Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seng Kee, Rat's Tail Noodle and Cuti Cuti KL

Although our Ringgit is strengthening, its still expensive for us to travel abroad, so since I struck out London, New York and Paris as potential weekend destinations for the kids, I decided to do the next best thing, and bring them on Cuti Cuti KL. The pros of a KL holiday is, no need to change money, no need to pay taxi fare to get to LCCT (KLIA? Forget it, with four kids, I haven't stepped foot into KLIA since 2005), no need to apply passport or visa. It's great. Best of all, we could reach our destination in 15 minutes. With traffic.

We check into KL Hilton, (got free room voucher from the Hilton Card, which expires end May, so no choice lor, die die oso have to use), and head straight for the pool. Actually, it takes very little to entertain children. All they want is the loving company of their parents, and a pool, and they're happy campers. No need for PSPs, and expensive toys. I should start a parenting blog. My first tip would be..... I shall save that for Don't click on the's not set up yet.
Maybe I should abbreviate it to

Where was I?

The twin towers of Meridien and KL Hilton. They share a common pool, BUT have different water. I kid you not. There is a barrier underneath the bridge, and that separates the two pools. Water from Meridien does not flow into the KL Hilton side.

There is also a RM50 cash voucher that we had to spend. Snack time. Damn, I am a good planner. Designer french fries, pizza, and club sandwich. Of course, it's more than RM50. Drat.

Club Sandwich and Pepperoni Pizza, and very hungry boys.

If you can't be at the beach, put your imagination to good use.... reminds me of the Alleycats song...."Kuala Lumpur, Senyuman mu....di pagi ini, sungguh bererti". (Kuala Lumpur, your smile, this morning, is most meaningful)

As I said, give the kids a pool and they'll be happy. Or any form of water. Even a public waterfall will do.


As the sunsets, and we gaze out our window to the gorgeous view of shanty buildings of Brickfields, to the modern skyscrapers in yonder, I plan the next step of our itinerary. An LRT ride from KL Sentral, to Pasar Seni, and a walkabout of Petaling Street.

The famous air mata kuching. I often wonder...1. how much protection money they have to pay the triads, 2. where is their mansion....and how many luxury cars they own. They must be raking it in!!!

There is something festive about Petaling Street, although the moniker Chinatown is highly suspect, now that most of the stalls are run by foreign workers. Who speak Cantonese quite well.

Lower the bar. Tell the kids that designer clothes from Petaling Street are good enough for them. That'll save you from an embarrasing, "I WANTTTTT THISSSSSS" the next time they walk past Ferragamo in KLCC.

A fascinating eclectic mix of people, and products. From monks asking for alms, to crowds of tourists, to the locals who actually go there to shop. Some sights like the old bicycle with the China Press board does remind me of the World War II era...when we only ate tapioca and sweet potato.

And for dinner, a rare treat for the kids....



The famous claypot rat-tails. Lou Shee Fun, at Seng Kee. Actually, the last time I was here was probably about 8 years ago. The stall has expanded, and now occupies the shoplot that used to be the dwellings of the owners. Makes sense. They can probably afford a penthouse in KLCC, with the brisk business they do.

The rat's tails are soaked with mincemeat, a raw egg, which cooks in the heat, liver, and doused in a delicious sauce. As Aly in her post pointed out, the flavours of the sauces haven't really had time to seep into the noodle, but nevertheless, it is delicious.

The other signature dish. The siu yoke mee. Actually, the noodle is nice, but the meat is nothing to shout about.

Fried Water Dog. Easy snack.

I love their deep fried foo choke, (beancurd skin), which is crispy, yet not oily. So very light.

I am a sucker for intestines, and though alarm bells went off in my head, when the lady recommended this, (more like FORCED it upon me, she could see the weakness in me, chis), I ordered it, knowing I would be the only one eating it. It's sang cheong, which according to I can't remember who, is actually the FALLOPIAN TUBE of the pig, and not the intestine. We try not to think about its history, and its passage of time...oops, passage of sperm.

Dinner for 6 came up to slightly above RM60, with drinks. Could've been cheaper if I was not co-erced into ordering the fallopian tubes.

A great itinerary, if I may say so myself.

Okay, those of you intending to do the same thing, and take the LRT to PASAR SENI, be warned, the walkway from Pasar Seni station to Chinatown is VERY dim and dingy. It is a robbery, rape/murder site WAITING to happen. Bring along a bodyguard. I don't understand WHY the powers that be can't even get this right. Pasar Seni station is meant to be a tourist stop. It is a disgrace. Why is our Tourism Minister touring the world for ideas, and can't even get this right? And the Transport Minister as well. We PALE in comparison to Singapore and BKK...


J said...

That's a pig's WHAT?? O_o

ai wei said...

yum yum yum. sang cheong is yummy. but i din know it's the fallopian tube @@. dun care, as long as it's good stuff, into my tummy :)

aly said...

So funny, we ate almost the same things! and the way you talk, like you were around during WW2... haha great post! looking forward to your parenting blog... xx

gfad said...

Fallopian tubes eh? What is the length of a pig's ar? A dish like that would come from how many pigs, I wonder. Someone once told me they were pig's vagina.. Is that har mai with the fallopian tubes? Yarmee!

I like fried water dogs too! And the mini squat ketchup bottle is soooo adorable! I like to collect mini ketchups, mayo, mustards, jams, honey. And they end up sitting pretty on my shelf..

Sure or not FBB-WOW will have WoW? Like how fatboyrecipes has recipes hor? ^_^

gfad said...

Oh and I totally agree with you on paragraph 1. That's why this year we are staying put in Msia and hitting the fantastic beaches in East Coast (dotter begging to go to Club Med. Beats taking her to DisneyWorld..)

thule a.k.a leo said...

If I may say, our roads will not be that congested if the public transportations are in par with those of HK, S'pore or even Bangkok!

I don't know if what I'd heard was true.. but my friend told me that the 2 brothers who initially started this air mata kucing business had gone filthy rich that they drive big cars and live in some kind of big house. But they kena raid by IRB for not paying taxes.. hahah! Learned their lesson and started to file their income tax return (but with smaller operating profit...*wink*)

Lastly, what a way to pamper the kids :) I had the same plan too actually..

little fish said...

YOu are so funny !! hahahahha
I cant agree more, give the kids anything with water, they will be content and happy.

Again, this is a great post.

Life for Beginners said...

"They share a common pool, BUT have different water."

Are they emulating England and the US with the whole languagedivide but, you know, with water instead? ROFL

Love your parenting tips! Now I pulak rasa nak anak jugak ... :P

fatboybakes said...

LFB, no, apparently its the hotel regulations. must have own pimp, filtration system, etc.

lil fish, thanks, glad you were amused. heh heh. i try my best.

fatboybakes said...

thule, sssh, it wasnt really all that pampering. i snuck them all into our room, so they had to sleep on the floor. modern day camping. of course, with lovely bubble bath and crabtree and evelyn toiletries.

gfad, good on you...i cant afford club med though...its so blardy exp. actually, i'd rather go to phuket than club med.

fatboybakes said...

GFAD, again... chis, u saying i got no WoW? but you;re right, i need to put up more recipes.

aly, great minds think alike hor. and nearly 12 hours apart too. yes, my parenting blog shall be pulitzer prize material... ahem.

fatboybakes said...

ai wei, now i am not so sure. i cant remember whose blog it was, where someone said it was fallopian tube. but apparently its not wor.

J & Gfad, apparently, a male pig's (whats a male pig ah? a sow? or is that female?) orgasm lasts 30 minutes, so it probably has a long fallopian to accommodate all the bodily secretions...

PureGlutton said...

Wahahah ... i love yr understanding of the pig's sexual system! I think it was Precious Pea who blogged about this "sang cheong" being the fallopian tubes ;-)... how come the chinese call such things "intestines"?? I mean, intestines & fallopians are soooo different (both in location & function)! Very confusing leh!

fatboybakes said...

pure glutton, this is all unverified...i still dunno if sang cheong IS fallopian tubes... well, if it is, it's probably cleaner than actual intestines la... nothing goes in there right??

minchow said...

Haha! Tourism Malaysia/KL Mayor, are you guys reading this?? We got the goods to make KL a tourist destination but the access route is a hazard trap! Another tip to boost tourist figures: build more pools, or dig more water receptacle for the kids!!

FBB said...

hear ye indeed!!! even the KLCC park, with that shallow wading pool, always packed with kids one. dig more water receptacles!!!! prevent flooding!!

J2Kfm said...

Nope, Seng Kee did nothing for me. I felt that even Murni's claypot lou shu fun was better.

And the siew yoke mee at Wong Ah Wah chicken wings is so much nicer.

fbb said...

haha, j2kfm, i guess there's a lot of sentimentality involved when it comes to food lor. spent many a drunken stupor here filling the tummy for supper, so i guess, like a pavlov dog, maybe the receptors of the brain automatically go back to those happy times, thus rendering the food better than it actually is.

J said...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

brilliant cuti cuti kl idea!

actually i wouldnt hav fought that kinda jam in the lrt, probably drive, i think the car park there quite ok at pasar seni rite? n the jam from the hotel isnt all the bad despite the urban legend traffic.

so in the end did u find brekfast?

CUMI & CIKI said...

RM 50 only for Snack time, and u can say, Damn, I am a good planner.. mwuahaha :P no wonder not enough la .., got designer french fries?!!

Also, if u can't be the beach.. be the bastard :P

I did not know that the two did not mix body fluids!! i just learnt a new thing 2day, thx ahpa!!!

babe_kl said...

huh so the pool on hilton side is laced with perfume?? :p

this Seng Kee loh shue fun doesn't taste as great as before :( so sad. nowadays we prefer to go Sang Kee

GrapeFroot said...

I read somewhere that meat tastes best when the animal is not stressed (like the pampered Kobe cows/beef I guess). So does this mean if pigs are killed during their 30 minute orgasm, they taste super nice?

FBB said...

grapefroot, well, if that's the case, i am pretty sure my pig on the siu yoke mee wasnt in the midst of sex. must have been a CEO or something...very stressed.

babekl, sadly, as we get older, nothing tastes as good as before. dunno if its our taste buds more discerning, or a general deterioration in quality all around.

FBB said...

ahmei, no no, the planning was such that, i used up the RM50 voucher FIRST, then for the 2nd round order, i used my hilton card la.

nipples, the whole idea was to jalan jalan, take train from kl sentral, and experience the whole rakyat thing la. ended up at tanglin nasi lemak for breakkie.... post kambing up.

jason said...

Hahahah! Fried Water Dog! ^^

Tummy Rumble said...

believe it or not, I haven't been to seng kee before... hahaha.. its such a hassle to go there that I haven't really found the time to do so.. I'll have to make a trip there one day though..

fatboybakes said...

tummyrumble, of course i believe la. i've only recently been to the famous sek yuen in pudu myself, and i've lived here for lets see...many many years.

jason, long time no see.

qwazymonkey said...

I love love love the Fried Sui Kow at Seng Kee!

Next time I should try some cuti-cuti KL myself. My pocket bled in Poith!