Monday, April 07, 2008

Pie Are Square (revisited)

Those of you old enough to remember, I did blog once about this. Alas, at that time, no one got it. Further enquiry revealed that 90% of the females I asked had NO idea what pi r square(d) meant, and about 50% of the guys had forgotten the area of a circle. Which begs the question, why are parents so obsessed about children's education, when by the time they are in their 30s, they would have forgotten 80% of whatever they learnt in school.

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Anyway, I have always thought that when I do write a cookbook, the cover would be something like the above. Of course, it would be doomed to fail, since few would get the pun.

I still had one organic passion fruit leftover from Lemongrass's pavlova, (that's ORGANIC, in case some of you read too fast) so I decided to serve it to my cell group on Friday. Alas, one can't just serve one miserable passion fruit. So I decided to use my virgin Square Pie Tin which I bought from Pantry Magic ages ago. (a year, I think). I couldn't decide what to make, and since I was running out of time, at 8pm on Friday I decided to make a strawberry tart, as I had some leftover strawberries as well.

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Didn't bother following any recipe this time, just made the usual tart casing, and a custard filling.

I altered the pastry recipe because recently I find that an addition of instant custard powder makes the pastry nicer.

1 ½ cups flour
½ cup instant custard powder
120gm butter
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoon ice water

Either rub in the butter into the dry ingredients, and when resembles bread crumbs, add in the water. Or use a food processor and zzzzzzing the dry stuff and butter, and add the water.

Refrigerate 30 minutes or so. I was in a hurry, meeting a 9pm deadline, so I took it out after 20 minutes. Roll out and line tart tin, whatever the shape. (Recipe enough for 9" round pie tin). Prick holes with fork, and bake blind at 180C for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, make custard filling:

4 eggs
2 cups cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Heat the cream until almost to the boil.
Whisk the eggs with sugar, add vanilla
Pour the hot cream onto the egg mixture
Place back on saucepan and slowly boil till mixture thickens.

When tart case is ready, pour filling into tart case and bake at 140C for a further 20 minutes or so, until set.

Once ready, let cool a bit, and use whatever fruits you want. Glaze with an apricot glaze.
(some apricot jam with a little water, boiled, and strained....use the strained mixture to give it that glaze)

I guess you can also prepare overnight and serve cold.

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Anonymous said...

1. Well, I did read it as ORGANIC till you cautioned us and then I realised how it could be otherwise construed. I bet it was that too. ;)

2. I get the joke, but I am seriously one of them who have returned 80-90% of all I learnt to the school. And I'm not even 30 yet! :P

(Perhaps our the value of our education depreciates as we age just like motor vehicles?)

fatboybakes said...

kennymah, yalar, especially with the word PASSION after ORGANIC.
glad u got it...!

Hazza said...

Pic is definitely worthy of a cover. However, the pun went right over me :s

Nic (KHKL) said...

quite a contradiction, isn't it? creative nevertheless...i'm so tired of that formula (i use it everyday), just give me the pie instead...haha!

'...50% of the guys had forgotten the area of a circle'...i beg to differ..

fatboybakes said...

nic, you reckon MORE than 50% have forgotten? when i say 50% i am talking about those in MY age group la, not yours... i think for females in my age group, its like 95% probably donno

hazza, haha, so do YOU know the area of a circle?

breadpitt said...

im typical maths dummy lol, so just wan the pie, haha!

Lemongrass Loves Pi said...

What a brilliant juxtaposition of the area of a circle with a square pie.

With reference to Nic's comment and your subsequent follow up, I do believe I totally know the area of a circle, although they do differ from uhmm man to man.

JOjo said...

I think i was made not an engineer so i still can't get it =p
But who cares "pies are square" when it is tasty? top with the glory of strawberry and passion fruit. Ooo...So good~

fatboybakes said...

jojo, aiyo, you sound like you're quite near schooling age wat? uncle here sat SRP when it was SRP, and not PMR....pi r squared is the area of a circle, pi = 3.14, r= radius, squared means rxr...

lemongrass, are you talking about area or circumference? i think men probably know their circumference...why would they want to know their area, which would be a cross section across the waist... you are talking about the waist right?

breadpitt, ditto comment to jojo.

Argus Lou said...

If I prefer the pie-bed to be less eggy-custardy, can I use something else or fewer eggs?

jason said...

Uh... the last pic is going to induce me some dreamy pie in my dreams

kampungboycitygal said...

haha now i get sort of vanished from my mind since i was 18 (did spm when i was 17)

Anonymous said...

*looks at lemongrass's comment*

Eh, FBB, I wonder if she's talking about the waist and not something else hor? Lol.

team bsg said...

You are right , the Engineering cover will sure fail, coz they only make cold grey right triangular angles , semi-circles and forward thrusts piles definitely got no creamy juices and red oozing multi-colors like yours !

fatboybakes said...

team bsg...hahah, creamy juices!

kennymah, who knows what goes thru the woman's mind.

kgboycitygal, yalar, see, exactly my point, why are parents so worried about kids education? its not like they remember most of it right?

jason, that sounds so

argus, i cant think of any other filling, except maybe plain whipping cream la.

Anonymous said...

Try using pastry flour. It makes the crumb incredibly tender. You can create pastry flour by mixing plain flour and cake flour in a ratio of 2 to 1. I hope everyone still remember ratios LOL.

Argus Lou said...

FBB, thanks. Ja, and maybe eggless custard? French apple pie has a layer of just one egg with bits of marzipan - quite nice, leh.

By the way, I've linked you in my blog under 'Kitchen Fun & Recipes'.

fatboybakes said...

sam, wow, you learn something new everyday. what is the difference between cake flour and plain flour? oh dear, dont tell me i've been using the wrong flour all these years? btw, when you updating your blog ha?

argus, eggless custard is how ah? instant? french apple pie, hmmm, egg with bits of marzipan sounds vaguely familiar. i think the swiss bakery here has a pastry with that kinda filling... probably an almond something. thanks for linking. linked you awhile back oridi.

Argus Lou said...

How about mascarpone cheese or cream cheese mixed with 1 tbs of cornflour and 1 tbs of semolina plus 1 tbs of powdered sugar? (For the eggless custard.) Bird's Eye custard is easy, but is it eggless? It doesn't taste eggy.

Thanks for your link much earlier. I was late 'coz was busy, then away in Italy for anniversary.

I've just blogged about French apple pie and mentioned you as my inspiration. However, your pie is far prettier and much more geometric. ^_^

msiagirl said...

Hi FBB, I haven't been by for awhile and I genuinely wanted to say how much I enjoyed chuckling over your blog today. Now I had some time to read some blogs cos the dentist has extracted my tooth with some large pliers (I tried not to look) and I am officially allowed to blob on this sofa.And I realised how much I missed reading blogs and in particular, yours. Now this is not because you have threatened to send Nigel after me or brandish your French Loaf.

fatboybakes said...

msiagirl, brandishing my french loaf? laling!!! what a description. guffaw. hah, i betcha forgot all about me until i commented on lemongrass's blog... but glad to hear you're over your teething problem.

argus, yum, mascarporne is wonderful with anything, but do you know how much it costs here? RM18.90 for 250gm.... a bit out of budget for me unless its for a special special occasion. the cream cheese mixture is baked? i dont mind the eggy custard, as i cant really taste the egginess....

Anonymous said...

Oh no you have not been using the wrong flour. Heh. Just that pastry flour will make the tart case more tender. (But some do like the case to be crispy). That is because cake flour has a lower protein content, so when you mix both flours you get a tart case that is more tender and yet tough enough to manipulate. Also you don't have to worry about overmixing the tart dough as there is lower protein and hence less gluten developing. I have been too lazy to update blog hehehe. But should do it on a regular basis so that I get regular readers.

Paprika said...

I dropped out of Calculus in Year 11. I knew then that I wouldn't be using darned equations in my adult life. The only math I do is dividing the sum of the bill between my fellow diners.

I love strawberry tarts. I used to buy the pastry shell from Sainsbury's and make a cheat's creme patisserie. Will give your recipe a go.Your custard filling sounds rich!

fatboybakes said...

paps, now that's a word i havent heard in yonks. calculus. though there is a character in tin tin with that name no? echerlly my custard filling i simply whack one leh...didnt really follow recipe.

sam, so hangon, cake flour is sold as what? (as in, whats it called?) i always thought plain flour = cake flour = low protein flour, whereas hi protein flour = bread flour...
and yes, you SHOULD update your blog. some more you're on my regular reads bookmark....

Anonymous said...

FBB: It's Professor Calculus, one of my fav characters from Tintin. He is like the originator of 'blur king' lah... LOL.

Msiagirl: French loaf? Is that what we're calling it these days, young children? And what with Argus and her French Apple Pie... now, is that yet another synonym for...

Aiyer. Those French har...

Argus Lou said...

Oiyo... that Kenny-ar is high on testosterone or Toblerone or sumthin'.

FBB, mascarpone here is about RM9 for 250g. I've a 500g tub sitting in the fridge waiting to be transformed into amaretto tiramisu. Yumsome!
There's a kind of much lighter cream cheese here and in Germany called 'quark'. It's eaten like yoghurt, as well as to make a light baked cheese cake (without biscuity base). Will blog about it one day.
Methinks only I have a problem with eggy custard - that's why I ask about substitutes. ^_^

Anonymous said...

whoa 90% of females vs 50% males? Maybe your social circle is limited to more educated males, but those stats seem really chauvinistic. Some of the most intelligent people in the world are women.

O well, your blog is amazing nonetheless!

fatboybakes said...

anonymous, hahaha, not meant to be chauvinistic, it was a true sampling. my methodology a bit iffy la, admittedly, and i have no doubt there are brilliant women abounding. i think what i meant was in my original post (circa two years back, when i used that heading, with the square pies, i think only one girl got it, out of possibly 10 female readers). thanks for your compliment though.
a very embarrased unbrilliant FBB. (guy)

argus, ha, yes, your husbands quark pudding and the bain marie. i remember. how do you pronounce it? kwark? or kark? amaretto oso very hard to buy here leh. however, thats also an acquired taste, as almond seems to taste like cockroach to some ppl, and i'm sure my sister would not relish an amaretto tiramisu.

kenny, yes the french do seem to have a penchant for stamping their nationality on a lot of items hor, from caps, to fries. i like captain haddock...billions of blistering blue barnacles.

Argus Lou said...

I got the pun! I got the pun! But I'm not brill either. ;-( Only remembered how I used to hate Calculus in school and copied the best girl's homework solutions. But it's true that more girls don't like Pure Math compared to boys.

Oh, this other one is a Quark cake baked in the oven, different from the quark pudding. (Ja, pronounced kwark.) Almond only tastes/smells like 'cockroach' (how do they know? They ate cockroach before?!) if the manufacturer used fake essence.
Buy Amaretto at the airport - much cheaper!

JOjo said...

Wuahaha!!! Yes,u r right!i'm still schooling though, but maths was long ago~ 3yrs never touch maths,in non-maths related field la. =p
Somemore, cake = circle = measured in inches,lol...

dee said...

Lol! I completely agree about the children's education bit :) And it never occured to me to use instant custard powder in pie crust. How on earth did you figure that out? Love the blog, and I'm certainly going to do the Hokey Pokey.

Ping said...

Mmm... this looks really good.
Where can I find passionfruit around Malaysia anyway?

fatboybakes said...

ping, can get in most major supermarkets. now can get local organic one, quite cheap.

dee, thanks, saw the custard powder thing in one of the apple pie crust recipes in AWW.

jojo, how was virology paper?

ah, argus, bring us back some amaretto.

Argus Lou said...

Oh, ja, FBB. I saw just the other day at the Aldi supermarket that amaretto was only RM21 a big bottle. But it's so heavy to carry, lah.