Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hwan By Chakri, Mid Valley Megamall

 A lovely little concept has mushroomed in the array of kiosks that line the passageways of the Lower Ground Floor in mid valley megamall.  Hwan, which means sweet in Thai, is a dessert on the go place, but also offers several options of savouries.

When first invited by proprietess, the very charming Caleen, of Chakri Palace, I assumed it was a restaurant outlet.  This is what happens when you don't do any preparation or research before hand.  I was intrigued when I discovered that Hwan by Chakri is a kiosk, and wondered where we would sit.

 The entire set up is too cute, the kiosk is in the shape of a tuk tuk dessert truck.  Caleen explained to us how this brainchild was conceived, and it happened when she was sampling the street food of Thailand with a local celebrity Chef McDang, in the non touristy parts, and was wowed by the wonderful desserts she had that were not readily available.

 Mee krob, a kind of vermicelli that is both sweet and savoury, which is very unique.  It is served with some salty peanuts, and is really an eye catcher as it seems to be the centrepiece of the entire kiosk.

Caleen explains to us about how the celebrity chef fella was very helpful, and she was so surprised he was so accommodating and receptive.

 The mango and sticky rice is a quintessential Thai dessert, and I love the different varieties of sticky rice.  Actually it's a very filling dessert, and certainly meant for sharing.

This Som Tam, or Green papaya salad, packs a nice punch, with the tang and the heat from chilli, and the crunch of the dried shrimp and peanuts, and tastes very healthy too.

 Mieng kheam has to be one of my favourite Thai starters, such a cornucopia of flavours packed within that humble kadok leaf.  It comes in a pack of leaves and filling, which you have to wrap yourself though.  So it could be a bit messy if you're eating it on the go.

 Thai Fish cakes, very reasonably priced... I think everything here is less than RM10.

 Durian sticky rice... A must for durian enthusiasts, but certainly not for the durian averse, as you can tasted the durian pulp very distinctly.

 The very unique take on Thab Tim Krub, the red ruby dessert, which is served atop a coconutty ice cream with some sticky rice.

 As a final encore, that thai green mango salad, which is yummy.  I just love the combination of flavours, which is more or less same as the som tham, but the green mango is a bit more crunchy than the green papaya,

The traditional Thub Theem Krab.  ..

Hwan is located in front of Macdonalds and the Chinese Medicine Hall, you absolutely cannot miss it if you are walking into Jusco Supermarket.

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