Monday, October 01, 2007

Playing With My Thing

Since I took possession of my new baby, I've been using it everyday, but more for the everyday mundane things like chopping, grating, crushing digestive biscuits for cheesecake bases. The big bowl capacity means I can make at least 3 bases at one blitz.

One of the things that sold me with the magimix was the ease with which the demonstrator (not the one holding placards saying, "save our judiciary"), whipped up a simple swiss roll. Now, I am NOT a swiss roll fan at all, but after pouring through numerous cook books, they always say the test of true chef is the light-handedness with which he folds the flour into the sponge. I've got the light-handedness of an elephant doing a pirhouette.

So, when Gina the Genie blitzed the swiss roll, all in the one bowl, without even having to switch blades and attachments, AND the result was pretty good, I was like, WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The same kind of expression if you happened to catch an aerial glimpse of Nigella Lawson's Rubenesque Rubies.

Yesterday being Sunday and all, and the kids were away, I had time on hand to play around. So I also tried, with intermittent sms-es to Gina, my hand at the swiss roll. Nothing to it, and quite a pleasing result, minus the mess.

Rolling the Swiss Roll for the first time kinda sent shivers up my spine. I've always been daunted at the thought of rolling something so tubular, but it was surprisingly not that hard, and I think once you've done it once, you overcome your initial fears. Just like most things you try for the very first time.

My texture was a bit springier than I would have liked, but according to the see foo, I must have overbeat the egg whites. I decided to fill the roll with whipped cream, (real cream, non of that fake non dairy cream thank you), and durian puree. Alright, its not the most orgasmic thing I've ever tasted, but passable as a quick dessert.

Another product of the magimix was the baked orange cheesecake. The texture looked nice and fluffy. The biscuit base is also made by this baby.


babe_kl said...

omigosh u r tempting me again! yr new maid seems to be Heaven sent eh? can fold in the whites as well? dang powderful!

Big Boys Oven said...

well as we had said..... we gonna hijack you babe!

teckiee said...

*bangs head on the keyboard* ... i thought of something else when i read "Playing With My Thing" to think straight next time...LOL

babe_kl said...

LOL @ teckie

eh BBO, maybe we can arrange them to have another demo!

daphne said...

Your new toy is fantastic man. I want a slice of that cheesecake!