Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sri Karak, PJ Newtown, Pork Free Chinese Dining

I've always cracking my head for pork free places to go to whenever I have to dine with Muslim friends.  Whilst the "halal" vs "pork free" issue is an issue with the religious authorities, and I am in no position to comment, I do find that a lot of my Muslim friends are okay with Pork Free.  Afterall, most hotels and clubs are at best pork free, because apparently the slightest sign of alcohol will render the place not halal.

Recently, quite by chance, I stumbled across one such place, when we met up for dinner with a group of friends, who chose the venue for facility rather than cuisine, as none of the diners were Jewish or Muslim, or vegetarian or vegan.  Sri Karak, apparently originating from a restaurant of same name in Karak, (who would have thought), located opposite my favourite chinese medicine shop in the whole wide world, Tong Woh, in PJ Newtown.  I must have subconsciously seen the place as many times as I've been to Tong Woh, but somehow never registered.

The siong tong yuen choi, (Spinach in Superior soup) was as good as any other chinese restaurant.

Stir Fried French Beans, cooked just right, plain with garlic, just the way I like it.  Unpretentious and good.

The delicious sotong dish that cried out for rice and more rice. ...

Their signature tofu with soya sauce.  It's amazing how these simple dishes are so good, maybe because it's just so homey.

Their fish head curry is their claim to fame, and is very palatable, and is the perfect accompaniment for more rice.  It's different from the raved about fish head curries you find under the tree etc...but tastes are so subjective right, one need not use another as a benchmark if the taste is different but good.

The claypot chicken was a bit on the salty side, perhaps a bit heavy handed with the soy sauce...  but acceptable.

And finally, their signature Thai style fish, which is a cacophony of sweet, sour, salty flavours, not to mention the different textures, crispy skin, soft meat.  Nice.

The total bill came up to around RM400 for 10 people.

The place has no pretensions, and is a great place for pork free Chinese food.  Their sang har mee on the menu looks rather good too, which is what I intend to have when I next buy booze at Tong Woh.

Address: Jalan 52/8, Pj New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7958 3240


KY said...

when I grow up, I want to know how to make those tofu

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