Friday, October 12, 2007

Rick's Cafe

Modelled after cafe of same name in famous classic, Casablanca, which 95% of the young people at the table had never heard of, probably, this cozy place is located in One Bangsar, that enclave of upmarket restaurants that I rarely ever visit.

So, when Nigel of Just Heavenly sent out the mailer asking us if we wanted to try out this place, my curiosity was kinda piqued. Of all nights, I was swamped with baking orders, so was very late in arriving, probably the last, but fortunately it was arranged such that starters were common, and had been preordered, and we only picked our mains.

Which then actually meant my timing was impeccable, coz shortly after arriving, it was time to eat.

I always love pate, and this chicken liver pate is no exception. Velvety and smooth, also with a high marginal utility as hunger pangs were at its peak, this was complemented with candied orange peel.

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Deep fried calamari, or squid, which was nice and crispy. Oh, I should mention that YET again, I ended up sitting with Teckiee and Nipples, making it the 3rd time already out of like 4 flogger outings for me. Sandias, 888 and here. Creating quite a bond there.

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These baked garlic heads..... very nice, coz you cant really tell that its in your face garlic.

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The salmon bruschetta kinda thing, that I didnt really care much for.
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Oh dear, my memory is getting so bad, anything past 3 days becomes a distant haze. What is that thing above? I think it was some lamb ball, (as in, lamb meat molded into balls, not lamb balls balls per se, unlike at the beef noodle place) thingie.

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I opted for the venison pie, mainly because everyone else on the table had already ordered all the recommended stuff, and I had to do by flogger duty by ordering something different so that our menagerie of dead animals was complete. Virtually all the edible species, but for Porky, were represented. Deer, Cow, Fish, Chicken, Cheese, (oh, hangon, that's not an animal), Lamb, Squid. So, all the national geographic photojournalist were having a field day with the various wild life that was on the plates. Moving plates to where the lighting was better, perching them precariously on the edge of the chair so that it posed under the down lights. Rather amusing lot to watch.

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Now, this dish above, the sirloin, which nipples ordered, was really good. He kindly gave me a sliver in exchange for some venison, upon which he declared, the way kids compare their toys, "mine is better". I have to agree though. His WAS better.

Teckiee's Saba Mackerel was also quite good.

Because Lemongrass's fish was fishy, she and boo sent theirs back (as in their fish) in exchange for this grouyere souffle, an exceedingly artery clogging dish comprising cheese and mushroom. Truth be told, the taste was superb, but there is NO way I personally can finish one of these as a main course. Ideal to be shared as a starter.

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Here we have our famous blogger, who's photo appeared in the Star a couple of weeks in its full glory, yet here, she is taking the stance of a demure, shy lass who is shockingly afraid of the camera. She is using her new toy, given by her dear husband, as a shield. Quite the mystery woman aint she. If you want to see what she looks like just check out this article. Lehhh cek mek molek, malu malu la kononya.

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Someone ordered chicken pie.

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And Living in Food Heaven, (are Food Heaven and Just Heavenly in the Heavenlies? I get so confused) had the chicken with something something sauce.

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And our favourite time of all, dessert.

Chef Tim, who hails from New Zealand (and has that very distinct Kiwi accent to show for it), introduced us to his repertoire of desserts.

The banana souffle. I am always intrigued by souffles, and how one can trap so much hot air within to make it rise. The souffle was nice and light, and went well with the chocolate ice cream, or was it sorbet.

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The coffee creme brulee was nice as well. I simply MUST get myself a blowtorch, for Nigella says there is something curiously satisfying about wielding a blow torch. Ah, the power to caramelise!!!! It's like using a light saber against Kylie Kwong.

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Master bakers, (who introduced me to a new term, "Toss Your Salad". Nigel says he "tosses his salad with his hands") brought this lovely dessert for us. A red chocolate velvet cake with cream cream cheese. Not a typo. Cream cream cheese. Almost mascar- PORN-ish, but the cake, so gloriously red and light. Red light. Hmm, okay, okay, mind out of the gutter.

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Blue cheese ice cream. Not for the faint hearted, but if you love blue cheese, this will make you ..... eerrr......

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Overall a most pleasant dining experience, marred only by the sms-es I was getting from a friend in Shanghai, who was having a wonderful dinner there, and giving me a live commentary:
"Food here is tantalizingly good. Foie gras brulee with pistachio, sour cherries and consomme jelly....Sublime, lobster tartine with exquisite fenugreek broth, frogs legs with a surprisingly refreshing garlic soup, but crusted cod with citrus confit and roy. Just had the most humbling experience with lamb main course. Sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious.....".

SHEEEEEEEEESHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ya sweetie, my venison pie was humbling too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Just wanted to let you know that your blog makes for very engaging reading and I always laugh at your wicked humour. Heh. Read that you went for a pastry course at the French Culinary School. Is it worth your money and do you get to do a lot of hands-on? I was afraid that all you do is just sit and watch a demo. I would like a course that actually allows you to bake something from scratch.

fatboybakes said...

hahah, thanks sam for the compliment. The french culinary school pastry course is VERY hands on, and a bit intimidating for me at first coz lots of professional chefs attending. well worth the money. alas, i havent replicated anything save but one recipe, coz the ingredients are soooo blarrrddddy expensive.

Precious Pea said...

The 'someone' who ordered the chicken pie is me lah!!! Your chicken pie tasted way way better.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ahhaah nxt time come early..then at least u hav a choice to choose between the animals u want to devour..

yes..mines better! hahaha..*rubs it in your face*..btw ur change from that 100..was split among the girls..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

next time i see u, i'm gonna take multiple shots of ur chin and post them all on my blog.

Tracy Tan said...

funny as always! and why your pictures now so huge? but they do make my mouth water lah. i love this kinda food - husband prefers banana leaf and mamak sorta food!

and i do love pate! i am salivating lah...

ka..t said...

I am beginning to look forward to your posts - the photos are sooo HUGE!! LOL

Pate is so easy to make with a processor but so HELLISH to clean!! How do you clean your processor from all that goop? I have to rinse it multiple times to get rid of the lingering smell!

jason said...

Next time hor, must order faster than the rest :P

teckiee said...

I can't stand Kylie Kwong... i dont know why be she have this really irritating look.