.

I have always maintained I am not a buffet fan, and still maintain that I am not.  To me a buffet is like buying a CD Album, whereby in all probability you'll like maybe 20% of the contents, if you're lucky.  And to be honest, even in Lemon Garden, I can't say I like everything, which is just as well, because even eating the stuff I liked was already enough to send me into a food coma.

Anyway, the Facelift, designed by BOND DESIGN STUDIO from Japan, describes the interior as elegantly decked with modern and contemporary designs, that exude a warm and sophisticated ambience.  The flooring is made of gleaming off white and patterned tiles, and walls lined with framed glass and golden brown panels, while the ceiling features pendant lights and yellow light orbs.

As we were there for the media launch, we were privvy to the Seafood buffet, which usually available on weekends, (and more expensive that the weeknight one), which had King Crabs, mud crabs, oysters, yabbies, prawns, mussels, sashimi, etc...  Quite the gathering of Poseidon's kingdom.

My other favourite station was the Chinese Station, in particular the roasts (which looks like a chicken rice stall set up, but alas, there was no chicken rice), which has a lovely double boiled ginseng black chicken soup.

At the other end of the Chinese section, the noodle stall, which is my favourite as well, because of their fantastic curry noodles.  I usually embellish it with the other luxurious stuff, like this...

In the absence of Cockels for curry mee, I guess one cannot complain with these plump oysters....

Somewhere midway, they had the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially declare the reopening of Lemon Garden.

The Western Kitchen has a lovely Roast Beef, Glazed lamb ribs, cheeses, salads, pizzas and pastas....


Then of course there's the Asian theatre, which has tandoori, satay, murtabak, chicken tikka, naan bread, roti canai, etc...

Some of the stuff off my plate, the King Crab Claw, the mud crabs, the lovely roast duck below...

Photo courtesy of Broughtuptoshare....muaks...

The Makan Fairy Godmother, Shang's Marcomm guy, Reza, and me....
And finally, who can resist that wonderful dessert spread, chocolate fountain, a wide array of cakes, including their signature Durian Cake, Jackfruit puffs, Ice Kacang, Waffles, crepes, and my personal favourite, their home made ice creams.

Lemon Garden opens daily from 6am - 11.30pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Special buffets include the International Lunch Buffet from Monday to Saturdays, International Sunday Brunch, International Dinner Buffet from Sundays to Thursdays, and Seafood Dinner Buffets on Fridays and Saturdays.  AND a SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH, which I can't wait to try.

International Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (12noon – 2.30pm)
RM 128 nett (adult), RM 64 nett (child)

Saturday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 148 nett (adult), RM 74 nett (child)

International Sunday Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 168 nett (adult), RM 84 nett (child)

International Dinner Buffet
Sunday – Thursday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 158 nett (adult), RM 79 nett (child)

Seafood Dinner Buffet
Friday – Saturday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 208 nett (adult), RM104 nett (child)

Sunday Champagne Brunch (inclusive of 1 bottle of Veuve Cliquot per person)
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 488 nett (adult)

For reservations, call 03-20743900
Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Main line : 03-2032 2388

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