Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Somewhere over the Skybar, Way Up High

Since I am holed up in Bangsar most of the time, it is rare that I get to venture into the city centre for lunch, so when Aly asked me to join her for lunch at the SKYBAR,


with the promise of Terry Ong also being present, (but of course, he FFK-ed as usual), I delightedly accepted the invite. Actually, we were invited, by Theresa Goh, Director of Marketing and Communications for Traders Hotel, to sample the new IN BETWEEN menu...a cross between a sandwich and a burger. These days, the lines for everything are so blurred anyway, and in betweens exist in all sizes, shapes and sizes. There's the Proton, which is neither a car nor a motorbike, there's Aly, who's both from Essex and Penang all at the same time, ...and there was also Paranoid Android present at lunch, who is in between a genius and a ....erm, android.

So, the Sandwich cum Burger... they who have been before me have already named them the Sander or the Burgwich. However, due to the stunning photos from Paranoid Android, and Aly, do NOT visit their blogs until you have finished reading here, or you'll never come back. Sob.

All this fancy waters that are served.

A rather potent Bloody Mary. (the drink, not the chick). Lovely thing to be sipping on a shiny blistery afternoon, with a stunning panoramic view of KL. This is probably one of her more flattering angles. (KL, not the chick) Reminds me of Bette Midler's song, "From a Distance".



Grilled Free Range Chicken with Melted Brie and Black Pepper Sauce. The french fries are rather good too. They must have been spawned from one giant potato, as they were very long. AT RM23++, I would find this to be a complete meal on its own, and considering the venue, I'd say it was VERY affordable.


This almost makes you want to ditch your office clothes and go in for a soak.

I digress, but I fail to see how a skybridge at the 40 something-th floor can be a tourist attraction. Why they didnt allow an observatory at the top of the building, as most "Tallest in the world" buildings tend to do, is really beyond fathoming. I'd feel really cheated, if I paid good money to enter one of the world's tallest buildings, only to be allowed to ascend to barely midway.

Ah, back to the food. An absolutely moist and yummy grilled mince lamb loin burger with pesto and sour cream. Actually, if eating according to your bloodtype is true, then according to mine, (AB+, the most recently developed bloodtype), then lamb is my thing. The fragrance of the lamb wafts up to the nostrils as one sinks their teeth into the succulent patty. RM23++

Oooh, Runaway Yolk, Runaway Yolk. I like!!! I think ALL sandwiches should come with an option of a sunny side up with runny yolks. Grilled Australian sirloin, and freshly baked cabiatta. RM32++.

Let's not forget our vegetables, chewdren. A crisp romaine lettuce caesar salad, with crispy bits of beef bacon (okay, I shall not go on a tirade on my beef with beef bacon), and healthily baked, not fried, croutons.

Grilled Black Angus Loin, Beef Bacon, Blue Cheese and Caramelised Onion. At RM42++, this is the most pricey In Between item on the menu, but for all intents and purposes, you ARE getting a good size steak, so I reckon it's value for money. Blue cheese, yum, you cant really go wrong with that can you. Except, by this time, you can imagine, all three of us were slipping into a food coma.

Pan Seared Cod Fish With Pea Puree. I swear Theresa was trying to make us pass out at the Skybar. So much to eat! We effectively were served 2 portions per person, since there were 3 of us eating, and we had 6 In Betweens to try. And that didnt include the Caesar Salad. If you are a man of Cod, then this is the dish for you. RM28++.

Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Black Truffle.... ARGH, how cruel to serve this last, scrambled eggs and black truffle, my favourite!!!! RM23++. Heck, I feel like heading to Traders right now for lunch.

Lunch With Two Lovely Ladies, and an Android, high above the clouds, with stunning views, and delicious food. Can life get any better?

Skybar is on the 33rd Floor of Traders Hotel, and is a happening place at night too. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first daytime experience here. And for that kind of lunch, I'd say it is pretty darn good value for money.

Thanks Theresa for graciously hosting us, and to Pawm, for asking me. Oh, Terry, Happy Lenting.


aly said...

Your photos very nice what!!! Lovely post as usual. Hope terry sees this soon! muahahah :) xx

J said...

Ooh. The Cod looks like really good value. Such a big slab of it for <RM30! :D

UnkaLeong said...

Hmmm...just a stone's throw away from the office. Shall visit them really soon :) The Black Angus Loin looks divine!

Julian Si said...

Nupe! Life can't get better :-)

ps - Memories .... beware of that pool after one too many a lychee martini late at night! Hic ...

babe_kl said...

judging from the place and ingredients, I do think the prices are pretty reasonable

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jason said...

Runaway Yolk, I laik too!