Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day @ Chinoz On The Park

It's surprisingly pleasant to while away an afternoon at Chinoz on the Park, and it was on this premise that sis organised Father's day's lunch to be at this particular venue. The scenes that flash before our eyes reminds me of Louis Armstrong's It's A Wonderful World....I see trees of green, skies of blue, ...and definitely we hear babies cry.

I am a sucker for mushroom soup. There is something about it that makes me want to order it. Comfort food I suppose. The chinoz one is up to standard, no complaints. Thick and mushroomy, if not a bit cold. I like piping hot soups, but they seem to be rare, except in chinese coffee shops. Wonder why that is? Maybe the fear of legal suits of from people scalding their tongues.

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I'm not sure what this is, but if I'm not mistaken, its a lobster sushi. Looks divine, and apparently tasted so as well.

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Sis and hubby had the soft shell crab maki, which also looked very good. This is something I also always order in Zipangu, but didn't feel like sushi-ing on a Saturday afternoon, also, I think the after effects from a Sake Sashimi party was still lingering in my blood stream like a bad experience with a hooker during the war.

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Aphrodisiacs for an afternoon session? Seems a bit criminal to waste so much ice for that measly half dozen of oysters. With our polar ice caps melting away, one should do more to conserve ice. Speaking of ice, what IS it with ICE IN URINALS? Can anyone shed light on this phenomena? (For the benefit of our non urinal going folk, some establishments have heaped ice cubes in the urinal). Is it to provide a cold draft to cool down the heated appendage? Or is it to dilute the smell of the pee?

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Moving on, wife's chicken and mushroom pie surprisingly came very quickly. Usually they say, oh, this takes 25 minutes, like it's been made from scratch, kinda thing.

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The chicken pie filling is delectable. Not overly stuffed with potatoes and fillers. I love the mushrooms accompanying the pie. Oh, the reason I had a taste was wife passed some to me.

I hardly EVER order chicken, because mentally, I think of chicken as "cheap", and somehow doesn't justify RM38, but there are times, when only the most familiar of meats will do, and since it said FREE RANGE CHICKEN THIGH, (if it had been breast, I'd have tossed out the order faster that you can cluck), I decided to go for it. And no regrets. The chicken was succulent, tender yet firm, (those battery chickens sometimes have such horribly soft meat, and some kampung chickens must have been muay thai fighters, all lean and sinewy, and tough as hell), well marinated and well roasted, and the bed of mash it lay on was divine.

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Someone's Caesar Salad. I think I am completely off Caesar Salads these days, for whatever reason.

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Parents shared this Mussel err...what's that pasta called? Looked nice and tomatoey. The article on Kylie Kwong seemed to imply that Spaghetti Bolognaise originated from China. Is that true?

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And finally, to cap off a lovely luncheon, my favourite Black Sesame Ice cream. In order of the best black sesame I've ever had, it would be no1. Isthmus, Northpoint, no 2. Zipangu, 3. Chinoz.
Still good, although ranked no 3.

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Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Fathers out there.


Fascinated Lemongrass said...

Showing parts of food (ala Kenny Mah) can be quite artistic, but chopping off your kid's head doesn't quite cut it, does it?

Do tell more about the urinals. Quite fascinating!

Anonymous said...

wah...........ur photograhy skill is getting better..ahaha


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

totally agree with the no.1 black sesame ice cream..

yes i find the ice in urinals rather interesting, a way to tell you are sick (if piss is way too hot and melting the ice all away?)

looks like can drag parents to try here la..although last i remembered, it was pricey, wasnt?

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Wonderful shots of the food but I'm unhappily distracted by that one bit about the urinals and the two subsequent comments about it.

Yalar, why they put ice in the urinals wan?

xin said...

wow the chicken looks good! how about the price for others?

Nic (KHKL) said...

" a bad experience with a hooker during the war."

do we really have hookers during the war? hehehe...

your pics are fabulous! soon, the "as usual" suffix will tag the praises for yr pics...not to say that your pics are bad in the past. they were good as well. ok, this can go on forever...haha!

fatboybakes said...

hairy berry, of course got what, didnt you watch miss saigon?
re the pics, awwww, you're too kind, but honestly, with good lighting, anyone with half an eye and DSLR should be able to take half decent shots la... the true test comes in the should see my elcerdo shots, .....SHOCKING!

xin, actually, i thought the prices were generally quite reasonable.

kenny mah, you are no help. i thought a person as widely read as you would know the answer to the urinal riddle.

nipples, judging by your other eating places, i'd say this is no more pricey than the others. so, if got fever, all the ice will melt?

anonymous jen, tq tq, but see above comment to hairy berry.

lemongrass, what to do, i forgot to take some scenery shots sans chewdren.

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Aiya, who says I am widely read? I read your blog and a couple others regularly and that's it lor. Everything else I just wikipedia it. :P

Argus Lou said...

Great-looking sushi and ice-cream! A belated 'Happy Dad's Day!' to you, FBB.

Dee said...

Erm, isn't it called Bolognese because it's from Bologna?

Perhaps KK meant the Spaghetti? You know the whole Marco Polo went to China and came back with noodles story :)

Your pictures are excellent!

Spot said...

Ah FB, reading your posts is akin to reading Nigella's prose. Accessible, descriptive, emotive. Like a sparkling conversation.

I'm with Dee there...I too think it's pasta that is suspected to come from China, and am too lazy to Google.

Speaking of Bologna...if anyone ever goes, Tamburini is a MUST. Smorgasbord.

fatboybakes said...

spot! long time no see. sigh, doubt i'll be heading to bologna or anywhere where EURO/AUD/Sterling is the currency, in the near future. oooh, and i take that nigella comparison as a compliment la hor.

dee, ditto my comment to hairy berry re the photos, ie, with good lighting and DSLR, anyone with half an eye can take half decent shots...but thanks anyway. yeah, i'm sure pasta came from china...

argus, thanks.

kennymah, but you do READINGS wor....

daphne said...

oops.. happy belated fathers day to u too!

and great photos.. lobster sushi-what a treat!!!!!

Spot said...

Compliment of the highest order in fact. :) *heart nigella*

550ml jar of faith said...

This is one tasty blog! I'm so glad I found it!

Pisang Belanda said...

A recent discovery that Chinoz on the park does really good sushi and makis surprisingly, which puts some of the more uppety establishments (read: more expensive) to shame.

Chicken breast can be done really quite juicy and tender you know , like the one I cook one...

Simon Seow said...

I think the food here is over priced and really taste normal only.

fatboybakes said...

simon, actually considering the ambience etc, i reckon it's fair value la. you know la, how exorbitant rentals are in KLCC and for this particular spot. as i said, its really just a carnivally feel sitting out there, facing the park and fountains, and seeing all those happy faces. and food is above average. far better than dome!!!!

pisang belanda....why are you so familiar? reveal thyself! well, yes, there's the occasionally well cooked breast, but gimme the thigh anyday....unless you're offering yours. (the cooked chicken breast, i mean)

550ml, what a fascinating nickname. i am so dying to find out what that means. thanks for dropping by. you from penang ah?

spot, awww, chankyew ya. haha, as i read one paragraph, about "but there are times, when only the most familiar of meats will do," i think to myself, OMIGOD, i can almost HEAR nigella saying that! (checking quickly for growing boobs)

daphne, thanks. photos good lighting, thankfully easy to take.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bugger yest went n had a meal here..EXPENSIVE la..

esp when u r on a tight budget..pasta starting from 30++??

thank god The Future Acting Mother in Law footed the bill, but if i had known earlier, i would have taken more haha..

fatboybakes said...

nipples, you, tight budget? puhleez! well, no one said its cheap la. but food was good no? even the pasta at DELICIOUS is oridi RM23 i think, for the duck one...

Henry Yeo said...

hhhmmm...still pining for Ice Cream teriyaki from Bangkok.