Monday, April 18, 2016

Green Dot Stables - Aye or Neigh??

Fascinating name, I thought, for an eating place, images of oats and carrots and lots of hay conjured up in my mind when we were invited by Taufulo to come and try out the place.  Nothing could be further from oats and carrots, although definitely the place is suitable for an ahem, STUD like me.

To those who don't know, GDS is located where Bernard's used to be, in Centrepoint Bandar Utama.  Walking in, you immediately can feel it's allure, as there are people from all ages, shapes and sizes, patronising the place.  The fully stocked bar and numerous beverage on tap is already a promising sign, (although it still takes some getting used to Connors on tap vs Guinness on tap)... and with these bacon wrapped prawns plonked in front of us, ....

I knew I would return soon to this place already.  My kinda chow, beers with bar food that suits the occasion.  The fried prawns with bacon are RM15

 If beer is a man, then salted egg sotong are the wife,.. (well, they do have holes)... they're the perfect match. RM9

And whilst this particular dish may seem easy enough to make on your own, (grilled bacon with some lettuce leaves), it really does make a great bar snack as well.  RM9

 To be honest, of all the local brews, my favourite is Tiger Draft, but I realise that diversity is a beautiful thing, and almost everyone has different preferences.  In the absence of the striped cat, I guess the Danish master brewer will have to do.

I am just baffled and ashamed to admit I've never heard of SLIDERS before.  To the equally ignorant, they're basically burgers, but with square buns.  Green Dot Stables is an American brand actually, which explains this distinctly American nomenclature.  And the variety of Sliders they have, is just staggering.  From Philadelphia Beef, (my favourite), to Satay Chicken (localised, obviously) almost covers the entire spectrum of food in the "fast food" world.  The above is the Hot Chicken Slider, RM7.  The amazing thing is, most of the sliders are priced around RM7 or RM8.

 They only recently shedded their pork free status, and are now definitely NOT pork free....

Some of these combinations are not for the faint hearted, or those with clogged arteries, for if you are looking for oats and carrots, you're definitely at the wrong stable, and in all probability, wrong table as well.

Other flavours include Chilli Crab, Quinoa for the healthy, spicy eggplant, BCT, Korean, just to name a few.  AND, the actual product does bear a good resemblance to the pictures in the menu, unlike some places were the menu pictures bear absolutely no resemblance to the real thing.

This satay chicken slider is a sure winner...I mean which Malaysian does not love wonderfully marinated chicken in tumeric spice and that ubiquitous peanut sauce.

The Corned beef slider looked promising, but I found the strands of pulled meat a bit dry.  Maybe because it had to undergo the indignity of being photographed to death by the bloggerazzi.

Right at the centre is the MR SLIDER, which is the most expensive of the sliders, priced at a "princely" RM9.  My personal favourite, the PHILLY STEAK CHEESE is at 12 o clock from MR SLIDER, in the 2nd inner circle.

Now if you find the absence of any greenery to be alarming, then you'd be glad to know that there are some token salads in the menu, probably in the same percentage as the ethnic populations of America, maybe 2% of the menu or something.  The salads are all in the RM6 range.  From 11 oclock, Watercress Salad, Caesar Salad, Iceberg Wedge, Mac and Cheese, Vinegraitte Salad and in the centre, Hummus.

And just in case we forget, Louis the Manager made sure we had another round of bar snacks, this time including spicy sausage and chicken wings, and GASP, luncheon meat fries.  I felt like oinking with joy in the stable.

 More bar snacks by way of bacon wrapped around potatos, and popcorn chicken...

...and of course our definitive Malaysian bar snack, FRIED IKAN BILIS (Anchovies) with Onions and Chilli.

The bar snacks, apart from the bacon prawn, are all below RM10.  In fact, the most expensive food item is probably the bacon prawn at RM15.

Since the review I've already been back once, as I really think it's fabulous value for money.  They also have attractive beer and wine promos, which makes it an affordable hangout place.

LOCATION: Centrepoint BDR UTAMA, where Bernard's used to be.


KY said...

does look good, I should plan a visit!

Elaine Liew said...

Don't waste your time with this eatery. Pathetic service - waited more than 30 mins for a simple bacon carbonara & cancelled it. So can't comment on its taste. They deserve a negative star (should be special category created just for this place). It's also smelly with cigarettes smoke/smell despite being an indoor aircond dining place.