Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cameron Highlands Highlights

I've been swamped. Am off to Yogyakarta tomorrow, to visit the famous ruins of the Chandi Borobodur....I was surprised that some people had never heard of it, wasn't it in our Sejarah syllabus, under South East Asian kingdoms or Sri Vijaya and what have you?

So this'll be a quickie post. Camerons was great. My initial fears about how to entertain the kids were unfounded, as there's lots to do. There's the playground in Tanah Rata, there's the Tea Plantations, Strawberry Picking, Butterfly Farm, Rose Farm, Cactus Farm, Vegetable Farm, a thriving agrarian society lives atop those mountains.

The Cameron Highlands Resort. What can I say?

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Our 2 bedroom suite, comprising of 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, a Four Poster Bed in the master bedroom, and two single beds in the other room.

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The Living Room in the Suite

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The Main Lounge Area of the Hotel. I love the feeling of being in a different world, especially after contending with the school holiday induced traffic jam all the way from Brinchang.

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The Dining Room. So proper, one feels compelled to speak in hushed tones, except when YELLING at the kids to HUSH!

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The crisp clear mountain air, and foggy backdrop. Day 2 was even foggier in the afternoon. Look at the mist enveloping this dessiduous tree.

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The Cameron Highlands Resort was the old Merlin, and is perched on a hillock overlooking the golf course. Gorgeous. I wonder why the old proprietors didn't have the vision and foresight to capitalise on this.

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The Food. Sorry, guys, I didn't join the rest of the tourists for steamboat in Brinchang, as the hotel package comes with full board. In any case, Camerons isn't renowned for good food, so I was quite happy not to have to worry about meals.

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Baked Crab Gratin, the starter for the Western dinner.

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A very excellent mushroom soup, probably made from the fresh mushrooms produced in the mountain.

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My Ribeye Steak

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Fresh Strawberries from Raju's farm. That's what it says on the menu. Raju's farm is opposite the Equatorial hotel in Brinchang. Accompanied by a vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce and almond cream.

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Can you see the pulp in that orange juice? Yummy!!! Fresh bottomless orange juice at breakfast.

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Poached Eggs with Beef Bacon and Sausages. By this time, I am beginning to feel that I should be draping myself in a Union Jack.

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A lovely array of homemade jams to complement the one of the most delicious croissant I ever bit into.

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The curry tiffin lunch, which is a set lunch, comprising of soup, curry tiffin, (ie, various curries and vegetables served in a tiffin carrier...which I forgot to take).

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One of my favourite produce of Camerons, the pearl corn. Prices vary incredibly. It's cheapest to get them from the further out farms. In pasar malams, and Kea Farm, they're about 3 for RM10, which is the same price as buying them from the Flea Market at the Curve. In the further farms, they're about 6 for RM10.

More photos with kids etc on my Facebook, so if you know me personally, do check it out.


Nic (KHKL) said...

i dont think our textbook (well, for me it's circa 1990ish lah) discussed borobodur. well, srivijaya, majapahit and stupas were briefed but borobodur...hmmm.

and this croissant that you raved about got me really intrigued! buttery? soft? crispy?

have a great time in jogyakarta, ya!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Almost like being in England, hor. Btw, is that the kind of corn where you can eat it without steaming?

kat said...

699 per person full board for 3d/2n?? Opening offer issit?? Over here, if you're lucky, you pay 699 per night for a crappy room only in the city. More if it's a beach resort.

I guess you'll be like all the other tourists lugging your biga** camera about. Don't forget closeups of the carvings on the wall. Some panels have pretty interesting works of the human anatomy.. ;)

fatboybakes said...

haiya kat, you cant compare with europe or middle east la... but yeah, the malaysian package i think is very reasonable.

LL, yup, that's the corn. but i prefer it cooked. yes, very english.

nic, buttery, soft inside, crisp outside... with melted butter, and homemade jam....deeeevine

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...



Okay, gonna stop gawking at them pics now. Have this sudden urge for English tea though... :P

Have fun in Jogjakarta! :)

Bernsy said...

making good use of the toy....i see... superb pics..

Coketai said...

May I know where can you book this hotel package ( full board!!), I will appreciate if you can provide the website or any other mean to book this package. Thanks in advance!


wmw said...

Nice pics...congrats on your new toy!

msiagirl said...

Haha that was a Quickie? Hats off to you - laa - it was a very pretty quickie. Lovely place you stayed at! Have fun at Borobudur...look forward to your pics! I'm sure they'll be very anatomical...erhhm I mean atmospheric.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

brilliant place..i also want to go there wor..

sigh..the old ppl nowadays..go holiday like no tommorrow..enjoy!

Argus Lou said...

Lovely. Very tempting to retire in Camerons and run a little bed n breakfast for half a year each year.

Anonymous said...

Any scary things ie hauntings etc? The place looks quite eerie.

Henry Yeo said...

Oh, so it was that place......
any high tea and scones?

Simon Seow said...

OMG. I want to go back to Cameron Highland again. Why last time I go didn't see those pearl corn geh?

Oh, btw, I wonder where they find crab up there.

Paprika said...

Ehww how prop-pahr!

I'm sold! All that food would be worth the nauseatingly windey drive up. Hey, and then I can make like a bulimic on the way down and not worry about putting on weight. Sorted!

backstreetgluttons said...

that was a fantastic ( high ) vacation in the hills. Great shots for a "novice" . We too had big black problems with the "white balance" which is a beginner's nightmare giving either too bluish or too yellowish shades. Not to mention loving stares from the young ones next table and awful looks of disdain from the oldies near the fire place

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Oh when oh when is the inimitable FBB gonna return from his hols? We are suffering from lack-of-witty-sarcastic-funny-foodie-stories -itis lah. Can die-ded di... :(

Henry Yeo said...

don't worry, go to his facebook page and look at his new album first to stave off the pangs

Lianne said...

what a luxurious hotel! i just got back but stayed in strawberry park instead which was a far cry. say, what was the package you were referring too in cameron highland resort? includes meal? where can i get the details/info? thanks heaps :-)