Saturday, March 04, 2017

Livello Uno, A Most Pleasant Family Outing Place, Affordable Italian by Celebrity Chef Mashad Pino

It was one of those rare Saturday nights when I had nothing on, no parties to attend, and the kids were free as well (usually they hang out with their cousins on Saturday night), so I thought I'd use the Entertainer App and scour around for good deals.  The kids had chosen "Italian" as the cuisine of choice for the night, and one of the search results was Livello Uno in TTDI.  I knew I'd seen the name somewhere, I just couldn't place it.

When I searched the net, lo and behold, it turns out that it's actually been a place I've been meaning to check out, BECAUSE the Chef, is my Instapal, ie, Instagram friend (the modern day equivalent of a penpal I guess), Chef Mashad Pino, who is a celebrity chef who appears in quite a lot of places.  So the decision was made, and off to TTDI the troops went.

Love the simple whimsical decor that really gives a sense that this was indeed your neighbourhood family restaurant to go to, unpretentious, and welcoming....

This cheesy Spinach crepe was a fabulous starter, simple, but so tasty.  Daughter had this for mains in fact.  Very reasonably priced, if memory serves me correctly, around RM13...

I loved my homemade tomato soup, which was tangy, and just the right consistency, and further embellished with dots of black pepper.

Baby girl ordered this Beef Lasagna, which was a generous portion, and I was wondering how a petite thing like her would be able to finish it, but finish it she did.

Generous amounts of cheese and beef with a good helping of tomatoes.  I didn't taste this, but judging from the way the little girl finished it, it must have been good.

Boy had the pan seared sea bass, which looked good.  Anyway, this is the son who is passionate about cooking, so if it wasn't good, he'd have had something to say.  He gave the thumbs up.

Kids shared this pepperoni pizza, which okay, to me, was rather ordinary....I liked the thin crust though.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Vongole, which had a spicy kick to it, and the clam juices were sweet ...Finished the whole dish in a jiffy, including the clammy juices like a nice broth.

The other boy had this beef carbonara, (or I think it's called Creamy Beef), which looked good, but at my age, I can never finish an entire carbonara myself.  Boy proclaimed in his usual way, DEEEELISHOS...

Wifey ordered grilled chicken, which I thought was a strange choice.  Well, chicken is chicken, can't really go wrong there...

But of course, the highlight for me was meeting Chef Mashad Pino, finally.  He's definitely up and coming, slated to have his own show on RTM 1.  We were bemoaning the rapidly increasing price of raw ingredients thanks to our shrinking ringgit, and the constant challenges in the F&B industry here. And actually, his pricing IS very reasonable, if I recall, all the pasta dishes are below RM30, and the most expensive item is RM48.

Obviously, the place is Pork free and Alcohol Free.  (though he did give me a conspirational wink and said I was welcome to bring my own wine).

Come and check out the pastas at Livello Uno

Address: 165 A, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2856 0345

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That seabass looks like real comfort food.