Thursday, February 28, 2008

MPH Sale

To the uninformed, there is a sale in MPH, 15% off all books plus additional 5% until tomorrow, 29th Feb. Generally I no longer buy from MPH, as I prefer the straight 10% discounts offered by TIMES or POPULAR, but this deal piqued my curiosity. Oh the discount applies to MPH Card Holders, and CIMB/DIRECT ACCESS Credit Card holders.

Oh and for every RM70, you get a RM5 voucher. Pretty good hor. Only problem I had was finding enough books to total RM140 after a 20% discount. (Do the math, you need RM175 worth of books to get two vouchers).

I've been eyeing this particular book for awhile, since Boolicious and Paprika got me hooked onto this PAGEONE series.

There are a few rather delectable looking recipes here, so keep your eyes peeled for my attempts at culinary contentment. With the purchase of this book, I find that I have no more books left that I really want to buy, except perhaps Dorie Greenspan's From My Kitchen to Yours, and only because it is so widely propogated by my idol, Masak-Masak.


Anonymous said...

Sales. Books.

Can there be two lovelier words in the world to me?

(Well, actually yes, but it's unprintable in this family-friendly blog, eh? Ahem.)

snowdrop said...

There's this book that's supposed to be Goddess Nigella's favourite - "Roast Chicken and Other Stories". Do you have it?

Precious Pea said...

Each time I buy a recipe book, I excitedly flipping over the pages and drool over the yummy looking photos. Then it will ended up in my bookshelf collecting dust! Aii....I think I have to learn from you and Boo, put it to good use.

team bsg said...

the juicy spotted hairy bright red resting on your creamedelacreame looks simple yet so classy , just like da one we met the other day at the pavilion oooooohh !

fatboybakes said...

team bsg, long time no see huh! when we going for this beer? one year oridi talk.

precious pea, dont worry, same thing happens to me, out of my 200 or so cookbooks, i think i only actively use 5.

snowdrop, nope, donch have. is it a recipe book? i vaguely remember reading her referring to it.

kenny mah, now i'm curious. what family friendly blog? where got? spit it out, young man....

Nic (KHKL) said...

book sales are great but the thought of fuel, heat and parking puts me off right away. go all the way just to get a paperback (i read very little) that's cheaper by RM3/4, cannot make it lar. but a few pageone's definitely worth the trip. so, more recipes coming up, i see.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I can't believe I bought a number of books...some cookbooks too (considering the fact that I don't cook much at home!).

Oh, I didn't get any RM5 voucher. Hmm. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....look like a great book !
may i ask what is the ISBN number ?



fatboybakes said...

kim, isbn no is 978-981-275-019-8. definitely a good buy. only RM 68.80 without discount.

Anonymous said...

Thank's fatboy !