Thursday, August 23, 2018

Skybar's Slew of New Cocktails (and Mocktails)

Yikes, thousand apologies to the good people at Traders for this belated post...for some reason I thought I had posted about this long ago.

The Skybar in Traders is really one of the nicest place to have a drink in KL, and a great place to bring visitors, for its almost 360 Degree vistas of KL, with the iconic KLCC on the one side and the upcoming TRX (aka Sauron's tower) tower on the other....Both sides, at night especially, is rather breathtaking.

The view from the Skybar


In addition to their comprehensive selection of drinks, they have recently added a slew of new cocktails to the menu.  The mixologist, Hafiz, whipped up a couple of interesting concoctions.

Iz Bananz, (sounds like It's bananas), Cachaca Rum, Amaro Monetegro, Banana Liqeur and Lemon Juice...A bit too sweet for me, but definitely those who like sweet cocktails will find this refreshing.

The Fig Sour was popular, a long queue waiting for this...
Walnuts and Figs Infused Bourbon, Fig, Lemon Juice, Eggwhite. 

It's never too early for a cocktail, according to Noel Coward.  And I totally agree.

Tropical Gin Fizz, one of my favourites, Tanqueray, pineapple juice, lemon juice..

East and Zest, belvedere vodka based, lychee, pineapple, etc, and is listed as a signature cocktail.  Cocktails like these can be dangerously deceptive, cos the effects of the alcohol hits you only later, masked by the effervescent flavours of the tropical fruit juices.

Pandan Sour, pandan infused gin, egg white, lemon juice. 

The Asian Delight, basically tequila based, which basically I would shy away from, as tequila and I have a bad history together.

Traders Events are always very generous with their food, even if it is at Traders Bar, so we went back happy and stuffed.

Another angle of the FIG SOUR...

Most of the cocktails are priced around RM46.

For reservations, call 03-23329911

Friday, August 17, 2018

An Afternoon With Mr Pio Boffa of PIO CESARE Wineries, Italy, Paired With Lunch At Topshelf TTDI

When I received the invitation for the above, I was thrilled, because I was actually considering going for the event at Graze, KL Hilton or at Stoked, as I recall with fondness (and slight trepidation) my earlier experience with Pio Cesare Wines back in 2014.  However the two places were fully booked, so I couldn't have gone even if I wanted to.

Memories come flooding back of that Masterclass, with 15 different types of wines to sample....You see, because wines are a luxury item in this country, when one attends a "tasting", one is loathe to swirl, sip and "sayang" as they say.  (such a waste).

Anyway, Italian wines paired with the food by the talented Christopher Yee of Topshelf and Sucre Studio, I knew I was in for a treat.

The Pio Cesare, founded in 1881 by Cesare, (Pio being the family name), was among the first winemakers in Italy, because he believed in the potential and quality of the Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera Grapes of Piemonte.  5 generations later, the Pio Cesare, based in Alba, has been producing traditional Piemontese Wines.

You can check out the the website for more info at

We were honored to have the man himself, Mr Pio Boffa, great grandson of the founder, to tell us more about his family wines.

La mer
We start the meal with the Saveur La Mer, torched fine oysters, grilled scampi and snapper ceviche paired with the Gave DOCG 2016.  The freshness of fruit and the crisp fragrance is a great complement to the marine offering.

Next, the lovely Barolo DOCG 2013 with the Roast Lamb Loin.

Grape Varietal 100% Nebbiolo, mild tannins, very easy to drink, and paired well with both the lamb and the duck.

Also pairing with the lamb was the Ornato Barolo DOCG 2012, also 100% Nebbiolo, but exceedingly rich, and full bodied, more like a celebration wine, that one doesn't just swig like a sailor downing his beer.

Special mention for Chef Christopher's Tempura Kimchi & Brie which was AAABSOLUTELY deeeeeeevine.

The Pan Roasted Duck Breast, like a beautiful bridesmaid, almost stole the main show for this offence to the wines.

Paired with the Ornato from earliers, as well as Barbaresco DOCG 2012, and "Il Bricco" Barbaresco DOCG 2012, I was really having quite a food moment. Grapes from the hills of San Stefanetto, this classic Barbaresco with its mild tannins make it a gentle but elegant wine.  The Il Bricco, the more expensive cousin to the plain Barbaresco, also comes across as a special occasion wine.

And finally, the Chocolate Creemus, With Salted Meringue & Poached Berries, absolutely delicious way to end the meal.  And I'm not usually one to wax lyrical about desserts, but this one was worth waxing about.

For more info on these wines, contact

Michelle Hor

Wines Division Director

No. 1 & 3, Jalan PJU 3/49 Sunway Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : +603 78832828
Fax: +603 78832928

And for that amazing cuisine,
61 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Malaysia Boleh Food Court At Robinsons Evolution, or Is It at the Four Seasons?

It's ironic to say the least, a food court in the heart of KL, serving the best of Malaysia Hawker style food in comfortable surrounds, called MALAYSIA BOLEH, is actually run by a Singapore company.

Located at the Four Seasons place, which is at the basement of Robinsons, this food court must be a boon to the office crowds in the vicinity, which sorely lacks an affordable  non halal food court, which probably explains the throngs queuing up the minute the clock strikes 12 noon.

Opened by the Fei Siong Group, (from Singapore), the launch event was one with the usual Chinese pomp and fanfare, from ribbon cutting to the quintessential Lion Dance for good fortune.  The occasion was graced by the Deputy High Commissioner of Singapore, Mr Mark Neo.

A bevvy of VIPs, including  Mr Philip Pang, CEO of  Fei Siong Group,  some actor celebrities, and the Deputy High Comm, officiated the ceremony with the ribbon cutting.

Malaysia Boleh food court has over 19 varieties of hawker type food... including Penang Prawn Noodles, Chicken Rice, Claypot Chicken Rice, Char Kueh Teow, Cendol.  Okay, to be fair, at the launch event, I only got to try the Curry Mee, and the Cendol, as the place was frenetic.  But by most accounts and feedback, the reviews have been positive, so I guess I really need to make another trip there.

The Deputy High Commissioner Mr Mark Neo giving his welcome address...

A rather cute door gift, with blast from the past items, like haw flakes, coconut candy...

My curry mee, which sadly, did not have cockles..... 

Q&A with the media...

The Cendol was pretty good.... despite the mass production...

Definitely worth another visit. 

Oh side note, parking in that building is helluva expensive, so if you are cheapskate like me, you're better off parking in Avenue K and walking across, or even KLCC.