Saturday, July 14, 2018

Go With THE GOOD GUYS for this World Cup 2018 Finals, Plaza Arkadia

Frankly, and I know I can be lynched, flayed and scalped for saying this at this time, I couldn't be less interested in football or soccer, so when I was invited to the Carlsberg and TGG launch of the restaurant and bar in Plaza Arkadia, as a venue to watch the finals, I was seriously in two minds whether or not to go.  But then, the lure of a Carlsberg party tipped the scales, as they always know how to throw a good one.  TGG in case you are wondering, stands for THE GOOD GUYS (perasan much?)

Well, as fate would have it, I can safely say I know at least ONE Good Guy in the group of THE GOOD GUYS, an old friend who is also one of the co-owners...the other 4 I cannot vouch for their goodness or otherwise, but heck, sometimes just knowing one is good enough.

The good guy, Brian Wong and I.

Located in the trying to be swanky Plaza Arkadia, THE GOOD GUYS is actually located away from the madding crowd, and aims to be a family but yet happening kind of place.  The extensive porky menu looks interesting, and if I am not wrong, this is their second outlet, the first being in Damansara Uptown.  To add to the "family friendly" theme, it is the only outlet in Plaza Arkadia that serves Sommersby Cider on tap.  Although I know it's not alcohol free, somehow in my mind cider ranks as "soft drink".

Big Screen Area, perfect to watch the Finals of the World Cup. 

The place has a comfortable area which has a large screen, almost like a large living room, but I imagine or dread to imagine how packed it will be on the night of the finals.  However, I think the entire street and plaza will be filled with the World Cup Finals related events.

The owners were presented a special bottle of beer by Carlsberg MD, Mr Lars Lehmann, a bottle that contains yeast from 1883.  I really would be quite curious to know what that bottle tastes like.

 Managing Director Lars Lehmann with that precious bottle brewed with 1883 yeast...

Leeching on to Mr Lehmann to "tumpang glamour".

As with many establishment run by Malaysians of Chinese descent, of course the ubiquitous Lion Dance and ceremonial roast pig are essential as emblems of good fortune and prosperity as well as a visit by the god of  Prosperity himself.  This launch was no different, and even had the cacophonous explosion of fire crackers to ward away any spirits that were not Carlsberg related.

The ceremonial pig...

A visit by the god of Prosperity...

The Lions are checking out the roast pig...

Cheers to the Lions.....With Probably the Best Beer....

And the ceremony ends with a bang...

Of course nothing like freshly carved roast piggy with Probably the Best Beer In the World.

So, head on to THE GOOD GUYS (TGG) at Plaza Arkadia for the World Cup Finals. 

I look forward to checking out their food menu soon, which looks exceedingly promising.