Monday, October 30, 2017

Lady Linda's Intronisation Into the Chaine Des Rotisseurs

Two years ago, we were exposed to the intriguing secret society of sashes and medallions of that food cult called the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, where the hostess with the mostest, Lady Linda Liu Bearne got us picked up in a Rolls Royce, etc... as written about HERE....

When you start with a Rolls Royce, there's only one direction left to go, ie, DOWN, because this time we were picked up only in  a Vellfire, the gall of it I tell you.... Anyway, befitting the occasion, her ladyship decked in bright pink, even if you have half an eye you couldn't miss her, with her two escorts, me sitting in front as the bodyguard and bitch extraordinaire, Toto at the side as the GRO.

Announcing the arrival of her Ladyship, at the KLCC Convention Centre....The perodua in the background is NOT the grabcar that we went in...

 For posterity, lest we forget where the venue is...

Wasn't long before her ladyship found her old friends from the KK Chapter of the Chaine...

The paraphernalia for the Intronisation ceremony, ..I suppose such a word is a cross between Introduction and Solemnisation, hence Intronisation...It was intriguing to see what the swords were for. 

An eating OATH.....well, seeing is believing....  I was half expecting a live chicken to be slaughtered amidst the proceedings, but no such luck...all very fact a bit TOO civilised for the likes of a plebian like me. 

 The proceedings were preceded by a short rehearsal, afterwhich there was processional of the office bearers into the room for the ceremony.  Basically, half of it was in French, so I don't know what they were saying, except a pronouncement of "MONSIEUR" (very loudly)....bla bla bla....Chaine, tap tap the sword....and likewise, for ladies, "MADAME"..

The Chaine actually started off as Goose Roasters who were so good (these days you find the equivalent in Yung Kee in Hong Kong or that other place in Pudu), that they became the Chefs for the French Royalty...

Yay, Yay, I've been Intronised..... 

 Then begins the fun, the free flow champagne and canapes....

 And not a moment too soon....

Another round of speeches and formalities before dinner was served... Unfortunately the lighting in the ballroom was horrendous, so apologies, no decent pics of the food...This  Thalassophile Marble Ocean Terrine was rather interesting, with a yuzu espuma, a lovely tang, with an interesting texture.  The following dish, the cream of parsnip, trout siphon and fish roe was actually my favourite dish.... but I have no decent photos of it, because they're all in Toto's camera. 

The highlight of the evening actually was not the food, but meeting some rather interesting and friendly people, contrary to our initial reservations.  Then again, nothing breaks the ice faster than some plonk. 

Sakura Chicken, Roasted Ballotine, truffle  Manchengo polenta and hazelnut crunch. ...Interesting choice of dish, you rarely get chicken at these kind of poshy poshy events .

The Duo of beef buttered fondant was terribly disappointing, as the meat was wayyy to welldone. which later I found out was because of the long speeches, and the meat was sitting there cooking in it's own heat.  What a pity.

Honey Lime Glaze Atlantic Cod, which I thought was better than the beef. 

 This violet lavender mousse with cylindra sorbet and verbena meringue, all the products you'll find a in a spa product, actually was the star of the show.  Lovely interesting mix of flavours, and although I am not a lavender fan, I thought this mousse did well.

That time of night lor.... when the starch dissipates and people start to loosen up....

A really interesting night, to say the least, thanks muchly to Lady Linda for the generous invitation, and a toast to the newly intronised Chaine des Rotisseurs member....

Friday, October 20, 2017

Goa By Hubba, Inspired Indian Cuisine by an Inspired and Inspirational Chef

Whenever my dear friend, and one of my favourite chefs, Sapna Anand helms a culinary caper, I always know I am in for a treat.  This time, the inimitable author of the NEW INDIAN KITCHEN cookbook (MPH Masterclass series) is collaborating with Hubba Hubba Ceylon to innovate and revamp their concept, with Goa By Hubba.

For the uninformed, Goa is a state in Western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.  I remember reading about Goa in our history books, coz supposedly St Francis Xavier was exhumed from Malacca and brought there....

Anyway, described as an OASIS OF SINS AND SPICES, Goa By Hubba also features, in addition to their fantastic food menu, a series of Goan Inspired Cocktails, which are deceptively mild, and rendered a few of the ladies in our midst with a nice tipsy buzz by the end of the night.

We start with Papadum with Peanut and Moong Dhal Salsa....the papadums seem to be baked, and taste exceedingly healthy. This was paired with a lovely Rasam Shooter.

Chowpatty Fire Roasted Corn with chilli lime salt and herbed cheese dip.  Chowpatty is a famous food street in Mumbai.  Whilst it may look familiar, (the grilled corn), the herbed cheese dip really embellished the simple dish.

Garlic Methi Chicken Skewers - Garlic & Fenugreek chicken skewers, fire roasted and served with mint chutney.  All I can say is, delicious.

Paneer Pizza, so simple and so yummy...Suitable for vegetarians I believe, as there was no meat.

Spicy Chicken Lollipop, the perfect food with the cocktails that were being served.  So easy to eat, and that spicy sweet glaze, actually I reckon there's some oriental influence too.

Snapper in Tumeric Leaf.. Usually I am not a fan of fish marinated and cooked in leaves, but this was done very well, the snapper was fresh, and moist, and very tasty.

Marinated with Goan red paste ....

Mutton floss mantao, undoubtedly my FAVOURITE dish of the night, and I'm not even usually a mutton fan.  Complex flavours and different textures, a nice crunch from the crispy shallots, the well marinated pulled meat..

Sheer parcels of pleasure.

Garlic Butter Prawn with Fried Mantao.....Okay, this dish reeks of Chinese influence, with fried mantao and all, and it was very good, a perfect combination.   Apparently it was supposed to be crab.

The cocktails we had, Masala Mantra, Rootin Tootin, Blue Basilico (I liked this cos it wasn't as sweet as the rest, made from tequila, blackcurrant liquer, bluberry puree, lemon juice, basil and nutmeg), Passion Play, Pandan Pixie and Spiked Mango Lassi.

Beef Vindalho, or Vindaloo as we commonly know it, which is actually Portuguese for Wino De Alohs, which means wine soaked meat.  Can't go wrong with this Goan favourite, served with Cranberry Rice.

The gorgeous Sapna Anand, you can always feel her passion and genuine warmth whenever she speaks.

The mixologist preparing the spiked mango lassi, which was superb.

Address: 1 Bukit Ceylon (Invito Suites Hotel),
1 Lorong Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 017-7867611