Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Food Studio, A Hidden Gem in the Concrete Jungles of Mont Kiara

Well, if you buy Eectrolux stuff, apparently you get invited to free or subsidized workshops that teach you how to use your Electrolux equipment. Tucked away in Amarin Kiara, this secret gem is so secret so much so two out of three of the other participants in this cooking class got lost, and as a result, were late. Food studio, an oufit that is not far from my dream kitchen, where Paul Neukirch, owner and Chef runs these classes. The place is available also for private functions, and is nestled amidst some last patches of greenery in Mont Kiara, and is in an annex building away from the residences, so loud partying till the wee hours in the morning is possible.

We were to learn how to make Beef Stroganoff With Potato Rosti. Very traditional and hearty. The man has lived in Malaysia long enough not to be flustered by Malaysian timing, as the other participants ambled in about half an hour late. (through no fault of their own, since apparently the directions given to them were faulty).


Dining tables overlooking lush greens.... a perfect setting in the day time.

Two large kitchen top islands, perfect for classes of up to 12.


Freshly laid out ingredients, waiting to come under the chef's scalpel.

To borrow a phrase from GFAD, sometimes these cooking classes are like cooking with GPS. Everything is laid out for you, you basically just need to follow instructions and cook. How much easier can it get? Actually, most of the work is in the chopping and the slicing and the julienning. Its interesting, Chef Paul can tell which of the women in the house are regulars in the kitchen, and which were maid dependent. Of course, being a male, I can be excused for not knowing a cleaver from a liver...

After much dicing and slicing, we finally got to the action, where we sauteed the vegetables with cream and red wine to make the sauce.

Actually, my bad, I think we fry the beef first and using the oils from the meat, we cook the vegetables. There is something about the simplicity of fried beef. The aroma brings out the primal man, kinda reminding us of our cavemen ancestors burning fresh kill over the log fire. That's probably because they didnt have electroluxes those days.

The finished beef stroganoff, by the four participants.

Of course, I think mine looks the most delicious. But we didnt do any inter-student sampling, so I really can't tell.

Potato rostis, such a simple yet satisfying dish. Grated potatoes, fried as a patty. Can be made in a pan, or individually.

Tah dah, the finished product, and a hearty lunch.

Well, seriously guys, this looks like a fun place to party, for a private function.

Note of thanks to Saw Leng of Electrolux for the invite.

The Food Studio Sdn Bhd

Amarin Kiara LG2,
Jalan Desa Kiara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 03 - 6205 1188
Fax : 03 - 6201 5128


Sean said...

wow, wouldn't have thought that window view was in mont kiara. looks more like a REAL jungle! (but ok, sometimes i see groups of little monkeys crossing the road at mont kiara, so i guess they have to come from somewhere)
but yeah, yours looks tasty (maybe the garnishing of greens helped). two of the others look a bit more like daging masak merah...

Ciki said...

looks extremely posh ahpa.. that's right uh-huh.. real posh;)

so if you fail at cooking you can just swing open the window and hurl your body out into the jungle! how cool is dat.. mwuahahahaha..

Unknown said...

So strict? Dun allow to taste each other cooking? Or u were behaving extraordinary good :p

Saw Leng, KOH said...

CY, you are most welcome. This promotion and complimentary cooking classes "Unleash the chef extraordinaire in you" are running till Jan 2011. I'm waiting for the Strawberry Pavlova class, its YC's favourite.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

gosh theres so many something kiaras around, one would probably end up in segambut tryin to find an "amarin"!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Did someone say Party?

fatboybakes said...

thamby, ya, lets do your boithday there.

nipples, this is the main mont kiara la, its on the way in to kiaramas sutera and cendana.

fatboybakes said...

treasure memories, let me know if you are inviting me for anymore okay! ;)

babekl, no la, we all strangers ma. not like OUR cooking classes hor dear.

fatboybakes said...

ahmei, that's right, fling yourself out the window, and be monkey fodder...

sean, gufffaw, daging masak merah indeed!

qwazymonkey said...

I'm thinking of all the silly things we can do here for events and party! Looks fab!

And it'll I know the kinda crazies I'm gonna be comictize from a party here!

fatboybakes said...

yeah monkey, lets get cracking. hmm, i might do my burfday here if budget permits.