Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Belated New Year, And Kudos Crudo Bar

Talk about a slow start. I feel like a 43 year old engine stuck in a snow storm. Or in this case, a storm of sorts. A storm engulfing the nation. A storm that leaves me heavy hearted, like a cholesterol clogged heart.

[Switching topic like one with the memory of a goldfish]
But it's the NEW YEAR, so let us delete that previous opening para, and start afresh. Happy happy! The first day of the year certainly was. 41 bottles of bubbly with friends, and countless bottles of red and whites. One of the reasons I havent written anything is because I havent DONE or EATEN anything interesting since last year. However, I was suddenly reminded that just before 2009 expired, we had a most delightful lunch experience, courtesy of the lovely Cheryl Lum, of Le Meridien, at Favola again, to sample the offerings of the Crudo Bar.

Now, Fratmustard who constituted the other half of "we", was sooo sure that Crudo Bar was a BAR, as in, one with flowing alcohol, and lots of bottles. I on the other hand, was perplexed, as in the previous visit, I had no recollection of any drinking Bar in Favola. Inebriated as we were on wine and kerosene (Grappa), I SURELY would have remembered a BAR in Favola. With the excitement of two schoolgirls going on a shopping trip, we gleefully traipsed into Favola, 15 minutes early, and sniffed around for the Crudo Bar. Turns out, Crudo Bar is not an alcoholic bar at all, but that counter in front of the murals, where there was laid out a large antipasti spread, for the Crudo Bar Antipasti Buffet.

If you opt for the buffet antipasti, it's RM35, as you can see. A gorgeous spread of tantalising err.... antipastis await. The good thing about antipastis is, since its anti, it cancels out any calories you may ingest by eating pastis.

I think that's Frat's hand, holding up his two balls. Goldfish memory be blamed, but I think they were little balls of bonconini.

This dish strikes me as too healthy. Stay away from it.

Another salad, in a bread bowl. Literally, a bowl made out of bread. Such pretty presentation. It felt almost wrong to dig into it.

Terrines of various sorts.

One can really get quite full on this buffet antipasti alone. A cacophony of tastes invades the tongue. And it is gloriously washed down with lovely chilled Prosecco, so kindly provided by our generous hostess.

Part of the Crudo bar also comprises dessert. Honestly, we were too full to even go there by the end of the meal, though I could not resist the chocolate mousse which was sublime. Light, ethereal and rich all at the same time.

My favourite dish from the antipasti, the octopus. Mmm, lovely flavour and texture.

Despite being full on the buffet starters, Cheryl insisted Frat and I ordered some mains. Frat was looking very delightfully pink by this stage. Damn, I forgot to take a pic. My pasta was the argh, tomato based one, as I thought it would be lighter.

But actually I prefered Frat's angel hair. Pasta, that is. With seafood. Yummy. I could eat it right now as we speak. Light aglio olio -ish, with fresh seafood and a hint of chilli.

Although we had food coming out of our ears, and prosecco fumes coming out of our noses, Cheryl insisted we try the grilled chicken pizza. Lovely thin crust, apparently achieved even without a woodfired oven. It was against the building regulations to have a wood fired oven in the kitchen at Favola, afterall, there were hotel rooms just above. I can imagine the guests feeling the heat emanating through the floors.

Thank you again Cheryl, for a LAVERLY lunch. Do check out the Crudo Bar antipasti buffet.

On a separate note, the latest issue of MY NOURISHMENT is out on the stands. I would like to thank my father, and mother, and standard four teacher, Mrs Stella Samuel, for helping me improve my English so I can write for English language magazines.

If you zoom in large enough, you will see, emblazoned on the front page, ahem, a BY LINE, by Fatboybakes. (all teary eyed, and emo). Lihatlah dunia!!!! Go and support and buy the darn magazine okay. Only RM8. Chockful of interesting recipes. And articles.

Toasting, to a great year ahead, everyone. Chis! oops, I mean, Cheers.


thule a.k.a leo said...

Gasp!!! Your name printed on the front page itself??? Let's start the ball rolling!

J said...

Wah. FBB - you're getting more & more famous! :) Congrats....

aly said...

hahah! 'anti'-'pasti'! I must remember that next time i eat there! Great post as usual Mr. Bakes, and have already bought 4 copies of My Nourishment. Thanks for a great article! x aly

minchow said...

Will get my hands on the next copy, tear out said byline, laminate and display accordingly! Mrs. Samuel would be soooo proud of you!

Rebecca Saw said...

Quite a worthy for moolah buffet rite?
Did u dig into the bread???
so yummy!

Ciki said...

ahpa.. this place looks like heaven on earth.. your shots and the descriptions do the post justice:D have i ever mentioned that your funny?

see you l8r 2nite.... MAKAN! hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

waited till the tongue also touch the floor d for a post from u..

anti calories buffet ar? like tat can lose weight from it ar?

ToyGirl said...

RM35 for antipasti. I'm game. Especially when starters my favourite part of a meal. Got budget left for alcohol summore...:p

Diary of Kay El said...

Happy New Year and Congrats! BTW, tot it was dory fish that has memory issue. All he best for 2010!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah, you lucky bugger. Get to eat in Favola so many times. Must go there for lunch since my office is so close.

I'm surrounded by so many famous peeps. *getting all teary eyed* Well, done, FBB. You're very deserving of your FANCLUB. And I'm mighty proud to be the President. Please don't throw me out or step on me, Lady Cornelia.

Paranoid Android said...

Gah! You get antipasti and all I get are Pasty Aunties... Happy New Year, FBB. May your lunches be filled with antipasti, your heart be as light as chocolate mousse and your bank account as rich as foie.

Unctuously yours (meaning as smooth as oil), PA

gfad said...

Didja try the Pandoro? Apparently the Italians eat it dunked in champagne, like chocolate chip cookies in cold milk..

Wat are those black stuff in the cheese balls? I was reminded of fishballs and salty olive vege. And the angel hair does look delish. Kinda like wantan mee akcherly.

If antipasti is already plural, does adding an 's' to it, make it singular again? As in double negatives make positive?? :D

Cheryl said...

LAVERLY lunch is it ? Hee hee! It's my pleasure luv. Great pictures and your descriptions so funny la. Hahahhahaa ! OK, I will go get a copy of the magazine too :).

qwazymonkey said...

Ahpa, so proud of you! Now i can go around the playground telling the other monkeys, "My Ahpa is more faymes than your Dad!" ROFL

And I love how Cheryl keeps insisting that you try so many different things. It's time I go there to have lunch with BFF!

UnkaLeong said...

Can sign our copy ar? *ROFL*

Anonymous said...

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Kenny Mah said...

Where can I find anti-RamleeBurgers so I can increase my weekly dose of the stuff? :P

*three cheers from the fatboybakes fan club!*

fatboybakes said...

LFB, the fan club still exists?? shudder.

unka, if you let me caress your washboard abs...pbbbth.

qwazymonkey, cheryl's great hor. such a sweetie. [ignoring the other comment]

cheryl dear, thanks again!

fatboybakes said...

gfad, oh, antipasti is plural of antipasto ah? sorry la, i very pleb. what's pandoro? is that pandora's brother? do they both have boxes?

hahah, paranoid, eloquent as ever. pasty aunties. good one!!!

eh, morgan, what tok you la deii...

fatboybakes said...

diary of KL, wishing you happy 2010 too.

toygirl, no you dont. i forgot to mention, a glass (YES A GLASS) of prosecco is RM50++.

awww, nipples you young padawan, know how to say the right thing hor.

ciki, me funny? really? cis!

fatboybakes said...

TNG, we were soooo full...BReAD? i'd have exploded.

minchow, bring the laminated copy for me to thumbprint ya. pbbbbbbbbth.

aly, nothing but the troof in that article.

J, famous my foot.

thule, what ball rolling???

Ciki said...

morgan! yar.. her name shall be called.. MORGAN!

rokh said...

Congrats on getting printed!!!