Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Bloggers Not Scared One...Lunch With Pure Glutton

I told Pure Glutton when I got to her lovely abode, wah, you not scared ah, simply invite a bunch of food bloggers you've never met before to you house? What if we are stark raving mad stalkers? But obviously, one only has to read the blogs of these flogger glitterati, like Masak Masak, Precious Pea and Thamby of A Whiff of Lemongrass to know they are all zen like Goddesses of Peace, and of course, me being their disciple, stands to reason I am also zen like, the epitome of calm and patience.

It's always nice to meet food blogger's for the first time. Precious Pea and other dog lovers were over the moon, playing with Pure Glutton's two dogs, a father and son pair. Apparently Papa Dog was not amused at the undue attention given to the fruit of his loins.

We see the master chef at work here. It's almost a TV cooking show studio kitchen. Nothing like the sound of the sizzling hot wok, and aroma of freshly fried water convulvulus (convulva plural) aka kangkang, to set off the saliva glands.

We were treated to a lovely spread of nasi lemak. Unlike Ciki's experience of yore, this nasi lemak oozed lemak, and the aroma filled the air the minute the rice pot lid was lifted. It's like being in a coconut spa room.

Above; from top, clockwise: Deep Crispy Fried Ikan Bilis (anchovies), Water Convulva with Fresh Prawns, Pure Glutton's Signature Pork Rendang, (YUUMMMYY), hard boiled eggs, an extremely wonderful sambal, and freshly sliced cucumbers.

Precious Pea's curry chicken. Absolutely yummy.

Look, look, the ikan bilis are spawning.

Fluffy aromatic coconut rice.

A Plate of Heavenly Goodness, and Cholesterol Heaven

Forgot to take pics of the other desserts. There were egg tarts brought by WMW, ...more nyonya kueh by The Nomad Gourmand, ....

Twas a lovely afternoon, in the presence of the bubbly Pure Glutton, and old friends, Hairy Berry, Thamby, Boolicious, Ciki of Cumi & Ciki, Precious Pea, WMW, Unka Leong, The Nomad Gourmand (still new friend la)....hmmm, have I missed out anyone?

Many thanks Pure Glutton for having us. We must do it again soon!!!


babe_kl said...

err i hope the vege din kangkang for you :P

qwazymonkey said...

"I am also zen like, the epitome of calm and patience."

*chokes on lunch*

CUMI & CIKI said...

twas really like a coconut spa! tq pureglutton! u so kind for feeding us.. :D

thenomadGourmand said...

That NL was one of the best! Lovvveee the rendang pork! We are spoilt peeps arent we?? ;)
ohh,i didnt bring the nyonya kueh.cant rmbr who did.think it was Karen, PureGlutton fren.

J2Kfm said...

i'm equally choking on my nescafe as well. i'm with you, Monkeyboy.


Derek said...

it 'father and daughter' kikko is a princess of the hse!

Precious Pea said...

Kikko the pup is a female. So adorable isn't she? Thanks for your wonderful desserts too!

Tummythoz said...

So u saying those not invited are not 'zen like, the epitome of calm and patience'? Huh huh HUH!?

Tummythoz said...


550ml jar of faith said...

Fwoargh!! I need me some coconut therapy now! The yam cake & the chai kuih look awesome as well! Ooh did I just hear the lunch bell go?

Pureglutton said...

For the record, i did NOT do kangkang, ok - LOL! "Coconut spa"... hehe, that's new! Glad u all enjoyed the small makan - it was lovely having u over & thanks for your cakes - eh where're the pics??
Yes, let's do this again soon! *checks calendar & menu"

thule a.k.a leo said...

all floggers whipped out their weapons... camera!!! lol... wish that I could join you all one day... FBB, will get in touch with you one day :) want to order something from you while meeting you in person... somehow you managed to cover your face in ur blog again!!!

fatboybakes said...

thule, yes yes, let us know when you in town la, then we can arrange a few floggers to meet you also. hahha, i think i've appeared in quite a few other blogs oridi la, so no big mystery.

pure glutton, oh dear, KANGKUNG, my dear, KANGKUNG. i didnt take any pics of the cakes wor! forgot la. lkg fwd to the next one.

550ml, it IS very therapeutic isn't it.

fatboybakes said...

tummythoz, guffaw, did say that? huh? huh?

precious pea, oh dear, i wasnt paying attention to the pup's anatomy. so cute la she.

derek? u must be kikko's grandpa ah?

j2kfm, [innocent zenish look], why choking ah?

TNG, not you ah? oh, yeah, must be karen. thanks karen.

ciki, she so nice hor.

monkey, [pulling ears]....

babekl, alas, it didnt.

Life for Beginners said...

"Look, look, the ikan bilis are spawning."


You har... Unlike your other readers, I've learned the wisdom of not to read your blog with something in my mouth.

*eh, did i just say that? eesh*

UnkaLeong said...

Of kangkangs and spawning ikan bilis... *guffaws* Here's to more makan sessions. Thanks for being such a wonderful and gracious host Pureglutton :)