Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zippidi doo dah, Zipangu

Saturday again. And again, I had nothing on my social schedule. Shock horror. Two consecutive Saturdays of dating and courtship. Boy did she get lucky.

Anyway, you guys would know my views on two by two dating. The best place to go and eat is where you get 50% discount, so once again, we found ourselves making our way to that lovely little establishment, Zipangu, at the Shangri-la. I was craving the soft shell crab maki.


What is it with Japanese restaurants? What is that string of Japanese they utter as you walk in? I always feel like I am in a Pentecostal, Assembly of God Church whenever I make my way to the table, as I am bombarded with a foreign language in stereophonic sound, uttered by enthusiastic and polite waiters, maitre d and chefs. Something something "san....". It's a nice feeling to feel acknowledged, as opposed to going to some packed Chinese restaurant, where your presence is as incidental as a cockroach on the wall. Japanese, in contrast to Chinese, are very polite people. I recall seeing two Japanese bowing at each other under water during a scuba diving trip, when their air tanks accidentally clanged one another.

Foie Gras Winter Melon
At first I was alarmed, when I saw the new menu, coz it didnt have my favourite starter, the Pan Seared Foie Gras on A Winter Melon Broth. Previously priced at RM30 for two slices of FG, it is now RM25 for one slice, (but it is a slightly larger slice than one of the previous two), which is still fairly reasonable, considering where it is you're eating this. The foie gras as always is done to perfection, melt in the mouth and sends shivers up my spine.

Prawn Tempura

I actually ordered some yellow tail sashimi, but in the end decided to opt for something cooked instead, so had the prawn tempura. It wasn't until we polished off 3 prawns that I remembered I was taking pictures. The prawns were juicy and succulent, and the tempura batter crispy and not reeking of that used oil taste.

Enoki Teppanyaki

I love mushrooms, in all shapes and sizes. It apparently is bad for uric acid. Mother Nature seems to have some personal vendetta against the mortals. Anything good tasting is bad in some way or other. The teppanyaki enoki was fried to perfection, with a subtle hint of butter.

Sirloin Teppanyaki

One thing good about the Shang is the consistency of food. I have yet to have bad beef in this place. The beef is always tender, and juicy, and always done to how I want it. Coupled with some horseradish sauce, it is absolutely yummy.

Seafood Fried Rice

We're Chinese, and need our carbo fix. We shared a small bowl of seafood fried rice. It used to come with a plump scallop; I cant recall seeing one this time, but maybe it was broken up into the rice. The fried garlic, which probably was meant as a condiment to the teppanyaki, goes well with the rice.

Glorious Black Sesame Ice Cream

To top it off, I had a scoop of their black sesame ice cream. It's hard to find good BS ice cream. The only other place I've had outstanding BS ice cream is Isthmus. And the one here at Zipangu is pretty good.

There is no doubt that this would not be a cheap place to dine without the Shang Prestige Card. For the both of us, after discount, the bill came up to RM140. Which of course, is very reasonable, with foie gras and steak.


MeiyeN said...

am wondering if you have da same problem like me having black sesame ice cream.. or it's normal to have this hot sensation around da lips and tongue after having it? am i really allergy to it i wonder...

jason said...

Ishh... As if the pictures are my wallpapers now! >_<

daphne said...

sounds reasonable with the pricing and range of food u had. Looks like Jap food is all over the place in KL now?

HL said...

eh, these days have to go slow on the foie gras. The geese are exacting their revenge by transmitting parasites and bacteria via their force-fed, enlarged livers.

fatboybakes said...

hl, yalar, but one lil piece should be no harm la.

daphne, yar, jap food is all around, and in all forms, fast food, slow, luxury, cheap (ish). u not in KL meh?

jason, sorry sorry, in the process of fine tuning. yar the pics are TOO huge.

mei yen, DEFINITELY must be an allergy. the only reaction i get is a blissful sigh of delight.....

kat said...

Aiya, you also move to flickr? Now I kenot see your pixes because flickr is banned here!! Cheh!!

HL said...

ya but on your blog you're perpetually eating oodles of the stuff! ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

this is extremely too huge this time lol!

boo_licious said...

I also want some zipido dah Jap food. Yum! New menu u mention? Ah, time to rustle up someone who has the Shang card to bring me there to try it.

wmw said...

Lovely huge pics...you can choose "medium" size rather than original. Or just edit the html code by replacing the width and height numbers.

fatboybakes said...

kat, flickr is banned there? why ah? is photobucket okay?

hl, aisehman, its cos everytime i do eat the stuff, which is rare, i must blog about it lor.... okaylah, i probably have it once every two months.

BBO, adjusted liao.

Boo, it's a menu with a new format. dunno if the contents are actually new, coz boring old farts like us rarely wander from the straight and narrow.

wmw, yar, adjusting, thanks for the tips. i wouldnt know what numbers to insert though.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

agree with the isthumus black sesame ice-cream..heaven la!..

aiyoh can u lend me ur shangs card? but i must quick enuf to respond when ppl call me cheng yi lar..hahah..

MeiyeN said...

okay, so am allergy to black sesame ice cream.. CONFIRMED!