Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Breakfast All The Way From Kuching

[Ringing Tone]..ttrrrrr trrrrr, trrrrr trrrr (none of that crowing rooster tones)
[Fumbles with one hand of groceries, and one hand holding hand of baby girl, while barking at the two boys not to run in the parking lot]
[Drops phone from pocket], swears under breath
[Looks at phone], caller ID : UNKALEONG

Me: Harlow, ah, what ah?
Unka: Can spare a minute?
Me: Argh, cannot cannot, saddled with three kids in parking lot, call you back.
Unka: Okay okay...

10 minutes later, kids all restrained with seat belt and car seat, dial "last received call".
Didn't bother with handsfree.

Me: Harlow, ya, how can I heptch you?
Unka: Eh, got mee kolo for you la.
Me: Huh? As in, RAW one ah?
Unka: No no, cooked one, all the way from Kuching
Me: [looks at clock]...Really? Wow, but aiyo, so late oridi
Unka: How to pass to you ah?
Me: Can keep in fridge first right?
Unka: Can can. I also won 4 tires.
Me: Hah? What you say?
Unka: Won four tires....in radio contest ...
Me: WAHHHHHHHHH, so good ah.
Unka: But my tires too big for me, you wanna buy ah?
Me: Too dark now la, cannot see if my tires are botak.

Fast forward:
This morning
[Missed call] [Check who] [It's TNG, The Nomad Gourmand]
[Press call]
Me: [sweetly and politey, unlike with Unka] Hallloooo, gooddd morning, you called?
TNG: yes, yes, I got your mee kolo with me.
Me: Now?
TNG: Yes, shall I just pass it to Pat? (my landlady)
Me: No no, it's okay, where are you, I'll come and get it.
TNG: I'm downstairs.

Sniff....I feel so lurved. It's my first locally imported breakfast. I can't believe that just hours ago, this noodle and charsiu was in some kopitiam in Kuching, Sarawak, and now, it's in my tummy. Ah, if only noodles could talk. I'd like to know their journey.

Anyway, the noodles were yummy. The texture of the noodle, perfect, though it was thinner than what I am accustomed to. Just half a millimetre of larger girth than our wantan mee I think. The charsiu, though lean, was surprisingly moist and tender. The chee yoke soi, (mince meat), ...yummy....

What a lovely unexpected breakfast. Thanks TNG, and Unka.

For more on the TYRES, check out Unka's Blog.


CUMI & CIKI said...

Sorry to tell u dis fbb.. but THAT was nearly my dina! hehe.. TQ unka.. :P (eventhough fbb ate mine for bfast:P)

xin said...

awww so sweeet! noodles have traveled so far to reach your stomach, i bet they must be thinking about their final destination

UnkaLeong said...

C&C and FBB : Thank Becks yar ;)

thule a.k.a leo said...

so lucky *groan*

Thamby said...

"Ah, if only noodles could talk. I'd like to know their journey."

Roll eyes.

worldwindows said...

I would like some "Across the Bridge Noodles" from Kunming! Need to ask Tony to get AirAsia to fly there. The noodles sure look good after loossening it.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i oredi thanked BECKS!!

PureGlutton said...

'Em noodles look great even after that long journey back here!

Life for Beginners said...

LOL @ Thamby's rolling eyes. :P

qwazymonkey said...

so sweet....u so veli the loved lah Ah Pa!

thenomadGourmand said...

haha.. there's 6 packs, 1- unka, 1-me, 1-ciki, 1-FBB, 1-Yin and 1- AWOL but that one duno hw to pass to her la..i dont pass by Meen's office often..
ps: glad u liked it FBB!! Least i could do for feeding me so much cakes!

J2Kfm said...

you can literally import them like this?!!
wow ... flight also pass ah?

Tummythoz said...

One word. Wow.

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

That is so nice they brought that for you! It looks so good.

I never think of eating something like that for breakfast, but it looks so good!

fatboybakes said...

jenn, i know, i was so touched. well, actually it was more like brunch la, around 10-ish.

tummythoz, indeed hor.

j2kfm, ah, see la, ppl bring all the way from kuching. next time you come from ipoh, we hope you'll be bringing us some ipoh delights. and not raw taugeh ya.

TNG, thanks again. so sweet of you to actually DELIVER some more.

thenomadGourmand said...

No prob Ah Pa (haha)!

fatboybakes said...

monkey, yes, well lurved indeed. makes life so fulfilling.

LFB, thamby notty hor. what's there to roll eyes. its all very serious stuff.

pure glutton, yup...but actually i know of ppl who tah pau hokkien mee to singapore and bkk.

ciki, since you werent addressing me, no need to reply you la hor.

WW, pray educate me, why are kunming noodles so special?

thamby, pooot. [farting in your face...can u smell it? the mee kolo]

fatboybakes said...

thule, ya, so lucky hor.

unka, oridi have, profusely.

xin, its a long journey to the final destination huh!!! hahahaha. i think they should've reached by now la.

ciki, yeah, they oso told me about it the night it arrived, but didnt have time to go pick up ma. pbttth.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyohhh looks soo good for overnite food..

sad to say i havent tried kolo mee b4 in my life..need to fly over to check it out d la..or wait for ppl to buy for me =( hehe

Jason said...

Yerr.. you're one pampered baker! ;p

Nic (KHKL) said...

"It's my first locally imported breakfast."

woah, that means u got internationally imported breakfast before ar? lucky you!!!

kolo mee is very nice, hor? a good alternative to the usual dark soya sauce type. there's this chain of restaurants that sell kolo mee in kl and singapore but not so good. the level of msg is wayyy over the edge.

fatboybakes said...

hairy, no la, just clarifying it was from over the sea, but local.

i lurve kolo mee.

jason, yeah hor.

nipples, i like the one at gembira too. different but nice.

Simon Seow said...

aww.. such a tear jerker, mee kolo all the way from sarawak.