Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bangsar Seafood Garden, Redux

First I would like to thanks my baking idol, Nigel, who is also my English teacher, for the word REDUX. I used to think it was the brand of a shower gel, or deodorant. It means, to you uninformed out there, REVISITED.

So yes, Bangsar Seafood (then known as Bangsar Seafood Village) has been there since time immemorial, when some of the guests in this post were still in their diapers, I reckon. Some may not even have been a dirty thought. In perspective, when Bangsar Seafood first existed (on the site of BVII now), I think most of us hadn't even heard of the internet, mobile phones were just appearing, (the motorola brick ones, that can double up as a weapon, not like these flimsy sissy Iphones these days that can be mistaken as a slice of white bread), people still used typewriters, telexes were still used, badminton masters were still the school shoe du jour. And food bloggers didn't exist. Floggers did, but they were mainly oppresive slave masters who whipped their slaves into shape. Not feed their bodies out of shape.

I digress, in a moment of nostalgia. Secondly, I wish to thank Jade Wong, and Meng Lee of Bangsar Seafood, for their hospitality and inviting 20 of us food bloggers for a food tasting at the restaurant. Hmmm, 20 bloggers, several bottles of wine, a miniature mannequin, it's a good thing they locked us up in a private room.

The guest trickled in, and proportionately, so did the noise increase.


Paranoid Android very generously brought these two LOVELY bottles of rather expensive single malts. Thanks so much PA. Again, I clutched at my heart to prevent a cardiac when I saw someone adding water to the precious liquid. I seem to be clutching at my heart a lot lately.

For Starters, a boneless chicken with fruit sauce. The texture was good, the chicken fried nicely, but the chicken meat itself was bland and lacking in flavour. Another trend I've noticed over the years is the combination of sweet with savoury, apart from sweet and sour pork. I remember in the days of yore, when the older folk would frown upon a savoury dish being sweet.

Red snapper with bean sauce. Though it said steamed on the menu, I think it was fried. Unless there's a revolutionary new method of steaming, with all the taste of a deep fry. Fish was fresh, and the bean sauce tasty. A dish that would accompany a bowl of white rice well, sheer comfort food. Alas, as we all know, RICE IS BAD FOR YOU! Bummer.

Stir Fried Prawns in Curry. Mmmm, the curry sauce was most delectable, and again, is the perfect companion for carbo. The prawns itself were succulent and fresh.

Hear yeHear ye, the food connoiseur is giving his 2 sen worth.

Braised Beancurd, with some kind of yellow colored sauce. I hope the stark yellow is from tumeric. You can't really go wrong with taufu, it is the ultimate comfort food. I love the crunch from the water chestnuts.

Argh, I've had one whiskey too many. Hit me with the Jack Daniels.

Cordon Bleu Chef, Toyboy and Paranoid Android. Rub a dub dub, three men in the tub...
the butcher, the baker and candlestick maker. Hmmm, not quite.

My favourite dish of the night. Who'd have thought that stewed chinese cabbage with mushroom and dried scallops could be so good. The gravy was good enough to drink, and a usually dull vegetable had a complete makeover with the condiments of this dish. Excellent.

Crab meat omelette, or rather, omelettes with a hint of crab meat. Visually pleasing presentation. Probably a prettier version of egg foo yong.

Fried Rice With Prawns and Crabs....The Crab Claws were nice, but the dish could probably have stood on its own without the crabs. Generous helping of prawns, and rice was nice and fluffy. But ssshhhhhhhh, conspirational nudge, somehow, fried rice isnt quite the same without that unspeakable forbidden meat.

Crabs with Salt Egg the Chinese to think of the MOST unhealthy combinations in any dish. This is what? LDL heaven? Eat this often enough, and book yourself into the 5 star prince court. Or IJN. Delicious, but dangerous. Then again, life's short, so do treat yourselves once in awhile.

Butter Sauce Crabs. What did I say about lethal combinations? The butter sauce IS good enough to drink, and the dainty little mantaus (fried bread) that came with it, soaked up the gravy like a good sponge. Crabs were perfectly done. Highly recommended as well.

Don't just kill your heart, kill your liver too while you're at it.

Glorious crab claw. It has been said that one of the greatest acts of love is peeling crabs for someone. No one peels for me, and I peel for no one.

Frat almost falling into the bowl of mango sago.


They are also having a Ramadan promo as below. (plagiarised from AWHIFFOFLEMONGRASS)

Ramadan Set Menus:

Dine in style, this Ramadan:
Enjoy 9 signature dishes. Devour 1 KG of crabs for free.
From RM 498+

RM 498+: Appetizer, Shark’s Fin Soup, Chicken with Ginger, Spicy Fried Fish, Lychee Prawns, Signature Beancurd, ‘Kampung’ fried rice, Custard Buns, Dessert

RM 598+: Appetizer, Sharks Fin Soup, Chicken with Plum Sauce, Pomfret with Bean Sauce, Prawns with Sweet Corn Sauce, Steamed “Sang Gan”, Tom Yam Noodles, Banana with “Gula Melaka”, Dessert

RM 698+: Appetizer, Double boiled soup, Roast chicken, Red snapper, Otak Otak Fried Prawns, Braised Sea Cucumber, Oyster Fried Rice, Chinese Pastries, Dessert

RM 898+: Homemade appetizers, Sharks Fin Soup with Pumpkin, Boneless Duck, Curried Garoupa, Braised Seafood, Mango Prawns, Garlic Fried Rice, Banana & ‘Gula Melaka’, Dessert

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thule a.k.a leo said...

hahaha... read the reviews too many times... all the foods are finger lickin' good!!!

qwazymonkey said...

It's either I'm damn old or it wasn't that long ago that Thf seafood village's moved up to its current home. I used to dine there only a few years back lah!

Or is my memory failing me?

Nic (KHKL) said...

"I clutched at my heart to prevent a cardiac when I saw someone adding water to the precious liquid"

u must have clutched your heart with both hands when i added coke (as in the cola) to the single malt at your place...haha! lesson learnt since then, of course.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm just being a nitpicker here.

"First I would like to thanks my baking idol, Nigel, who is also my English teacher, for the word REDUX."

Nigel should be cringing now. Heheh.

But love your cakes, man...or rather, boy.

fatboybakes said...

anonymous, hahahah, you very the good leh. was waiting to see who'd pick up that mistake. oooh, teacher, dont spank me ya.

hairy berry, indeed. that's why we promptly shoved you guys the RED label.

monkey, yalar, they moved prob about 4 or 5 years back. hmmm, actually mebbe longer than that. when did they start work on bangsar village 2? now that its there, i cant remember the time that it wasnt.

thule, yalar, that's the problem. as it is, we oridi spaced it out. our posts, i mean.

J said...
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J said...

Nah, I help you - here are the other reviews so far:
- Bangsar Babe
- Babe In The City
- Paranoid Android

And mine *erhem* :)
- Memoirs Of A Chocoholic

Paranoid Android said...

Hello, celebrity baker. Time to dig into your deep pockets and fish up some dough to get a pro photobucket account. All your pics here exceeded the bandwidth. That's the price to pay for being so popular :p

Otherwise, to conserve bucks, use flickr or open up another photobucket with another ID...(*that's a secret between one stingy chinaman to another*)

CUMI & CIKI said...

i thot redux was a chemical bonding process:P wah.. am waiting for ppl to run out of angles on this topic.. so far so good:P hehe

ai wei said...

i fancy their crabbiesss! slurrrp

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Cis, Bangsar Seafood Village is not that old lar (yes, I remember it from the Bangsar Village days). Besides, typewriters and brick phones are hardly in the same generation although they're both old. Thanks for explaining Redux. I thought it was soap too.

gfad said...

Radox shower gel available in supermkts ah?

Finally saw your pix in FB. Auchentoshan has a nice distillery in Dumbarton (ya, we thot of the venerable hogwarts HM too..). Strangely enough, all I remember of that visit was how big the WC was. At 43% alcohol, we can see how the scots can wear the kilt commando-style.

J2Kfm said...

Redux ... Ashes of Time also got a Redux, right? that old HK movie with swords and fights.

cannot see the pics lah .... aiyo. upgrade?

Frat said...

Yah whatever English teachers... I like my Filet Mignon with a Red Wine Redux-tion

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah if u hav to kill the liver, lets do it pure..

UnkaLeong said...

Finally, we have pictures :) You mean kids nowadays no longer wear badminton master to school ar? I remember BM2000 used to be the shoe of choice in high school.

Paranoid Android said...

OMG! Finally I can see the pics today. I looked exactly like my MUM when she was cross with me... How unflattering.

Thanks for the invite Sir!

fatboybakes said...

paranoid, you havent seen monkey's comic strip yet??? ARGH, how can!! it was classic.

unkaleong, i dont think BMasters exist anymore la.

nipples, well said.

frat, i think i was thinking of radox shower gel.

fatboybakes said...

j2kfm, err...dunno who ashes of time are la.

gfad, so larky you get to see what's inside the kilt.

lyrical, eh, thamby, i reckon bangsar seafood is at least 17 years old. toy boy prolly didnt even have ic yet, and nipple joe was in kindy. you in turquoise pinafore oridi la, dont blaff.

aiwei, the crabs are GOOD.

fatboybakes said...

ciki, i know, that thamby woman damn smart, quickly posted on day one itself.

paranoid, yeah, i finally upgraded to pro. quite okay la, USD40 for two years.

J, thank you thank you.

Stop Shark Finning said...

I would not eat anywhere that served shark fin soup. It should be banned.
Anyway glad you enjoyed your meal.

fatboybakes said...

stop shark finning, indeed, we should not partake in the slaughter of sharks for their fins. our meal didnt have sharkfins though.
does that mean you dont eat in virtually all chinese restaurants ?

Syed Zul said...

Dear Webpage Owner, do you know where Bangsar Seafod is operating now that the KL City Hall has revoked their licence to operate at One Bangsar?
syed zul