Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sushi Dokoro Maeshima


as I was saying,
Sushi Dokoro Maeshima
......what a mouthful for a name of a restaurant, which is more than I can say for its servings though.

In honor of the Budapest Babe, we met up for dinner at SDM, in Federal Hotel. Traffic on that Friday was horrendous, and almost everyone was late. Lemongrass was there, looking regal and as if she owned the place.

The usual complimentary appetiser. I think one could write a book one these alone, as every restaurant seems to serve one of these, but they all one one thing in common. Cost wise, I think its usually less than 20 sen. I mean how much can a few scrunched up greens and few grains of sesame seed cost. I also wonder if its complimentary or are they like the chinese restaurants, where you are charged per head regardless.

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Because it was a cold wintery night, in KL, the alkies decided some hot sake would not go amiss. Me and sake, we go together like ramala alaala ma ga dingie dong.

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The sashimi platter .... well, the quality is no doubt superb. But I think this platter costs RM 215....for as you can see, not a very large amount. To the plebian like me, who can't tell one dead fish from another, it was akin to being slaughtered myself and served as sashimi. Albeit a fatty platter. However, outstanding were the sashimi scallops, succulent and sweet. And the tuna belly. All of one slice.

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I'm not sure what this was, looks like sushi with egg. The most fascinating thing about this dish was the decoration on the plate, which is that flower that has dried, but not pressed.

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You know how pressed flowers and leaves just leave behind their veins.... but its pressed flatter than some women's chests... but this one is kept in its 3D form. Fascinating. Omigoodness, we're paying for decor.

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Okay, the saba shioyaki was very reasonably priced, and tasted very good. Exceedingly fresh, and grilled to perfection.

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I'm not sure what are these, but they remind me of chicken nuggets.

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With luscious lips like these slurping up the chawan mushi, how can one resist. (the chawan mushi, not the lips). I had to order one too. In any case, as I said, it was a cold wintery night. Nothing like warm egg to fill a still famished belly.

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The tempura was good, but nothing to shout about. For RM30, I can't really give accolades for generosity.

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I'm not sure if they had run out of egg by the time we ordered our Chawan Mushi, cos it was only half a cup, as opposed to Nigel's 3/4. Even he remarked, yerr!

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By this time a few of us exclaimed shock and horror when told that THAT WAS IT. Carbo filler time. So added the fried rices to top up. This one here is the plain fried rice, ie, rice with egg. Hats off to the chef for turning something so simple to something so delectable, hence the ability to charge RM8 per bowl. Fan chow fan. Likewise with the garlic fried rice below.

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Ah, if I had to pick a favourite of the night, it would be this. Home made, home pulled noodles. Excellent. The texture of the noodle is perfect, crunchy, rubbery without being overly so, ...really quite special. And I'm not even a fan of cold noodles. I think it was Nigel who said there was something primevial about dipping noodles in soup like that communally and tucking in.

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So, the dinner worked out to RM90 per head, without sake, and RM110 with sake.

At least I had a chance then to justify losing my virginity at AH NGAU, since I've never had it before. I had skipped lunch, so those dainty morsels of raw fish and chicken nuggets really were not enough. Nope, not even the 2 spoonfuls of fried rice.

To be fair, I hear from reliable sources that their OMAKASE is to die for. RM250++, and you're guaranteed satisfaction, both on the tongue and in the belly. Apparently its really good value for money. Well, since I am no Japanese food connoiseur, it will be a snowy day in KL before you see me part with nearly RM300 for that.

However, it was worth the price to pay to meet up with Budapest Babe, and the rest.


Life for Beginners said...

Heheh, I nearly snorted out my morning Milo when I read that line about "Omigoodness, we're paying for decor" line.

Better than paying for a barely-there-bosom-ed, belly-less belly dancer? Remember The Mill? :P

boo_licious said...

yeah, the omakase is definitely a better deal at the end of the day esp when they get in really exotic fish and vegetables freshly flown in from Japan.

My other fav here is the steamed tai fish head, very good down to the last drop of liquid and the gyudon, made from kobe beef.

CUMI & CIKI said...

happie bday lemongrass! thirty-eth rite?!:D i knew kenny got it wrong.. haha

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Yeah, ciki, who'd you trust anyway - Kenny or Fatboybakes? :-P hahahah.

And Fatboy, thanks for the wishes! So sweet lar u. I must say that the food was delicious at this restaurant. Yes, the portions were small, but every bite made me orgasmic (but cannot show the man beside me coz I only just met him hor...dear dear Keith what a lovely man).

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha..i feel for u..esp if u had to share that "big" plate with so many others...ouch...

Nic (KHKL) said...

what was that woman blowing to in that 8th pikchewer? is that LL??

so, what do you think of ah ngau? small portion as well, hor?

i wanted to say i'm surprised that you've never done ah ngau. then again, i realised i'm still a ah wah (chicken wing) virgin..hehehe...

jason said...

Paying for decor! ROFL.

The portion looked really small... but our DSLR Queen is happy ^^

UnkaLeong said...

'Twas good to meet up with you all as well that night. You popped by Ngau Soh's place eh? Prices there have gone up and the size of the portions have been reduced drastically as well..


What's Keith's Blog URL again?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

WTF Hairy! I most certainly do not have a moustache, and that "woman" in the pic is a man lah!!!

fatboybakes said...

unkaleong, yeah, i shared a packet of the ah ngau noodle with de wife. portion was okay. 4.50 i think, for large. after SDM prices, the beef noodle price was like a glass of ocha only. me meet keith first time...dunno anything about him, so dunno url.

jason, yeah, miniscule. any smaller i'd have needed a microscope to find my food. but as i said, to be fair, the quality of the sashimi is very good, and apparently that quality will cost that much anywhere anyway.

hairy, GUFFFFAWWWWWWW.....you wanna die ah?!!! snort...you saying LL has a moustache stubble??? HAW HAW HAW!!! soooo farnee..... that's nigel larrrrr deiii. he's giving his chawan mushi a blow. i was an ah wah virgin until i met lemongrass. in fact, it was the same day i lost my ahwah chicken wings virginity.

nipples, yalor....aitelyu. some more got 5 people on my side of the table, as opposed to 4 on the other.

lemongrass, the portions made you orgasmic or orgasm? quite the different meaning ya know. if it made you orgasmic, then i guess keith, by virtue of sitting next to you, would have benefitted the most.

ciki, you know what they say about what age being the new 30s.....

boo, yes, that's what i heard. lemme save up first.

kennymah, at least the mill was only RM42++...hahah. who cares about the belly dancer!

fatboybakes said...

hahah, hairy, i replied before thamby LL did...so i didnt see her reply. gufffffffffffforrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Nic (KHKL) said...


aiyoh, i was referring to that pouting/blowing/"kissing" half-faced woman at the background lar, the one behind nigel...

i'm soooo misunderstood. i brame my england. haha!

fatboybakes said...

guffaw, young man, you're a CSI or what! how observant. i didnt even notice that. its the kind of thing CSI picks up, "oh look, a reflection in the cawan mushi cup....enhance that image and see if we can get a better view of the killer"....

THOSE luscious lips probably belonged the budapest babe, and i have no idea what she was pouting at... maybe assisting nigel with the blowing.

Life for Beginners said...

Well, there certainly nothing wrong with mustachioed women, and if a woman has to have a moustache, I'd want that woman to be LL. She could carry it off if no one else could.


Lemongrass rolling her eyes said...

Damnit men, I'm quite hairless everywhere except on my head. So kenny, get that fantasy out of your mind and start thinking of Hairy's abundant hair instead.

Sze said...

"To the plebian like me, who can't tell one dead fish from another, it was akin to being slaughtered myself and served as sashimi"

omg you crack me up!

lovely to see you too - hope next time will bring more generous helpings all round :)

Tummythoz said...

Sorry but nowadays I do find the comments more entertaining than your actual post.

Btw, did you just call womanly LL 'thambi'?

Life for Beginners said...

LL: Well, at least we know what sort of bikini wax services you go for now... :P

HairyBerry: For some reason your hair does nothing for me. This thambi LL har... main-main aje...

Luscious Lemongrass said...

tummythoz, FBB's in denial.

Henry Yeo said...

wait until we make you do the MIGF again this year in November. How does Lafite sound to you right now?

fatboybakes said...

henry yeo, who you talking to?

tummythoz, i'm mortally offended! comments better than post? hahahah, sheeeeeesh! anyway, yeah, i always address LL as thamby, and treat her as one of the guys mah. can even talk to her about farting etc...

sze, aiyo, i aspire to write like you la dei.

thamby LL, heh heh, you never know, once you pass a certain age, them follicles might start sprouting...

LFB, gufffawwww...... let's do a photoshop job and see how she'd look.

Henry Yeo said...

of course I am talking to you, fbb.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

hairy ah...aiyo! Things like that cannot be ambiguous wan! See! Kena bamboo di! ;-) Besides how on earth did you mistake ANY lips in that pic for the luscious lyrical's lips? tsk tsk ;-)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hey Henry, I look forward to that review of Lafite at MIGF. ;-) Cannot go lah. Too expensive for my bah-jut. ;-)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

FYI; Keith's Travel Blog. Live vicariously through the basket!