Friday, April 08, 2016

Succulence In the Prime Rib At Cedar on 15, Impiana

Cedar on 15 is a well kept secret, for some reason.  Located on the 15th floor of Impiana Hotel (the old Holiday Inn along Jln Pinang, for those old enough to recall), this cosy little restaurant has given me some lovely meals, and their signature Artichoke Soup is one of my perennial favourites, so everytime the lovely Carol Chin invites me to dine there, I am game to brave the diabolic traffic along that road, to give the palate a little treat.
The outdoor bar seems like a pleasant place to chill for happy hour, affording views of the city, and partially the twin towers, (which seems to be the definitive view synonymous with KL), and as the sun sets, a warm glow descends upon the skyline.  The live trio in the restaurant also sets a chill mood.  (God forbid I should even use the word romantic)....

Must make mental note to self, NOT to eat so much bread, as delicious as it is, what more slathered with their glorious butter, or balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Peasants like me still opt for the good old traditional BUTTER.

An amuse bouche to titillate the palate....

Their signature sauces, for you to drizzle at will.  I just noticed that it's Vomfast.

Of course, one must have a balanced meal, so a Caesar Salad was in order, since we already tried the gourmet salad before.  Actually the Caesar Salad is part of the Prime Rib set, and is supposedly tossed at your table side, although I must have been in deep conversation because I totally missed that performance.

Their mushroom soup is superb, thick and rich, without being overly creamy, and very generous with the mushrooms, as a mushroom soup should be.  Much as I loved it, my first love here will always be the Artichoke Soup...

Thinking of that decadence makes me salivate.  Something about the artichoke soup, ..I can't describe it, but it's different from any other of the common soups we get.  There's a certain richness without the guilt kind of feeling.

The Prime rib is seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs, and seared at high heat to caramelize the crust, and then slowly cooked in the oven to cook the rest of the meat.  It is an Australian cut of meat..with condiments such as english, french or grain mustard, and a vairety of sauces, like Green Peppercorn or Morel Mushroom, but with meat of this grade, it's quite alright to be sauceless if you ask me.

Just look at the glorious pink meat.


The dish is served with the quintessential Yorkshire pudding, and a baked potato, which in addition to the bread earlier, makes for a VERY filling dinner.  The Prime Rib set is priced at RM129 nett person.

And just in case we weren't full, afterall, one amongst us is eating for two, Carol ordered us their signature Triple Cheesecake...and the Crepe Suzettes.  Unfortunately, there was no song and dance in the making and flambe-ing of the Crepes, but they were delicious nonetheless.

For reservations, call
Impiana Hotel,
13 Jln Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2147 1111

Or for more info, the Marcom Manager, Carol is reachable at 03-2147 1080.
Website :

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