Monday, April 27, 2009

Nibbleish Food Crawl Event, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Time flies. I didnt realise it was more than a month ago that we attended the Nibbleish event at Leonardo's, and the food crawl in Jln Bangkung, courtesy of Julian Si, Memoirs of a Chocaholic and Nigel Wong of

Another invite to try out the Changkat Bukit Bintang restaurants popped up, and I thought, ah, why not, in these bad times, if one has to work for one's supper, so be it. There is a whole school of thought, spawned from these complimentary food tasting events. However, let's not go into that, suffice to say, under certain circumstances, I see no harm, and in fact, and sometimes rather pleased to be called, afterall, you get to meet new people, etc etc... as was the case here. I met the delightful Alexandra of Chefspiration, the very friendly people from, the owners of Le Bouchon, Delucca and Palate Palette, the team from Nibbleish, and another member of the Wong family I didn't know existed. (Nigel's family, that is)....

We assembled at LeBouchon first, where the briefing began (similar to the one at the previous Nibbleish function) and we were served some delectable titbits, and a glass of bubbly, ...and the affable owner, Phillipe Le Francois told us about LeBouchon, and its homely concept, complete with fireplace....

We were given a tour of his upstairs tenant, Envie, a new club, complete with interactive dance floor, (can probably play twister on it), and nice rooftop garden.

To recap, how it works is, you buy the coupon online from Nibbleish, at a discounted rate, and can opt for your starter, mains and dessert at 3 different participating restaurants in the vicinity. For this particular event, starters were at FLAMS, sister restaurant, and pork free, to the famed Bermuda and Onion.

Choices available were a dill cured smoked salmon with ginger seasoning and garden salad, a beef tenderloin carpaccio with parmesan, rocket salad , and truffles soft egg laid on mashed potatoes and celeriac.



As I foresee myself careening towards a high uric acid and gout state in my older age, since I am genetically predisposed to it, I thought, heck, I might as well go for the beef while I still can.

My Beef Carpaccio was HUGE!!!!! Very generous portion indeed, and very nice. It's like eating beef sashimi, I guess. Generally, the idea of eating raw animals from the land isn't as appealing as eating those from the sea, maybe because the original cavemen discovered fire, and cooked mammoths and other meats over it....but the carpaccio was tender and succulent.



The Strawberry Bellini is basically a strawberry puree in some bubbly, I'm guessing either a prosecco or a cava. Very refreshing, and deceptively mild. It is priced at RM22++.

The interior of Flams is dotted with pictures of celebrities we are supposed to be able to identify immediately. The one above is Brigitte Bardot, me thinks.

Of course I know not who's posterior is juxtaposed against the famous Parisian landmark. Can anyone enlighten me?

After a brief tour of Bermuda & Onion, we walked over the the quieter area where No Black Tie, Palate Palette and this new place, reside.

Delucca is located on the ground floor of the spanking new building called One Residency on Jalan Nagasari, although the entrance is more on Jln Mesui.


Choices here were the Fabrizio's Home made fish ravioli with tomato zuchinni and prawn sauce. It looked good, and I didnt hear any complaints to the contrary.


The lamb and mint risotto, according to Alexandra, was a bit bland. I am not a risotto fan anyway, so it would have been an unlikely choice for me.


The other choice was the Home made fettucine with spicy seafood. They are rather generous with their prawns. Huge. Alas, a bit overcooked. But I loved the texture of the fettucine. Correctly al dente, and VERY tasty. I won't mind having it again.



Now, the next stop, is a place I've ALWAYS wanted to go, since Awhiffoflemongrass and her clan speak so much about it. So I was thrilled to know we were desserting here.



There were some really interesting drinks offered to us for trying, which are on the menu.

From the back, the Cappucino Crush, the Oh Boi, RM15 nett (calamansi assam boi with a kick), asam boi, RM7, (minus the kick), and my favourite, the CHILI PADI PASSION MARTINI RM20 nett. A whole new range of sensations as the fiery potion goes through your tastebuds. The proprietor, Paul, (I think) was explaining to us the concept behind the drinks, with his American accent.


Desserts offering included Toasted Carrot Cake.....


I am not a hardcore carrot cake fan, and I feel its too healthy a way to end the night....

A gorgeous ginger creme brulee....which I must order when I go again...thanks Alexandra for the bite,


And dark chocolate cheese cake. Contrary to popular belief, I dont eat out all that often, so I reckon, when I do, I might as well indulge.


The cheesecake was VERY rich, a bit TOO rich for me. I guess if you had had a light meal, this will definitely seal the deal.... but otherwise, I'd stick to the ginger creme brulee.

Now, this entire package is priced at an AMAZING RM51++, if you purchase it from Nibbleish. I reckon that is REALLLLLY good value for money. So, want to kill three birds with one stone, go for it!!!


Alexandra@Chefspiration said...

Woo hoo you finally posted it :) hehe...was wondering when that might go up. Was great meeting you as well! Will definitely have to catch up another time with more delicious food...

gfad said...

For a minute there, I thought Dean and Deluca came to town..

That plate of fish ravioli looks delish. As for the photos, maybe 'old' Unkaleong would be able to enlighten us..

This Phillipe Le Francois, does he have a Chinese wife? One of hubby's old friends from Penang, I think. I remember her telling us her French hubby is a chef.

What exactly do we get for RM51++??

CUMI & CIKI said...

LOVE Bardot.. one can never have too much eyeliner! haha..

erm, me thinks the other is fashion icon TWIGGY.. could be wrong:P

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I agree with Ciki! One can never have too much eyeliner! =P

That's a generous plate of carpaccio! I think the fettuccine looks most appealing to me... ;)

Nic (KHKL) said...

wow, that much food for only RM51++?? a real deal lah! perhaps we should all go for a crawl liddat!

i've always been curious about delucca after a meeting with LL and her clan at pp...this is a chance!

Life for Beginners said...

"one can never have too much eyeliner!"Oh my dear, you said it! You look absolutely smashing in yours! And not many ladies can carry that off! :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oooh that reminds me...I hafta get in touch with Chefspiration to collect my Nibblish coupon. How come you don't give me any coupons ar, tangechi?

Dunno why, but I was drawn to your picture of the risotto. You're good lar.

Btw, where got my clan go to PP wan? (unless you think my clan is the young and happening youth of today la @_@)

550ml jar of faith said...

That fish ravioli looks magnificent! Love the Changkat BB area, so much good stuff all packed in that cluster! I think it's Twiggy in that picture too... only she can make stick-thin legs look good!!

thule a.k.a leo said...

It is really a good deal :) too bad I can't go anywhere without bringing my baby along at the moment. Gone were the days where my wife and I went everywhere without having to worry about anything. Guess that I have to wait until the baby is bigger... or my in-law or even my parents agree to look after her for the weekend... hahaha!

thenomadGourmand said...

ahhh... so u DO come dwn to KL for food..contrary to hwat Unka said ;p

Changkat BB area has loads of gd place to eat, and I think LL's clan hang-out plc is more Max Kitchen no?

Anonymous said...

wow...what an amazing place!

Anonymous said...

You eat very well! An amazing dinner. We don't know how much that is in U.S. dollars, but we can figure out the conversions. It definitely looks like a lot of really good food.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha yes indeed when one can get a free supper, y not eh?? looks like there was some exercise involve as u guys were basically looping aroung changkat bb too!

fatboybakes said...

nipple joe, oh, yes, loads of exercise....probably burnt the calorie equivalent of one rocket leaf...

duodishes, it works out to USD14.20. is that cheap or expensive?

burpandslurp, which place??? all ah? but yeah, all three places were nice.

fatboybakes said...

TNG, haha, well, this is the 21st century...thank God, in those days i used to have to hike through jungle and mountain to get to KL, so yeah, these days its possible to come to KL for food. LL's clan are very versatile...

thule, bring the baby la. i dont think they'll charge you for that.

550ml, yeah, i think u & ciki are right, its prob twiggy...and yup, that fish ravioli did look good!

thamby, gosh, thanks for reminding me, i completely forgot abt the nibbleish card. u wannornot?

LFB, snigggger.......

fatboybakes said...

hairy berry, i tot u were the chieftain of thamby's clan!

bangsar babe, if they maintain that kind of portions, and standard, i'd say it was a super steal!!!

ciki, i think u're right lar. i mean why else would they feature someone so sticklike and expect ppl to recognise?

gfad, aiyo, i dun go around asking ppl if they have chinese wives... i dunno leh.
for RM51, you get precisely that la, choice of starter, main and dessert....

alexandra, i knowwwww, we must. and yeah, i've been uncharacteristically slow this time round in posting. usually i very efficient wan!

thule a.k.a leo said...

Aiyo FBB... you think bring the baby out is easy ke??? Not to forget diapers, milks, etc... it's like you are going out on vacation than for dinner... hahaha!!!

Pureglutton said...

For rm51++ i think that's a pretty good deal. OMG that prawn in the seafood fettucine looked positively EVIL! And those 2 red chilli padis in your martini looked like the devil's horns too...LOL! Such an evil meal!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Wow, nice pics! How come I can't take the pics as wonderful as yours? *hmph, i'll blame it on the camera* :) aww that's so sweet of you saying that we are very friendly people from Hope to see you in another makan event!

-esther from

Nigel Wong said...

Hi guys, err FBB sorry ah - the cost for your combo was RM 57 nett :)

A quick update:

1. Everything is now customizable - we'll be releasing a calculator in a few days come 1st May - in the meantime if anyone wants something specific just email us at

2. Privilege card privileges will be out 1 May - continuously adding more so check back regularly.

Finally FBB - there is one more Wong'ette' you haven't met yet.


FBB said...

hi nigel, thanks for the clarification. same la, RM51++ and RM57 net. almost anyway...even cheaper than expected. damn good deal. yes, i heard about the female wongette...

esther, nice meh? aiyo, beginner only la. u should see pictures by people like lyrical lemongrass, masak masak... those are the real pros. (professionals, not prostitutes)

pureglutton, that's what I think too. superb value. that day me and my friend at lunch at crystal jade..siu long baoz and noodles oso RM45 per head liao.

thule, first kid is like that la. when travelling with them, its like going outstation.... but dont worry, by the time u reach the 4th kid, like me, just a teeny weeny bag will suffice one.

Eunice said...

that julabo makes me laugh! hahaha. bet he has like a hundred aprons and chef dresses just like that huh.

what a life! occupation: eat! photos! brog. the life man!

and man that pic is stunning. the eiffel tower i mean, the eiffel tower :P hehehehe.

qwazymonkey said...

@lyricallemongrass @cumidanciki @nic(khkl) eh how come we never thought of going to Palate Palette today lah? Long time no go d.

@Ah Pa, yeah old man I agree...the guy there speaks with an American accent! Kinda like his distinctive trademark. Now, now don't roll your eyes.

FBB said...

eunice ah, your england very powerful la. what is julabo ah? i google oso cannot find.

qwazymonkey, yalar, why yall never go? and to be fair, Paul is American I understandably he speaketh like them.

Eunice said...

i meant the chef! Be his name something else? On a canggih manggih phone now so can't check.

Raymond said...

love ur foods pics..want to exchange links?