Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You A Lil Fat Monkey

I have finally succumbed!

Thanks Monkey for designing the adorable logo and printing the name cards for me. It kinda makes sense I guess, since at all these food events, I got no card to give.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First, not the Magazine

Public Service Announcement, for myself: FBB will be conducting his inaugural (aka Virgin) baking class on 22nd August 2009 at THE COOKING HOUSE. Check the website HERE for further details.

When Ryan Khang told me that he's gotten me a pass to attend the FHM, (Food Hotel Malaysia 2009), I was rather thrilled, coz I remember reading about it in Masak Masak (my idol)'s blog years ago, and thinking, "wahhhhh, if only I had the chance to attend such an event".....

Pah, little did I know it's basically opened to all and sundry...though supposedly trade related visitors only. But doesnt the whole world need to Food and go to hotels? So by extension, the whole world is really trade related visitors. Chis, there went the aura of exclusivity.

Nevertheless, where there is food, especially free food, you'd find many a happy camper. So I merrily trot along on the first day of the FHM, and do my rounds.


There is of course a dizzying gallimaufry of foods, ranging from stuff for the rakyat, to gourmet odds and ends, which were few and far between. Fresh produce, baked stuff, desserts, fried stuff, ..... the song from Oliver, Food Glorious Food sprang to mind, although some of the stuff were FAR from glorious. On day 3, Nigel, Master Baker from Just Heavenly Pleasures, managed to pick up some bargains, including a block of smoked salmon, 1kg, for only RM65.


Having just interviewed Chef Ismail but two weeks ago, I find this affable celebrity chef to be a delight to talk to. It was nice bumping into him doing a demo, with the other celebrity Chef, Florence Tan, and Jimmy Liew. I love the animated interaction between them. It really added a special touch in an otherwise impersonal and almost cold exhibition. Of course, friends from THE COOKING HOUSE and MY NOURISHMENT booth are like extended family by now. Afterall, they are the ones who got me the pass.


Machinery in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of accessories for chefs, from shoes, to toques. Some of the machinery look positively menacing. The huge cake mixer looks large enough to mix concrete. Another interesting machine was the giant vibrator. I think its used to separate the chaff from the wheat.


Lastly, (there was an entire section that I missed, drat it!), I paid RM8 to enter the Culinaire Hall, where aspiring chefs and established chefs are pitted against each other in various competitions. In the middle of the hall, in an examination hall like set up, chefs were diligently and carefully carving pumpkin. I wonder how they grade these things?
Cleanliness - 10%
Intricate Carving - 50%
Realisticness - 20%
Ability to speak English - 10%?
Speed - 10%

I'd love to be a food examiner or judge. Then we can be brutally honest, without fear or favour.

On display were also a variety of ghastly wedding cakes, plated foods, that looked almost plastic. Sigh, if you ask me, the Culinaire was a waste of RM8, which I could have used for parking, instead of exposing myself to the influenza pandemic by taking the LRT with the masses.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. And thanks guys, you know who you are, for showing up for the demo.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rice Cafe, A Hidden Gem

Tucked away in that little row of shophouses on Lorong Maarof, a new little cafe has opened next to the laundrette. (Same row as HSBC ....someone huffed and said, WHERE got HSBC in Bangsar.... duhhh, HOT AND SPICY BEST CURRY LA)

Rice Cafe. Simple, straight to the point. Rice, the staple diet of every good Asian person. Before carbs became evil, that is. This simple, elegant cafe is the perfect lunchtime ...and breakfast spot, actually. The fragrance of Aromatic Aik Cheong coffee wafts through the premises.

For breakfast, good old nasi lemak, with all my favourite ingredients. Fried egg, (requested with runny yolk), lovely fried chicken, delicious sambal.... my only grouse was the rice that wasn't fluffy enough. I love fluffy rice. Though there are a great number out there who prefer softer wetter rice.

Half boiled eggs done to perfection. Ah, looking at them makes me want some now. If it weren't for the implications of clogged arteries, I could eat eggs everyday. I LOVE half boiled eggs.

The wife ordered the Singapore Fried Meehoon. I am not usually a meehoon fan, but this was yummy. Piping hot, and very flavoursome. The right hint of sweetness and saltiness.

Nasi dagang even! I loved the texture of THIS rice. Fluffy, and almost al dente. Pity I was already stuffed on nasi lemak, so could only try a spoonful or so of the nasi dagang.

Yummy fish curry. I think it was a mackerel of sorts, if not tenggiri. But it wasn't tongkol.

Oh, I have to say, their signature dish is their Assam Laksa, but as of press time, I have no photograph of it. Quite honestly, I reckon its one of the best Assam Laksas I've had in a long long time. Of course, the hot mama who runs the place....makes it even hotter. Or two hot mamas, should I say. They also have set lunches daily, and are opened from breakfast to dinner time.

I shall be taking pics of the Assam Laksa pretty soon.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In Yodelling Mode : Ozeki For The Old Lady

Actually, she doesn't look a DAY over 30 something.

It's the arduous fitness regime and diet she's on, I reckon, and maybe even the yoga. At 4X, she's more lithe and nimble than most youth of today. Of course, I am not even within the comparable range. I'm as flexible as Y20 steel bar. But not even as strong.

I cannot believe I first met her in 1983, when some of the blog readers here were barely born, or not born. (Nipple Joe, you weren't even a dirty thought yet, WERE you! Toy Boy, you were probably still peeing in yer pants!)

Time flies, almost as fast as sound, as as fast as our new marathon runner extraordinaire, Toyboy, who apparently broke the sound barrier at the recent Adidas Run. It's been a year since she embraced the new poodle, at the Mill, and later on adjourning to Pulse, which she misheard as Piles.

Anyway, old girl, you're one of a kind, and I am grateful to God that our paths crossed.

Sooooo, since its kinda a milestone year, birthday girl graciously hosts a lovely dinner at Ozeki. Dinner guests comprised of friends spanning the decades. From the 80s, 90s and 00s. A cosy, intimate dinner. Free flowing sake, on a Tuesday night, and absolutely gorgeous looking food.


The ubiquituous undefinable starters that are signature to most japanese restaurants.

I've Never Bean To Me springs to mind.

A lovely beef carpaccio-ish thingie, dunno what its called, with Japanese mayonaise. Japonaise? Drat, that means something else. Tender slivers of raw beef, drowned in some soya sauce, topped with generous green garnishing. Oh, hangon, was it tuna? (the meat I mean). Help, someone.

A lovely crisp salad, with delicious yet unoily croutons, in a tangy dressing. If I remember correctly, there were soft shell crabs on the salad as well. Sake is like a delete button for the memory, I think.

The Fabulous Ozeki styled sashimi platter. Various kinds of fresh uncooked dead fish, with different types of condiments. Yummy. Admittedly, its a bad picture, ...but the different blotches of colour should clue you in as to the variety of sensations to the palate.

The super sushi roll, lots of lovely ingredients.

Yummy prawn gyozas. And the tails protruding out aren't just for show. There is a real whole prawn in there.


Saba Mackerel. My favourite. I could eat this everyday. Yet, I so rarely get to eat it.

Absolutely divine!!!! Pieces of wagyu beef lightly seared..... good beef doesn't need no friends, they can be consumed just like that.

Dobin Mushi. Soup in a teapot. These Japanese think of everything. Soon it'll be beer in a milk bottle. Chunks of golden needle mushroom bits of seafood, and chicken. Much like a cawan mushi, sans egg.

A satay platter minus the satay sauce. No la, Yakitoris I think they're called. The one at the far right is the TONGUE yakitori, my absolutel FAVOURITE.....GIMME TONGUE GIMME TONGUE. If you think about it, no wonder tongue is really expensive. One whole cow afterall only has one tongue.

At this unfortunate point, my camera ran out of battery. So I didnt manage to photograph the birthday girl blowing her cake, or the extra orders of food us greedy peeople ordered despite the feast above.

Anyway, happy belated, DEAF ONE, and hear's to many more.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Chow Tut At Integricity

Excerpts from an email I received from Fratmustard about 2 weeks back.

Start of Excerpt


(definition by Integricity employees)
CHOWTUT [chow-tut]- noun / verb
An excessive dose, especially of food or alcoholic beverage
"Wahhh! Last night I chowtut at Changkat!"
"That fella sleeping la... he chowtut for lunch"


You are sitting down at your desk. Your stomach is growling.You are wondering what to have for lunch. Ideas spin your head round and round... too many good things to eat. If you eat "A" today, you'll miss out on "B"... and what about "C"? Arrghhh decisions... decisions...

I felt like that once... and I found a solution ... CHOWTUT!

The ultimate smorgasbord of orgasmic-OMFG-fingerlickin'good-auntieonemoreplate food all in one place... at the same time.

- Teluk Pulai BKT (Klang)
- Pork Knuckle from Hat Yai Street (Bangsar)
- Village Park Nasi Lemak (DU)
- Char Siew only from 747 (Sunway Mas)
- Beef balls & spare parts (Tengkat Tong Shin)
- Pan Heong mee mamak and Sang Har Mee
- Mama's Kitchen Pork Noodles and creamy butter squid (TTDI)
- Krispy Kreme for dessert

Did I just hear you climax?


So far, this has been an Integricity only function. However,
some people have heard about it and they have requested for
a place and to join in. As we do not have the office space
to cater for THAT many people... this is a invitation
only makan session... and I'm inviting you guys (and your
partners)... but you still need to pay for your share.

End of Excerpt

Wow, I had to meet this group of foodie enthusiasts extraordinaire. A food scavenger hunt, so to speak. Why hasn't anyone really thought of this concept earlier?

Out of deference to their Muslim colleagues, the team ensured there was THIS for them to consume. Actually, there was village pork, oops, park, nasi lemak...but aside from that I think everything else was tainted with ba alif ba ya.


Oh, and the Krispy Kremes, of course, have no meat. It was only my 2nd time sampling them. I had the plain glazed ones.



Frankly I don't really know what the hype is about Krispy Kremes. It's okay, a tad on a sweet side actually. It's still a doughnut at the end of the day.

The lovely creamy buttered squid and errr...dried buttered squid? From Mama's kitchen in Taman Tun. Love those strands of heart clogging deep fried stuff.

I have to say this was the highlight. Char Siu from 747, Dataran Sunwaymas. I HAVE TO GO TO THIS PLACE!!!! As there was a large crowd, we only managed have a couple of slivers of this absolutely divine piece of pork. Well, I guess that wanting and waiting in anticipation for more will make the trip to 747 more worthwhile. Have to find companions that won't Fong Fei Kei for 747.

Pork (more of it) yee mee from Mama's Kitchen. Mama's is actually renowned for their claypot lou shee fun and siu yoke mee, and is a branch of that roadside stall along Jalan Sultan, which has filled many a drunken tummy at the wee hours of the morning.

Famous Mee Mamak from Pan Heong. In one fell swoop, I lost my 747 and Pan Heong Virginity. Twas yummy. Not as hot and spicy and greasy as the usual mee mamaks.

Frat, surrounded by holes everywhere.


Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh. Can't really go wrong there. Thanks Boolicious for sponsoring this!


Village park nasi lemak. I didnt manage to try this, as I was stuffed.


Beef balls from Ngau Kee. Springy and delicious.

beef tripe from ngau kee as well.

Sang Har Kueh Teow from Pan Heong. Actually, it was a pity, I think the prawns must have continued cooking in the hot sauce, so I found them a bit overcooked, though tastewise, it was splendid. I cant wait to try the real mccoy in Batu Caves.


Frat and his err....master, both enjoying the oozing cream from the krispy kreme.



So yeah, definitely the highlight for me was the excellent charsiu and also wantan mee from 747! I so wanna go there soon.

It was great meeting all these foodie flers from Integricity. Floggers present were Boolicious of Masak Masak, Tham Jiak, Bangsar Babe, and A whiff of lemongrass, who missed the 747 charsiu coz she was 1 hour late.

Thanks Jek & Frat for hosting this! It was great. Do it again soon pleeeeez.