Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Graze Weekend Brunch - Great Value Brunch!!!!

When Walauwei asked if I was free to join him to try out the new Saturday brunch menu at Graze, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, I was a bit hesitant, because I had been unable to attend previous invites by the gregarious Zhamir Faris of Hilton KL, and I felt a bit "malu" (shy) to suddenly appear.  Fortunately, I put aside my shyness, and decided, why not, it IS Graze, and it IS the Hilton Kuala Lumpur, and one needs to eat on Saturday right?

I love the atmosphere at Graze.  (It used to be Senses in the days of yore, under the helm of old friend, Michael Elfwing).  The natural sunlight from the glass windows, that airy cheery feeling makes one want to celebrate life, and good food.  Even more so after one or two of their delectable cocktails.

A tray of pastries are proffered, and I have to say, that croissant was calling my name.

A limited but adequate choice of Brunch cocktails, and reasonably priced too, for hotel standards.  Actually, for any standard.  Looking  at the average prices of cocktails at the many speakeasies that have mushroomed recently, one is inclined to gawk.

Our heated pastries, and just look at that lovely flaky buttery croissant.  With my Long Black (RM12), I would have been quite happy with just this sublime combination.

Their famed onsen egg, previously known as 63 Degree egg... At RM30, it might seem a bit exorbitant for eggs, even if they were golden, but beneath that eggstraordinary layer are bits of goodies like king prawns, mushroom, etc.  It's a meal by itself.  And those eggs, ...let me clarify, I am a hard core lover of soft boiled eggs.  I hate hard boiled eggs.  This kind of egg to me is the perfect perfect way of eating eggs.  Unfortunately, we do not all have sous vide machines at home, but if I did, I'll be sous vide-ing my eggs daily at a comfortable 63 degrees.

To accompany my runny eggs, a delightfully crimson cocktail, aptly named Cheer-rie, made of Pedro Ximenez, Gin and Maraschino syrup. Pedro is a sherry, for the uninformed.  Usually I'd have found this too sweet, but since it was an accompaniment at breakfast and I had just finished a long black, it was rather palatable.

Not quite kaya on toast...

Pan Fried Snapper and Salmon Cakes, which gout ridden Walauwei had to order as he cannot partake red meats at the moment, poor chap, but it turned out to be a boon rather than bane, as apparently the salmon cake was superb.  Since he didn't share, I wouldn't know. RM40

There are numerous side dishes which you can order as well, like potato rosti, spinach, mushrooms, spicy sausages

Zhamir had the Chicken Schnitzel, which is his favourite, apparently.  RM40

Being the incurable carnivore that I am, I ordered the grilled Black Angus Fillet Mignon, (100gm), with sunny side up fried egg.  (RM68).  To be honest, the meat was overdone.  I had expected a bit of blood with my medium order, but it was more like a medium well.  I think the general principle of ordering steak in KL is to order a notch down, if you want a medium, as for medium rare, ...and if you want rare, tell them just to bring the cow....

But the absence of blood was quickly rectified with the wonderful ....

Bloody Mary....lovely tangy tomato juice, enough vodka for that kick, and that heat from presumably Tabasco.  It's a perfect brunch drink.

And finally the desserts....

Arent they just the most pretty stack of pancakes ever.  (RM25).  The pear and cherry compote was actually very very good.  The pears still had that crunch, and the tang of the berries complemented the vanilla ice cream.

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. (RM30) A must for chocolate and souffle lovers.  I'm ambivalent about souffles, mainly because I like solid desserts.  So the airiness and lightness of it whilst IS the strength and selling point of a souffle, doesn't exactly tickle my fancy.

Now THIS beauteous French toast is another story.  Visually stunning, texturally interesting, and decadent.  My kind of dessert.

Completed with the swirling of the vanilla sauce around it. Actually it was creme anglaise, same thing said in a more elegant way.  RM25

For a hotel, and even comparing with some cafes that serve brunch, I have to say that Graze is very reasonably and competitively priced, AND, it's FREE PARKING for the weekend brunch.  That alone is a massive saving, almost the price of a coffee.

The Weekend Brunch, as is suggested by the name, is available on WEEKENDS only.

Call to book, it gets packed on Sundays especially.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur : 03-2264 2264

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