Monday, February 18, 2013

New Formosa For Chinese New Year

I love New Formosa, not least because of the wonderful proprietortess, Mrs Jeanie Lee, who is always a fountain of bubbliness and enthusiasm, and I think the last time I was there was to celebrate my 45th Birthday.  How quickly the years roll by, and now I am on the wrong side of 40..

Again, the invite came from Makan Fairy Godmother, asking me and the wifey (I rarely ever bring the wifey unless specifically invited) for dinner at New Formosa.  I love the comfort food and home made feeling that the food here exudes. 

The Formosa Jelly Fish Yee Sang is devoid of the usual overly colored yams, and is almost salad like with the amount of raw vegetables and tubers.  Very refreshing start to the meal. 


Formosa Three combination dish, comprising Taiwanese Seaweed Rolls, Buttered Eel. and three cup New Zealand mussel.  The eel was interesting, if you like eel.  I am not entirely sure what a three cup NZ mussel is, the only thing that came to mind was a bra size.

Their signature Feng Sha Chicken, which I LOVE.  Crispy skin, moist tender chicken, with a healthy stuffing comprising brown rice and mushrooms.  As far as chicken dishes go, this is really one of my all time favourites.  The aroma and the aesthetics make this one hot chick to behold.


Simmered Winter Melon Soup, ...just the name itself sounds healthy, and cleansing.  The clear broth really imparts a sense of wellbeing, and the wintermelon is steamed till soft and tender.

Their signature ham, with gingko and honey.  The saltiness of the ham is combatted by the sweetness of the honey, and just in case you forget, ginko thrown in for good measure.

100 plus Silver Pomfret.  It does not refer to the price, although it might well be, but rather that isotonic beverage.  I am a big fan of pomfret, all types, Bawal Putih, Hitam, etc, and as long as its not overcooked I love it any style.  The 100 Plus was okay, and I think I prefer the more traditionally savoury type of cooking style.  

This is quite a unique dish, I've never quite seen before.  Something akin to otak otak, on a slice of lotus root.  The vegetables are more common, golden needle mushrooms, ketola, bean curd skin.

No prizes for guessing who that is. 

Jiu Fen of Taiwan Famous Dessert, Yam balls with assorted beans.  Actually, it's a rather filling dessert, though refreshing. 

Pumpkin Yam Paste With Ginko, (Or Nee),,, would have been great if we weren't so full.

My virginal visit to this place was back in 2010, and the account of that is found HERE.  

New Formosa is located at 46, Jln SS2/24, PJ. Same row as Sri Siam, ESH. Tel : 03-78751894.
Biz hours: 12-3pm, 6-10.30pm. Open throughout CNY and CNY Eve.


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Sycookies said...

Simmered Winter Melon Soup....I almost forgotten this this even exist...nice..

Ciki said...

great post ahpa.. i miss the drumstick of the sand blasted chicken.. haha :P