Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One Night In Bangkok Makes a Fat Man ....err...Fatter?

The first stop in our gastronomic adventure was actually at the Food Loft in Central World. A stroll down Saladaeng Rd from our palatial ALL SEASONS HOTEL, Sathorn, (always remember, ALL is better than FOUR) revealed a whole array of interesting eateries, including Zanotti's, which was where we were headed for a birthday celebration later in the trip.

After taking the BTS, and having just literally stepped off our monorail less than an hour ago, I feel its like taking a sampan after having sailed on the QEII. But let's not bitch about our horrendous local public transport, or the screens might melt from the vitriol that will pour forth.

So yeah, no pics in food loft, but it is an amazing food court. From the payment system to the variety, and quality, and interior design, it really makes you wonder why we can't replicate such success models. Anal though, about the picture taking. Can't see the rationale.

The first documented meal therefore, was at this charming little place, called THANG LONG (probably chinese for lantern) in Lang Suan Road.

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No wonder no fat thais. Look at the starters. Even the dips are healthy.

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I think it was probably a fusion place, coz I'm pretty sure these are Vietnamese. You see, after a few glasses of Johnny Walker Green Label as a pre dinner drink, memory becomes hazy.

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Some kinda spring roll, (do you know Malaysians have a thing for stating the obvious? They see a dead body and go, "oh, dah mati ya")

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Lovely deep fried PORK with vermicelli. Another very appealing thing (for me) about Bangkok Cuisine is the ready availability of that very non kosher meat. It's everywhere, from the roadside skewers (SKEWERS, not SEWERS), to fine dining restaurants.

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Some salad-ish thing. Gosh, I really should write down what I eat if I intend to blog about it. But I know I have forgiving readers.

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Tom Yum, which was VERY spicy. A lot of kick. I likey.

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Deep fried fish with an elaborate emebellishment of deep fried lemon grass...yes, it is possible to deep fry lemongrass. (the spice, or is it a herb? not the blogger)

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Cockles with a thick layer of chilli paste on it. Phwaaaah, enough to ignite even the most frigid of people.

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Thang Long exterior and interior.

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We decided to adjourn elsewhere for dessert. And settled here.

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The desserts here were above average. I forgot to take a picture of my own dessert, which was an almond orange cake, a sponge with orangey custardy filling, and a lovely icecream. The profiteroles down below were a tad hard. The warm chocolate cake was good, but not enough to send you running to the toilet to clean up your ahem, ..... cream.

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Can't remember what the pic below is. But all the desserts, as I said, were good. Can't complain, except for the profiteroles, which were a bit hard.

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I was going to blog about the entire culinary experience in the one post, but I guess even I myself would not have the patience to download the pics. So, stay tuned? I hate that phrase. So, until I get inspired again to share with you my deepest most meaningful culinary experiences, adios.


Anonymous said...

"One Night In Bangkok Makes a Fat Man ....err...Fatter?"

If Fat Boy Bakes, then FATTER Boy Bakes BETTER? Always look on the bright side, says I. ;)

P.S. I'd have my lemongrass fresh and feisty, thank you very much, and not deep-fried and dangly.(The herb or the blogger? Does it matter? Heh.)

Ciki said...

man u sure can eat.

Anonymous said...

I'll hv u and kenny know that deep fried lemongrass (d blogger) can be quite delicious. And u dun even need d lard, y'all.

HairyBerry said...

oh...saladaeng...that's the station we alight to get to the patpong market, right? oh, how i remember those explicit, colourful, outspoken, RM15 t-shirts....

forgiving? hehehe...all is forgiven when you present witty posts like these... ;)

Anonymous said...

I really should write down what I eat if I intend to blog about it. ..

At least you have photos. I ate so much in my last trip (14 days x 3 meals a day) but I have like only 2 decent photos.. how sad.. :(

Dang! I should have had more see-hum when I was back instead of that few measly pieces that came with CKT. What I wouldn't do for a plate of barely boiled cockles and the obligatory dish of chili sauce..

I am always amazed at the standard and quality of food outlets in both our neighbouring countries and constantly wonder why we always lag behind despite having claims to some really tasty dishes.

And I'll have you know I miss lemongrass tremendously (the herb and the blogger). It reminds me so much of home, that I constantly need to stuff a bunch in my freezer (as opposed to having the bush in the garden) so that I can have a hot bowl of lemongrassy mushroom soup whenever I feel homesick.

And hey, many many thanks again for your hospitality and the great dinner. I am still swooning over your ginger pudding.. Oh, and whenever I see Choya, I will always remember the scintillating company and conversations over your dinner. :)

fatboybakes said...

dear kat, it was a pleasure meeting you too. err...what is choya? how nice that you stuff lemongrass in your freezer. yes, see hum, ooooh, how can something so good be so bad for you!!!!

hairy berry, you have been MISSED boy!!! welcome back from delhi. yup, that is indeed the same station that leads to the gateway of sin....

lemongrass, the fried lemongrass was EXQUISITE. so are you a herb or a spice? or a condiment?

ciki, when you say, man you sure can eat, ahem, i should clarify that there was a group of 6 of us. i certainly could not tuck into so many dishes, just the wife and me. but on the other hand, one has to work on maintaining one's figure, afterall, the moniker fatboybakes leads to a certain expectation ma.

kenny mah, nah, have to remain fatly agile,....cant degenerate too much into a jabba the hutt otherwise stomach might prevent me from reaching the mixer on the worktop....its like a really fat man at a urinal....

Henry Yeo said...

Heck! even the fast food is better.
where else can you get a Big Mac that actually stands up and a Subway that is 60% filling and 40% bread!!!

deep fried lemongrass...did they julienne it first?

kudos on the dessert selection

Dee said...

A very welcome post. I'm going to Bangkok next month (it's been a while) and was going to Google some decent makan places. Thanks!

Breadpitt said...

haha, always hope i could have a vacation ,if only i have good income, lol! seems like food makes u felt in love with coz its very enjoyable but in other hand also hate it because it makes u fat as well , lol!

Anonymous said...

I Love Lemongrass: I bet you taste even better with lard. ;)

FBB: A really fat man at a urinal? Gosh, that's an image I don't want in my head. Arghhh....

fatboybakes said...

kennymah, EUGH! (to the first comment).

breadpitt, aiya, air asia go holiday very cheap cheap one. put aside 100 bucks a month, in 6 months, you can go liao.

dee, aiyo, bkk is full of decent eating places. fantastic smogarsbord they have.

henry yeo, wah, you mean you tried the big mac in BKK? i couldnt even if wanted to la. so much other stuff to try.

Henry Yeo said...

only when we were short of time to eat between rounds during the Scrabble tournament there. It's either Subway or Big Mac (thankfully, only for lunch on 1 day). Everything else is too slow.

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