Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Plain Chocolate Chip Cookies, For Lemongrass. (FOR Lemongrass, not WITH Lemongrass)

Further to her baking adventure, we had this precious little conversation on MSN a couple of days back.
(Please excuse her abhorrent lack of punctuation....women seem to think that periods only means one thing)

LL:i feel like baking somemore what else can i bake from ur blog ar?
FBB: the mint choc squares? hmmmm i used to love this orange mocha choc brownie
LL: i don't need a cake mixer, do i? remember, mine's broken hahaha
nope, dont need a cake mixer
LL: who's rachel tsan?
FBB: friend la
LL: so sweet lar u how come u never dedicate a cake to me????

So, may I dedicate this recipe in honor of dear Angelic Lyrical Lemongrass. It's not a cake, but baby steps, ya, baby steps.

It's virtually failproof. But you do need a food processor to simplify things, since your cake mixer is like John Lennon, ie, dead.

Plain Chocolate Chip Cookies

140gm butter
80gm brown sugar
1 egg
1 tspn vanilla essence (or extract. Yippee, McCormick brand is now available at RM20 plus at certain supermarkets)
150gm flour + ½ teaspoon baking soda
150gm chocolate chips

Blitz (Lemongrass, that means put in food processor, and press the ON button) the butter and sugar until creamy.

Pulse (that means use the pulse button, which gives spasmodic pulses) in the egg and the vanilla.

Pulse (same pulse) in the sifted flour and baking soda.

Your dough should resemble a nice cohesive cookie dough.

Finally, pulse in, or stir in the chocolate chip. Using a rounded tablespoon, spoon gobs of the dough onto a baking sheet. Bake in 180C oven for 12 minutes.

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That there is a siltpat silicone not simply put any old rubber mat in the oven, as it will melt. This is SILICONE ya, the same stuff that is used for breast implants.

After letting the cookies cool on the baking tray, use a spatula or palette knife, and transfer them onto a cooling rack. Again, its one of those miracles of nature, how the freshly baked hot soft cookie eventually hardens as it cools.

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Finally, when cool, you can do what my oldest son does. Pours himself a glass of milk, and sits on the verandah and watches the sunset as he has his cookies and milk.

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Dedicated just for you, Lyrical Lemongrass, so that your adoring fans can read of yet another baking adventure.


Anonymous said...

Punctuations are wasted when one can get the message across anyway dont you think so but thank you for the dedication although i'm not sure whether i should be happy or cry because my food processor may be dead too so now i really need to go out and get something so that my readers will be entertained but for now excuse me coz i need to change my sanitary napkin

Anonymous said...

FBB: So sweet of you, sir, to dedicate something the lady may actually be able to handle without the flaming peanuts and caramelization of her kitchen floor.

LL: Dear. Please. There is really no need to announce one's menstrual maintenance in public.

P.S. Punctuation's all the craze now, didn't you know? It's the new black. And we all know how good black looks on you...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... about cookies then come to comments n i read sanitary napkins and dead machines..

dont you have anything that doesnt require any form of cooking or blitzing? hahah ie buy a tub of ice-cream and scoop into cup

fatboybakes said...

nipples, yalor potong steam right, all this stayfree and koteks talk.

kennymah, loud guffaw viz a viz your comment to LL.

bleeding lemongrass...i'm in a comma...speechless

HairyBerry said...

wah, your son is so cool lar...cookies and milk while watching the sunset...

too much blood! too much blood! first, haemorrhoids. now, periods. what's next? i hope it's something edible..hehe...

coincidentally, my next post is also on dedication. though slightly 'red', it's definitely not bloody..hehe...

no sambal tonight, for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL. No periods, no need to cook because all the equipment is spoilt and having a guy dedicate a cookie to you. Now, isn't that every woman's dream come true? BTW, the cookies look fantastic! Are they crisp and crunchy? Or are they the chewy type?

fatboybakes said...

hiya sam, long time no see...hahahaah, that is such a farnee comment. classic, classic. high 5 bro. the cookies are a bit crunchy on the outside but softish chewish on the inside. which kind do you like?

nickhkl, have you posted yet? when i last checked, after reading your comment, it was still the old potluck (that i wasnt invited to) post...yar, my son needs to go to military school to learn that life isnt just enjoyment...

HairyBerry said...

nope, will be posting tonight (banyak kerja di office). oh, btw, on your question in your previous post, it's Nic, a name that's easy to rhyme with..haha!

Anonymous said...

*laughing at sam's comment*

I guess you're right, Sam, what more could a woman want. (But the truth is, he's doing this so that he can hear of another disaster in my kitchen. It's true, it's true!!)

I also forgot to mention publicly, FBB, that these cookies, which you sent to me through my husband, were DELICIOUS!! Soft on the inside and lightly crisp on the outside...heavenly cookies they were. I only hope that when I try this recipe, they will taste half as good.

fatboybakes said...

awww, lemongrass, you are too kind with your praise. i am sure your attempts will yield similar results.
i shall just ignore your allegations that i am willing you to fail....

nic, oh, so its not short for nicolas or nicolai, or nicotine... nic..what can that possibly rhyme with? ooooh, i see, i see....(just running down from a-z)

Breadpitt said...

wow, suddenly cookies topic include periods war. any way nice cookies , good defination for silicone mat , will keep this defination of silicone mat to my future trainee in my hotel,haha!

Anonymous said...

LL: I'm not sure if it's FBB willing you to fail spectacularly again, or something you yourself endeavour to... after all, Humrourous Culinary Disasters = Higher Ratings, right?

*dodges flying spatula from LL*

FBB: Re: my post on fresh strawberries & vanilla Häagen-Dazs®. LL so framed me. I told her di that I dontch know how to write food review. That so doesn't count as one. :P

fatboybakes said...

kennymah, so, kena hit by those spatulas or not? dont be so modest, YOU, dont know how to WRITE food reviews? puhleeez, that'll render the rest of us virtually illiterate.

breadpitt, yes, and dont forget to demo HOW they shove the silicone into the breast as implants too. heh heh.

Big Boys Oven said...

eh Bro, when will you dedicate one of your dessert for me? soon rite!

Argus Lou said...

Ya mean if the late Anna N Smith had stuck her silly-cones in the oven, they would not have melted?

As you're an engineer, can you tell me if rinsing a silicone cake mould (with four funny shapes) in very cold water before using would prevent cake from sticking to it after cake is done?

fatboybakes said...

BBO, i am not worthy to dedicate anything to you la see foo.

argus deahhhh, yar, anna's mammaries would have been like a rare steak, cooked on the outside, raw on the inside....
i'm a civil engineer lar dahl, what has silicon moulds gotta do with me? isnt the whole point of silicone moulds that they are stick free? i think if in doubt, just spray lightly with some oil la. i've had cake stick to silicone oso.... feel so cheated hor. like a boob job gone wrong.

Argus Lou said...

Ha ha, poor ANS - big boobs, short life, having grabbed so much money for what?

I've met a couple of uncivil engineers in my life but I'm glad you're a civil one.
No, lah, silicone moulds are for not getting our fingers burnt when we sillyly touch the mould while thinking of new ways to dominate the world, or at least the world of cakes and cookies. I've tried greasing the inside with butter but to no avail. *Wail!*
Even pannacotta stuck to it like albino leeches. Tcheh, silly invention. Silicone spatulas do a bit better.