Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Heavenly Celebrates 15 Years of Serving Pleasure

I didn't really know what to expect when I "signed up" to attend the launch of Just Heavenly's new cafe menu, and certainly wasn't expecting a ladidah tea party, as the menu was launched in conjuction with JING Tea selection.  These every exclusive teas are not offered off the rack in retail shops, only in selected places, mainly Michelin starred Restaurants, 5 star hotels, and now, Just Heavenly.

The ebullient and ever gregarious Nigel Skelchy, who all but broke out into song with 16 part harmonies, while introducing the event, the menu, and Jing teas, regaled us with stories of the ideas behind the new menu, such as using curry leaves in the pies, called the Curryeggy (which the press release described as "the curry puff's grown up cousin" and coincidentally, one of my facebook friends described as a glamorous version of old Chang Kee currypuffs).


The lady from Jing Tea brought us through the different types of tea, explaining the difference in types is mainly from altitude, and not really the leaf itself.  We sampled the Jing English Breakfast, the Jing Organic Jade Sword and the Jing Blackcurrant and Hibiscus, which was like an intense Rosella drink.  Pairing with these fine teas were some of the items from the new menu such as

Veggie the Vegan Terrine...these are bite sized of course, and the real portion is reflected below.

It was a bit hard to extrapolate from the bite sized version the full extent of the myriad flavours that I presume are present in the actual sized dish.

I love their poster, food for saints and sinners, in line with their mantra of "we do not believe in guilty pleasures - you should never feel guilty for treating yourself".

Mini pies called the Beef Growl.  Of course juxtaposed against a VEGAN terrine, this was exceedingly tasty, with that satisfying taste of beef to soothe the non vegan palate.  One of the reasons I liked this miniscule portion was because it meant a higher pastry to meat ratio, and since I love pastry, it suited me fine.

The Growl magnified, with mashed potatoes, onion rings, mushy peas and beef....

The Catcher In the Pie, presumably a play of words from the book, A Catcher in the Rye... A Vegetarain quiche I believe.

The Curryeggy, which is the aforementioned Curry Puff on Steroids, has a lovely warm spicy chickpea chicken curry with the quintessential curry leaves.


Popcorn Chicken....

Some of the new items that look interesting from the description are the Char Siew Chicken Salad, Tuna Schooner salad, and their homemade Greek Yoghurt.  Allan Yap, the other chappie behind Just Heavenly, explained to us how they like to homemake stuff, like Greek Yoghurt, and Nutella, which featured in one of their new desserts.  They also use interesting herbs and spices in some of their sweets, resulting in an interesting sweet salty combo that is somewhat an acquired taste.

"If you needed another reason to make Just Heavenly your next pit stop, they are giving away 
15% off vouchers to every diner from Thursdays to Sundays.  There has never been a better 
time to earn your angels’ wings!

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