Monday, September 03, 2018

An Old Soul, With A New Menu.... Souled Out

Slightly over a month ago, just prior to the World Cup Finals, Souled Out Bangsar South launched some new items on their menu.  Souled Out, an Iconic name, a first mover of the hip and happening bistro cum bar restaurants...I recall with fondness their first outlet in that shoplex area in Mont Kiara...and thereafter when they moved to Desa Sri Hartamas.

The outlet in Nexus, Bangsar South, is pretty swanky, with a large semi outdoor area (as in it's covered outdoor), and seems to be a great watering hole for the Bangsar South hip and happening.

Around 50 new items have been added to their menu, so really, if comfort food is their thing, you will definitely find comfort in some way or other.

The new menu is about inclusion and embracing diverse cuisines from around the world. We want to cater to a wider range of taste profiles, so no matter what you are in the mood for, you can get it at SOULed OUT. In keeping with the times, the exciting flavours of the new menu items are presented in a contemporary style, aiming to reignite excitement and create buzz about our food as well as keep people coming back for more,” said Cassie Wong, Head of Marketing for the SOULed OUT Group.

Starting with their pizzas, the roasted duck pizza ( RM24),and nasi lemak pizza were rather interesting.  I personally preferred the roast duck pizza..I mean how wrong can you go with roast duck right.  But somehow the toppings for the nasi lemak pizza ..called Asiana, (but inspired by nasi lemak for sure), I think are best served with a piping hot serving of nasi lemak.

Asiana Pizza RM18

The Summertime salad, grilled seafood and orange vinaigrette, (RM27), I wouldn't say is revolutionary, but it does fulfil the criteria of a salad, a good balance of veg to other stuff, and most importantly, well dressed.

My favourite dish of the night, Kake Udon (RM21), a hearty broth with udon, and that every important runny egg.  Definitely I'd reorder this.

Classic Steamed Mussels in White Wine, Garlic, accompanied with village bread (RM39)...I'm not sure if Village bread meant it came from Village Grocer or some unspecified village....but this, as the name implies, IS a classic dish, and the breads soak up the lovely white wine sauce and make for a lovely combination.

Bangers and Mash (RM19)....I have to say their price point is really also one of their selling points.  Again, whilst not particularly revolutionary, the bangers were rather good, (I think they were chicken), and no complaints about the mash either.

I especially like the Patatas Bravas, chunky potatoes that make french fries look anorexic...RM9, a great beer snack if you ask me.

Okay, Sweet and Sour Fish served with egg fried rice, RM24...not my thing, so I'll give it a pass.  Not because it was bad, but I just don't fancy the combination at all.

Beef Ragout pasta, RM24, a distant cousin of Bolognaise, probably, again, a classic combination you can't really go wrong with, ground beef, pasta, tomato based sauces.

Bhuna Chawal, Indian Style Fried Rice with with cauliflower, chicken and prawns.  For some reason I thought it was vegetarian.  RM18.  Nice, I liked this dish.  Lots of variety of flavour for a fried rice.

Usually the idea of healthy desserts make me balk, not least when it has raw "vegetables" like spinach etc, BUT, I have to say, the YODA, (RM18), made from avocado, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, banana, spinach,...was very good.  Actually it can also pass off as a breakfast dish if you ask me.  I actually thought it looked visually quite interesting.

Pink Panther (RM18), made from dragon fruit, banana, yoghurt, chia seeds, ..pretty much in the same vein as YODA.  I prefer the latter.

And finally, Cheers....

Following its introduction at SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Bangsar South, the new menu will be introduced in stages at other SOULed OUT outlets soon. Interested parties can call 03 2242 3308 / 013 613 1663 for reservations at SOULed OUT Bangsar South.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Best Value Bacon Brunch At Leonardo's Dining Room and Wine Loft, Jln Bangkung

When I picked up my "plus one" fellow food lover, @anitaeats on Instagram, she said, she forgot to bring a bottle of white.  I said, huh?  Bring a bottle of white for what?  It's a champagne brunch we're going for.  She said, "Are you sure?  It's just a bacon brunch la"...I said, no no, I"m quite sure it's a champagne or bubbly brunch.

Well, turns out I was only semi correct.  Yes, there is bubbly and champagne, available for ala carte orders, but here's the clincher, they are so reasonably priced, it's almost too good to be true.  As alcohol is usually the most important part of the equation in a meal, for me, I shall say a bit more about the bottles.

The Taittinger is priced at RM230, (usually RM336),
The Anna at RM168 (UP270),
Zonin at RM150 (UP 240),
Nederburg RM135 (UP 204), and the
Mc Guigan at RM135 (UP204).

If that alone isn't reason to head there on a Sunday, especially the next two coming long weekends, (Monarch's birthday and Malaysia Day), the next compelling reason would definitely be the bacon spread itself.  Priced at a very reasonable price of RM39++ (or RM24++ per child below 15), the glorious spread at this porcine paradise is really in my opinion one of the best values bacon brunches.

Sausage wrapped with bacon, vegetables wrapped with bacon, bacon and tomato, ..and an egg station as well for bacon (if you must) omelettes or eggs done in other styles.


Bacon and eggs perhaps?

For the more health conscious, there is also a sizeable spread of salads, quinoa, pastas...


My very delicate and carefully curated breakfast platter.....

There is also a decent selection of desserts...

Now just in case the brunch spread is insufficient, (in which case I'd really like to meet the person with such voracious appetite), there is a bacon antipasti add on, priced at RM15++ per dish, which include :
Spaghetti Carbonara With Bacon
Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream
Waffle With Bacon and Fried  Eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms with salad,
Penne Pork Bolognaise
Bacon Fried Rice with Pork Satay
Bangers And Mash With Chorizo Sausage and Onion Gravy.

We were fortunate to be able to try all the 5 bottles in the selection, starting with the lowest priced one and making our way upwards.  Needless to say, the Taittinger was the best.

Yes, this favourite..

Anyway, I reckon for around RM200 per head, you should be able to walk away with a bursting stomach and a pleasing buzz for the rest of the Sunday.

Leonardo's Dining Room and Wine Loft
61-1 Jalan Bangkung
Bukit Bandaraya
Tel: 03-2096 2226