Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Orange Mocha Brownies, Dedicated to Rachel Tsan

Line a square cake pan, simply, with baking paper overhanging from both sides. ie, north and south. OR east and west.
Preheat oven to moderate. Dunno what it is on your oven, but that's about 170C.

1½ cups plain flour, sifted
2/3 cups cocoa (that's two thirds, not two OR three)
1 tablespoon coffee powder (don't bother putting in expensive stuff)
1½ cups caster sugar (or less)
250 gms butter, softened (leave at room temperature for abt 15 minutes)
4 eggs lightly beaten
1 tablespoon vanilla essence/extract if you're feeling generous
rind and juice of one orange (ie, grate the orange skin, and juice the orange)

1 cup of chopped dark and milk chocolate mixed.
(Alternatively, use chocolate buttons, or chocolate chip, but make sure its of good quality)

200 gms good quality dark chocolate, chopped for melting
1/4 cup cream
2 tablespoons or more, of brandy, or kahlua, or whatever alcohol tickles your fancy. or without.
1 tablespoon coffee powder. (Might want to step it up a notch and use gold instead of classic)

1. Believe it or not, mix together all the ingredients above (minus frosting stuff), except for the orange juice, and chocolate bits. As in mix with a cake mixer. You should get a lovely batter, of frosting consistency. Do not panic.

2. Chuck in the orange juice (should be about 1/2 to 3/4 cup), and rind, if you haven't already. Mix again, and the batter should be a bit more flowy.

3. Stir in the chopped chocolate bits. They shouldn't be too large a chunk, but not too fine either. The size of half a malteser would be about right.

4. Pour into pan, scrape off batter with spatula. Lick bowl with dignity.

5. Bake for about 25 minutes. Bear in mind when you put a skewer through to test for doneness, you may have penetrated some melted choc bits. This doesn't mean the brownie is not completed. Poke a few more spots at random to see if cooked. Or touch the surface, if springy, probably done.

6. While waiting for it to bake, chuck the frosting stuff (minus booze) into a glass bowl. Zap all ingredients in microwave for about a minute, on high. The chocolate should be melting, and the cream, warm. Just continue stirring (outside the microwave, of course) until you get a lovely chocolate sauce. Chuck in the booze for the buzz.

7. After cooling the brownie slightly, pour over the frosting and let it sit until you want to serve it. Serve with fresh cream, or vanilla ice cream, or whatever you like. Satay sauce, perhaps, or sambal. Your call.


Babe_KL said...

cool! another Msian food blog

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .... LOL .. sambal sauce with the orange chocolate cake ...?? MALAYSIAN?? PERFECT recipe to RUN to the bathroom lah!!

Who's Rachel Tsan anyway ...??

Anonymous said...

Yummmmmmmm. *drools with dignity*