Thursday, May 03, 2012

How To Be A Master Baker

Always dreamed that you'll be a Master Baker?  Armed with proper tools in hand, and the proper techiques, whipping cream to perfection, to just the correct stiffness?  Dream no more, your fantasies can now be fulfilled at THE BAKING BARN, where the Master Baker himself, Nigel Skelchy, of JUST HEAVENLY PLEASURES, now tantalize you with a series of classes ...from luscious trifles to Victoria Secrets...oops, sponges...

Hurry, cos the first class is THIS SATURDAY, 5th May 2012.
Oh, don't forget to bring a dictionary, the Master Baker uses big words, like Passels,or Ill Flotante..(bring French dictionary too).

Feel free to call THEM at Tel: +603-2287-9866 Tel: +601-7251-3202 Fax: +603-2287-9867

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