Friday, September 04, 2009

Pusing Public, Ipoh

School Holidays..... If you think it takes expensive overseas trips to entertain the kids, come to me for some parenting advice. Nothing like visiting relatives and letting the kids run havoc with their cousins, to make for a truly great holiday. At least for them. Who needs Disneyland or the snow slopes of Whistler.

This recent holiday, me and the troops went to Ipoh, then to Cameron Highlands, and back to Ipoh. Camerons was lovely and chilly and sitting out there at a patio, having a steam boat in the cold, overlooking the vegetable farms, at night, with unlimited vegetables for the steam boat, (Free top up of veg), again, I patted myself on the back for getting away with an affordable domestic holiday and yet getting the same awestruck result from the kids as if they were in Disneyland. I mean, surely plucking fresh radishes from the ground, and harvesting your own leeks, and lemons, is infinitely more rewarding than Space Mountain.

As always, I digress. Whilst in Ipoh, bro in law brought us to this restaurant, Pusing Public, somewhere in Ipoh town, (please as J2KFM for more detail).

At times like this, I wish I went to an SRJKC. My 6 years of private Mandarin classes have followed my late tutor. Bless her soul.

Fried Crabmeat With Egg, in a lettuce wrap. I don't think it contained the unmentionable anatomy of Jaws. Lovely start to dinner. Looking at it makes me hungry again.

Lahverly steamed prawns. Fresh, juicy, and sweet. Plainly steamed, with a hint of egg white, and chinese rice wine. Perfect, not overdone. And the gravy was yummy.

Now, look at this dish, and the first thing that springs to mind is, oh, steamed chicken. But I tell you, it is one of the BESTTTTTTTT steamed chicken dishes I have ever tried. Seriously, the fact that it was such a simple dish, makes it hard for it to be outstanding, but this WAS truly outstanding. Kampung chicken, flavourful, and lovely texture, in an absolutely glorious stock, almost like a reduction of sorts. Accompanied with the ginger, ohhhhh, sheeeeeer bliss. Seriously. Excellent excellent stuff. How can I eat those roadside Ipoh Chicken places again after trying this.

Claypot Fish (can't remember what type of fish).....which was good, but by this time, was eclipsed by the chicken. Tasty, though the meat I found a bit tough.

The delicious ginger accompaniment for the chicken.

Vegetarian Chai Choi. Can't really go wrong with this dish. Kids whacked the foo choke, (bean curd skin), leaving all the greens and cauliflower. For the record, the one vegetable I don't take to is cauliflower.

And the most GLORIOUS sticky rice dish. The rice was nice and fluffy, flavoured intensely with all the chinese sausage, but the YOLKS!!! THOSE WONDERFUL NUGGETS OF GOLDEN GOODNESS, from the duck that laid the golden eggs. That salt egg yolk really adds a whole new dimension to the dish. If carbs were not so evil, I'd have chomped down a lot more of this stuff.

I can't wait to go back to Ipoh to eat that steamed chicken again. Thanks bro in law for the grand feast. It was soooooooo good!!!! Salivating as I write. Dang!


thule a.k.a leo said...

so where did u stay while in Cameron??? Did you manage to go to Boh Tea Factory in Sg. Palas too??? The scenery is simply breathtaking...
Pusing Public.. quite odd name for a restaurant but who cares when the food hits the right note???

PureGlutton said...

Certainly this restaurant is one of the best around Ipoh - great choice! About time i go there too - next home trip!

LianneK said...

oh man, just got up .. log in and saw your salivating post. now, how ah?

allie said...

those steamed chicken and the sticky rice definitely caught my attention!

J2Kfm said...

in town alright, behind the previously notorious (for all the wrong reasons! ask Ipohans) Ocean Departmental Store (now rebranded as The Store).
i think the road name is Jalan Horley.

qwazymonkey said...

Gotta agree, out of town food is just ridiculously good, especially in Perak. Those buggers there really know how to enjoy. Not to mentioned cheap summore!

UnkaLeong said...

Aiyo...must visit them when ayam back in Ipoh. You don't take cauliflower wan meh? I absolutely adore Ginger as well....Heheh.

Rebecca Saw said...

Ipoh ... such glorious food to be discovered! Just readign yr post and J2kfm's almost made me wish i'm based in Ipoh!

gfad said...

One of my favourite Ipoh restaurants. Behind the former Cathay and Lido cinema, it does get a bit creepy if you leave the restaurant late at night.

If you think your kampung chicken is good, wait until you try castrated chicken. 10x better!! Best eaten alone without accompaniments (no ginger, no garlic-chilli sauce), its juices alone is like ambrosia.. Ask your bro-in-law to take you to East Ocean Menglembu or Chemor for some seriously good Chinese food.

Sniff, sniff... I miss Ipoh!!

Paranoid Android said...

Saw your post and thought to myself:

Chicken Chicken everywhere,
not a single piece to spare...
FBB dines regally in Pusing,
Yet not a piece for the android brings.


Cool shots and a Cool Dad!

Paranoid Android said...

Ooops! @ gfad: Castrated chicken? Do they crow in falsseto?

worldwindows said...

Great shrimps with beautiful colour shells.

New Kid on the Blog said...

yes, Jln Horley... I just went there few weeks ago. how come you didn't have their signature kon chin har lok?

rokh said...

i had to re-read few times on the restaurant name, somehow it boggles my mind :) and it had me at "Fried Crabmeat With Egg, in a lettuce wrap"!

fatboybakes said...

rokh, apparently it originated from the town of pusing.

NKOTB, yalar, inlaws health conscious, preferred steamed stuff.

worldwindows, they were excellent.

paranoid, hahaha, good one.

fatboybakes said...

gfad, ARGH, how cruel!!!!

TNG, i personally prefer ipoh food to penang's. HAHAHAHAH.

unkaleong, do try the ayam. yeah, me no like cauli. why?

monkey, if i lived in ipoh, i'd be fat. oh, i mean fatter.

fatboybakes said...

j2kfm, ah, thanks. my ipoh based bro in law had to depend on gps to get there.

allie, the sticky rice is to die for too.

lianne, go and have some saurkraut la.

pure glutton, oh, you also ipoh mali ah?

thule, went to palas the last trip last year. eugh, the jam was HORRRENDOUS. they really need to implement a system, like fraser's hill. odd hours up, even hours down or something.