Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sudu, Malay For Spoon

Before I talk about food, it was with a heavy heart that I had to bid a friend farewell. I still remember the day we first met, it was at a clinic. I had agreed to participate as a lab rat, in a top secret trial that was on going, by an undisclosed agency.

We had to sign some forms, I remember, and then we were introduced. PDM was to be my constant companion during the trial, and was supposed to stick by me through fat or thin, sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. I didnt count on getting so attached, and when our gaze first met, I knew that it would be an interesting partnership. It was important for me to trust PDM, and to adjust my life according the information given.

6 months went by, and yeah, we did a lot of things together, and for most of the time, stuck very close to each other. When that fateful day came for us to part, I had to muster up all my composure not to break down in tears, before saying goodbye to my new old friend.

Yeah, it was like having my own little TAMAGOCHI. This pedometer, (PDM) tracks the number of steps you walk, (clockwise from upper left), the number of aerobic steps, (ie, continuous steps without any break), your mileage, and lastly, calories burnt. Alright, it didnt follow me EVERYWHERE, but for most of the time, was in my pocket, or around my neck. I forgot to wear it many times, and I don't wear it in gym classes, cos I didn't want it flopping all around the place, especially in classes like Body Step and Body Combat. Anyway, farewell my little friend.

Back to food. Yeah, last Saturday night, once again I found myself with NO invites, NO social obligations. Gosh, I must be becoming unhappening on an exponential scale. The likes of AWOL apparently have got no weekends free until May 2009, whereas, my calendar is blanker than the look of our PM when fielded with a tough question.

So, whenever I'm free, it's wife's lucky day, coz she gets my undivided attention. I thought I'd utilise my cash voucher for Latest Recipe, (LATEST, not SECRET, big diff there), the buffet spread in Le Meridien. It's a large outlet, so I figured ah, no need to book la. To my surprise, it was fully booked. We arrived at 7.45pm, and the maitre d said, oh, we can accommodate you provided you clear out by 8.30pm. Pshaw, what do they think we are, a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

We then decided to try our luck at Sudu, next door at KL Hilton, after all, it's quite romantic to spend the Saturday night Spooning away. There's something very surreal about the lift lobby of the two hotels, and the two thresholds that lead to VERY different worlds. Left to KL Hilton, and Right to Le Meridien. Very DR WHO.

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The Sudu buffet spread is very comprehensive. It's actually a SEMI buffet, supposedly, because it comes with a choice of main courses, which quite honestly, we could do without. I would have been quite happy just chomping away on the buffet.

I had my requisite sashimi in dainty portions, pacing for the mammoth task that was ahead.

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After having been spoilt with the Buri from Ozeki, and my usual Hamachi at Iketeru on the last few visits, sashimi salmon seems a bit of an anti climax. Nevertheless, it was fresh, and no complaints, apart from the fact it wasn't yellowtail.

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The generous chilled seafood platters. I was delighted that they had real crabs, and not those flower crabs that give you 10gm meat for every kilo of shell. The crabs, steamed and chilled, (very aussie), were sweet and meaty. The oysters were nice and plump, and the fish roe was bursting with flavours. The prawns....hmmm, lacked flavour, although texture wise, they were fine. But no matter, because I was enjoying my crabs, with a lovely chilli mango salsa sauce which was one of the condiments.

My predominantly Malay upbringing has rendered me partial to ulam and sambal belacan. One of the LEAST popular dishes at the buffet, I noticed. Suited me fine. The belacan was full of kick, and I looked like I had just had a session at the Clark Hatch upstairs. Not enough ulam raja, my favourite ulam leaf, and what little they had look a bit wilted. The gado gado in a cup was novelly presented, but nothing to shout about.

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Note the dainty portions. All just for taste.

The Indian fare was screaming out to me, the way a muruku screams when it's chucked in hot oil. I couldn't resist a spoonful of the tomato basmati rice and the array of curries. The chicken curry was very nice. And boy do I love em papadums.

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Let's not forget the vegetables. Oh, I did have ulam, I forget, but I am a sucker for mushrooms, in all shapes and sizes. The Lok Lok section USED to have scallops for the Lok Lok, but I guess times are hard.

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There are three category of mains, RM99, RM118 and RM128. The RM118 will be things like Rib eye etc... of course, we opted for the cheapest, RM99. I had the duck confit, which was actually VERYYYY GOOD. The tart casing was lovely and buttery, and the duck was tender, moist and very tasty.

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Wife opted for the poached salmon, also in the RM99 category. Very clear and clean. Not being a fan of cooked salmon, I surprisingly found this dish quite palatable.

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Ah, a pic of my tart opened up with the contents flowing out.

Dessert time: Actually the best thing about the dessert was the ice creams. I think it's homemade, and the vanilla had vanilla beans, and the strawberry sorbet was full of chunky fruit. That green malay kuih, usually my favourite, was the WORST I've ever had anywhere!!! The entire thing was hard, and chewy, and floury.....The white stuff in the little glass was very nice. Some panna cotta thingie I think.

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This cake below looked good, but wasn't. It's SO disappointing to dig into a piece of NOT NICE cake. Can't remember what I did with it. Must have flogged it off to wife. These days, whenever I pass her something, she automatically assumes, "Why? Not nice ah?"

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You may think I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel when I start reviewing the pecans, but honestly, these are the BEST pecans I've had in Malaysia. Crisp, fresh, and light. Absolutely yummy. I shoulda nicked some in a bag for a pecan pie.

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An impressive cheese platter. Love the smelly blue cheese, with pine nuts and the crunchy pumpkin. Pity I was stuffed to stupidity by this time, and could barely fit in another pine nut.

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With the discount, the overall bill was RM113, for the two of us. Good deal hor. Speaking of good deals, YAY, I managed to book zero fares to Melbourne, for next Sept, at RM5778 (incl meals, baggage and insurance), for SIX of us. That's less than RM1k per person. Heck, the cab fare (in Melbourne) will probably cost more!


Mrs FOTY said...

zero fare!! lucky you!! when we checked, it was 1k+ per person. should have asked hubby to call you on saturday night...hehe..he was alone at home for dinner. had left over chicken wings only.

Life for Beginners said...

Ahh, just what I need after a week of caregiving, some lovely FBB-isms! I swear, the day you stop bloggin, our lives will be much under-nourished.

You will blog from Melbourne, won't you?

*pleading bambi-eyes*

Nic (KHKL) said...

woah, almost 50% discount leh! very good deal! and congrats on the zero fee melbourne trip!

aiyah, next time call us lar, if you are free on saturday night! we'll go drink, makan...oh, perhaps karaoke as well! i'm free til end of the year! :)

"...after all, it's quite romantic to spend the Saturday night Spooning away."...hehehe...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh..u knw wat to do on a saturday when u have no for a brunch to finish all the beer!...

Precious Pea said...

Sept!!??!! I would be there by then cos am flying there in July. Sadly don't foresee myself owning a 7-seater by then, otherwise I would voluntarily pick you all up!

By the way, what do you mean by 'real crab'???

fatboybakes said...

pea, awww, how sweeet of you!!!! oooh, ya hor, we can catch up in melbourne then. so sad though to think you wont be here in KL with us oridi.
real crab = mud crab la, as opposed to fa hai, which has no meat.

nipples, night time la, had no plans. what brunch!

hairy, echerlly hor, yalar, should've. some more foty was free, eating left over chicken wings all alone.

LFB, u are such a sweetie. puhleeez la, if i stopped blogging, hardly anyone would notice. my comment box is like an abandoned adobe...

mrs foty, aiyo, how come ah? i thought yall never go anywhere without each other one... how long did he last without you?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha then mah adjust lor..nite drinking beer is still good rite?..

btw..yes the cab fare will murder u if u cant get a 7 seater taxi..meaning 2 taxis x avg of 50aud to the city..

Nic (KHKL) said...

you comment box is far from a haunted hacienda or abandoned adobe's so interesting. i come here at least 2~3 times a day! :)

" opposed to fa hai, which has no meat..."


CUMI & CIKI said...

always love reading the posts! u r like the see-fu of 5star hotel 'deals'.. i think i haven't been collecting the correct cards! haha. nice shot of the tart spilling its guts, like some Rodriguez flick:P

fatboybakes said...

ciki dear, awww, how sweet of you to say. oh dear, i must rectify this misconception about me being a see foo of 5 star hotel deals. atcherlly i eat at kopitiams most of the time, except unlike the hard core bloggers, i am lazy to lug a camera there.

hairy berry, hahah, ditto with yours. err, fa hai funny meh? why ah?

nipples, ya la hor...why didnt i think of that. yup, i hope i can get a 7 seater cab. some more we arrive at midnight.... cab fares are double.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The pic of your opened up tart got me drooling. I love how you compose your pictures. Such a tease!

Lyrical Lemongrass still in Ho Chi Minh City said...

Been awhile since I went to Sudu. Oh, I know why. Hubby and I didn't renew our Hilton card. Oh, I didn't know you were so attached to PDM? So sweet. Would you like one for your birthday?

fatboybakes said...

AWOL in HCMC, that'll be like adultery. i cant replace it just like that. all the sweat and grime that i donated to the strap of the old no no, not the same.

hee hee, bangsar babe, the tart WAS droolworthy though...

Argus Lou said...

That's it. I've gotta drive to Lucerne to eat sushi (even though I've hardly any money - ATM card koyak - and train fares cost a lot; wait, it only makes sense to drive if there are 2 people) and risk another 'speeding' ticket for driving 90 in an 80kph zone. It's all your doing, FBB! Just a few innocent slices of salmon, you think?!

(Chortled at your "blank as PM's face" remark. I die, off with my head. Wait, he's not the queen...)

Anonymous said...

wah, so cheap airfare? AirAsia sales is it? Everything here is more expensive compared to M'sia even before converting. So how long will u be here for?

Argus Lou said...

Didn't make it to Lucerne but bought a pack of sushi at a supermarket for CHF15 (RM45). It only contains - sit down for this - 4 small pieces of cucumber sushi, 2 pieces of salmon sushi, 2 pcs tuna sushi, a pinch of wasabe and a few slices of pickled ginger. A similar pack from your Jaya Jusco would've cost less than RM19, ya? And less cold, too. ;-)

Have to stop looking at your pictures, FBB.

fatboybakes said...

argy, aiya, you cant convert mah...CHF15 is probably like RM15, so it quite generous wat... hahah. well, at least you have all those yummy swiss chocs at your doorstep...
heh heh, i'm glad u picked up on the PM's face remark... was quite sad no one found it funny...

myfood safari, ditto my remark to argus, you all cant convert ma, you earn dollar for such, things are so much more affordable for you guys. will be there from sept 23-oct 1. are u in melbourne? oooh, will i get to meet you?!!!!

Henry Yeo said...

good deal on the flights.

are you sure you are not free to come to hilton kl for migf this month? might need your card discount :P

GFAD said...

I oso managed to book the zero fare promo, but to Perth and in July. I'll check up your travelogue on Melbourne when you return. If it sounds like fun, we can go during summer '10. No wait, that should be winter '10..

Your little straw mushrooms look cute. Kinda like tiny.. nemind.. :D

Paprika said...

oooh buy aussie dollar now hor? Cheap cheaps. Btw, next time you are dateless, please take me along to enjoy 50% discount buffet :-)

mysimplefood said...

Hi! First time to yr a new blogger in food :) Love yr food photos. And less than 1K for 6 person to Melbourne - fantastic deal!!!

mysimplefood said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I just tagged you for a meme! Check out my blog and the posting.

thenomadGourmand said...

..."the look of our PM when fielded with a tough question" - I like I like!! Aiyoh.. the rest didnt remark on it cos was distracted by ur pics mahh.. me also was like "err.. why in the 1st plc did I click the 'jump to the comment form' for alrei ah??" by the time i finished ur post!

fatboybakes said...

hhaha, TNG, thanks for dropping by, and glad u liked that comment. have linked u oridi.

mysimplefood, hahah, saw your meme! ARGH, i just did one recently....i'll do it, but i wont get 7 more to do it okay, or i sure kena scolding one...

Raynebow said...

Hehe... i like yr admission that u actually wanted to nick some pecans back! That's honesty at its best *wink wink*
Ahh..wait i save enuf first then can go spooning like u did! Great lookin food!

aka Pureglutton

J2Kfm said...

eh ... why got discount one? RM113 only. can steal pecans some more. less than RM1k/pax to Melbourne?!!
some more best time to change to Aust$ also. what a deal

"cheaper than chopsticks". really.

fatboybakes said...

raynebow aka pure glutton, u want the shang voucher or not? i can pass u one, which will entitle u to 50% discount, for two ppl eating at any outlet, except lafite.

j2kfm, coz sucker like me go and buy all those hotel discount cards la. haha, for the record, there was only an INTENT to steal, didnt really do it. shhhhhhhh. yeah, waiting for oz dollar to tank sum more...praying that it will....