Monday, October 01, 2007

Shang Palace Again

We are creatures of habit, and slaves to our hotel cards. If it's the two of us eating, it really doesn't make sense NOT to go to one of the hotel outlets, coz for two of us, the bill rarely exceeds RM100, which is a steal by any standard.

Usually I forget to bring camera to Shang Palace, coz we go there so often, but this time, I did. As usual, we started with the Enoki Mushroom soup with Dried Scallops. RM30 a bowl, this superior soup is chockful with dried scallops, and tastes absolutely divine. Its such a homely soup, that it automatically springs to mind when I feel I need a bowl of good soup. Scallop soup for the soul, so to speak.


The service on that night was incredibly slow. The scallops had regrouped in the stomach, and were doing their scallop salsa, or whatever it is that scallops do, before the pork ribs with fried mantou finally arrived. Although its a small portion it was way too much for just the two of us. 5 slabs of chunky divine marbled pork.


Luverly, fluffy mantou, that melt in the mouth together with the lard from the pork.

The claypot seafood noodles here is one of my favourite. A hot pot, with generous amounts of fresh good quality seafood, such as large prawns, plump succulent scallops, cod fish, drowning what is always not enough sang meen. Its called Sei Pou Meen, (4 treasures) and usually served with sea cucumber, but wife and I both don't really fancy it, or at least not in this noodle, so we asked to swap for fish instead. Which to our delight, turned out to be cheaper.

There's something about a fresh, plump scallop that just cries out my name. I can hear the echoing refrain, "FBB, FBB, eat me, eat me............". I wonder where these restaurants get their scallops from, I can never find retail scallops that dont shrink the way t********* shrink after a cold bath.

And somehow, I lurve this dessert in Shang palace, also available in Chynna. It's a Lemongrass jelly (konyaku texture) with a scoop of homemade lemon/lime sorbet. The perfect way to end a meal, that has been 50% tah pau-ed. Surely you dont think wife and I are such pigs, and can eat all of the above stuff. Always tah pau one, good for another meal.


Ronald said...

RM100 for 2x all that? No way!

fatboybakes said...

got way. its called the hotel discount card!!!

our bill was RM93 for the feast above.

Big Boys Oven said...

fatboybakes, we are going to organize a chinese banquet for 10 ppl and cost RM100 per person, will you be interested to join us?

Steve said...

Thanks FBB - for this and your (2?) other posts on Shang Palace. On CNY, myself and two great friends from Melbourne went there based on your blog.

Our meal consisted of:

1. Marinated octopus with sesame seeds. This was a complete dud, lacking in flavour of any type. Sorta like eating bits of tyre retread.

2. Roasted duck Hong Kong style. Served in a Peking Duck pancake manner at our request (as the Peking Duck has run out), this hit the spot.

3. Deep-fried prawn cooked with salted yolk. Oh my god! I know I'm not supposed to eat deep-fried food, but this was TO DIE FOR!

4. Sir-fried thin sliced beef with Enoki. Lush.

5 Mushrooms in belacan sauce. Nice enough.

6. Bok Choy with sun-dried shredded scallops. I never even knew that scallops were sun-dried and shredded anywhere prior to reading your post... and very glad we had this dish. It was yummo.

Well, a good meal. However, I'm coming to Shang Palace with you next time FBB... For the three of us, including a bottle of wine and a few beers, the bill was RM740. I have so got to get in on this Hotel card act!